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While perhaps not quite as groundbreaking as its predecessor, there’s no denying that Grand Theft Auto: Vice City marks a great step forward in open world gaming. One of the big complaints about the third installment of the series is that there are very few opportunities for players to spend the money they accumulate while making the game; a complaint that GTA: Vice City tried to fix it in a number of ways.

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In addition to being able to spend their unwarranted earnings on guns and women of the night, players can now also invest money in properties and businesses or participate in road races high octane city. Therefore, more emphasis should be placed on finding how to make money in Vice City when compared to the previous installment of the series, not to mention a much clearer motive for actually trying to do so.


Invest in property


Players will need to spend a lot of money if they want to buy all the properties in Vice City, although these properties and businesses can also generate a healthy income for their owners. There are income generating properties just waiting to be owned all over town, some of which can be unbelievably expensive. In general, however, the higher the investment, the higher the potential return over a long period of time.

Buying all available assets and completing the respective quest will reward the player with a daily income of more than $40,000. It is true that it takes players a while to recoup their initial investment, but, after a few weeks in the game, it’s all about profit. Players should prioritize purchasing Boatyards, Malibu Clubs and Sunshine Autos before anything else, as these offer the best return on investment.

Complete street races

gta-vice-city-make money-racing

Certain properties in Town There are special quests associated with them, many of which provide the player with a decent amount of cash upon completion. For example, buying Sunshine Autos will unlock a series of Import/Export style car listings that will increase the business’s daily income upon completion. In addition to these listings, players will also have access to a special series of street races from the nearby A+B Auto garage.

While some of these races are a bit expensive to enter, finishing first will see players rewarded with four times their original entry fee. With some of the latter races costing thousands of dollars to enter, players can earn around $50,000 by the time they complete all the races on offer. That said, they will need to be careful, as losing the race will result in the loss of their money.

Keep the store


Property is not the only thing Town brought to the table after the resounding success of its predecessor. It was the first time GTA A game in which the player can hoard shops, which can actually be a pretty effective way of making money in the early stages of the game. Tommy will be able to make hundreds of dollars at once in just a few seconds of work, however, as one might expect, there is a bit of risk involved.

To knock down a store, Tommy simply went inside and then pointed his weapon at the cashier. The more he keeps the store clerk in his sights, the more money the salesperson will hand over, but this will always come at the expense of a bounty. Provide the player with a car waiting outside or a safe house or change of clothes nearby, however, they don’t need to worry too much about law enforcement.

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