Vice City Vs. San Andreas – Which game is better?

Regardless of what people think about their quality, it’s hard to argue that three Grand Theft Auto Game on PS2 is not one of the most important games ever made. Not only did they lead in absolute sales, but they also created many new twists in open world game design.

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Fans turned back and forth Grand Theft Auto: Vice City is the best of the franchise, or if it is San Andreas. The following list shows the strengths of each. At the end of the day, it’s easy to see the two arguing over which is best Grand Theft Auto. One thing is for sure, both are great.

Vice City: Setup

Starfish Island in GTA Vice City

Despite the technical limitations of both games these days, there’s still something special about Vice City description of the 1980s. The character models are very weird, and other parts of the world definitely look like them made in 2002, but players still feel like they’re going through a time portal when starting the game.

One can say the same about San Andreas, but it will lose some of that 1990s sheen as the story progresses to San Fierro and Las Venturas. Town really immerse the player in the place and time period.


San Andreas: Games

san andreas driving in san fierro

Vice City The gameplay is too similar to Grand Theft Auto 3 Most consider it a big step up from its predecessor. San Andreas, on the other hand, does a lot to push the series forward.

Players can aim freely, crouch on foot, climb objects in the environment, and more. Motion and driving simply feel smoother overall. More missions involve gunfights, and they play really well. Shooting and aiming feels difficult in Town, while the gameplay is much smoother in San Andreas.

Vice City: It’s still the best version of the city

Tommy rides a motorcycle from GTA Vice City

Grand Theft Auto 3’s Liberty City just got worse because Grand Theft Auto 4, improved based on settings. The same goes for Los Santos in San Andreas reproduced in car theft 5.

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However, there is no HD entertainment of Vice City map to make the original look worse by comparison. Maybe fans will get one in the future, but until then, Vice City from 2002 are still the most fake Miami players got.

San Andreas: The Story

sweet san andreas cj and his sister

Town is a relatively simple story about a criminal who builds an empire. It’s engaging from a gameplay perspective, but there’s nothing really interesting or unique in the plot. San Andreas, on the other hand, is a Epic crime story with dozens of characters.

Players are led to believe that the game is about one thing, before the whole story is unraveled and the player is taken down an entirely different path. Along the way, the protagonist, Carl Johnson, grows and changes, keeping the player engaged.

Vice City: More Expansion

Tommy dressed up in Vice City

Town uniquely structured for a Grand Theft Auto game. After a certain mission, the game allows the player to acquire assets and complete tasks for each person in any order. When San Andreas have assets and side quests, they are not directly tied to development.

Gain credits in San Andreas is still just a linear task sequence. There are many of them, about 100 to be exact, but they follow a typical path. Degree of choice in Town makes players feel like they have more control.

San Andreas: More Exciting Missions

san andreas police with helicopter

With around 100 story missions, the better objectives should be more interesting for the player to stay engaged until the end. Missions cover all ranges of game mechanics like gunfights, car chases, land chases, and even flying to Liberty City.

Town There are fewer quests in comparison and they offer less variety. As said before, the gunfights aren’t as exciting and the movement doesn’t feel as tight as in San Andreas.

Vice City: Final version looks better

gta vice city definitive version of tommy vercetti motorcycle

There has been a lot of controversy around the last versions of the recently released trilogy. The graphics have been heavily criticized and have many technical problems. San Andreas suffer the most of the three. Some argue that certain aesthetic choices destroy the unique vibe of PS2 games.

The other side of the coin is Town, better prices with upgrades. The character models still look strange at times, but the overall look of the city has been improved.

San Andreas: RPG Mechanics

San andreas train with big smoke

San Andreas forcing players to pay attention to CJ’s stats. If he goes too long without eating, he will grow weaker. But if the player feeds it too much, it will gain weight and not be as agile. In addition, certain stats such as stamina, muscle, and lung capacity increase when the player performs certain activities.

The better CJ drives cars, bikes, and motorcycles, the more he gets attached to them. He also gets better with some weapons as he uses them. This makes players feel like everything they do counts and has an impact on their game.

Vice City: Faster paced

city ​​tank

It only takes a few hours for players to really get to know Town. After a series of mini-missions, players are already big-time buffs, taking on quests with large playsets. San Andreas, for better or worse, starts smaller and takes a while to pick up. Just when the player thinks they are in the main round and ready to make a lot of money, the game throws a curved sphere and CJ back to the square in another part of the map.

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While this type of tempo gives San Andreas’ large scale, Town is more immediate gratification. Much GTA players enjoy the faster pace and faster construction that this title has to offer.

San Andreas: More diverse landscape

san andreas driving into san fierro

Although the 1980s vibe could be more interesting, San Andreas has a huge advantage when it comes to maps simply because the terrain is more diverse. Each of the three large tracts of land has a distinct personality and has countryside to explore.

Town usually has a tune to it, while San Andreas varies greatly with its regions. There’s something particularly satisfying about doing a quest where the player crosses several areas of the map, really making the player feel like they’re traversing an entire state.

Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy Now out for PS4, PS5, Xbox Series X and S, Xbox One and PC.

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