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Those seeking a generous portion of eighty kindnesses can certainly do much worse than playing through Grand Theft Auto: Vice City. Rarely is a game so expertly captured of the decade it’s set in, just as there aren’t many PS2-era titles that can boast as much content. However, those who hope to complete 100% will have to go through a hard time of not using cheat code, which can take a considerable amount of time to complete due to the sheer volume of quests and in-game collectibles.

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When compared to its predecessor, Town is actually a bit shorter, both in terms of the main story and the number of side activities on offer. Even so, it’s very much a case of quality over quantity, with the majority of players considering the more recent title as the better of the two. Unlike its predecessor, Town also rewards players for 100% completion, meaning there’s more incentive for players to do so around this time.

Story quests


With only 25 main story missions, TownIts story is a relatively short one when compared to some more and more recently Grand Theft Auto Game. However, this may at first seem like good news for the finishers, the game makes up for this with lots of side quests and assets a bit later. However, those who just want to absorb the main story can do so in less than 20 hours, which might suit some players with busy schedules.

Sonny Forelli At the beginning…
An old friend
Ken Rosenberg Party
Back Alley Brawl
Fury jury
Avery Carrington Four Iron
Demolition Man
Two-bit counter
Juan Cortez Dangerous pig
Shopping mall shootout
guardian angel
Yes sir!
All hands on deck!
Ricardo Diaz The Chase
Phnom Penh ’86
Fastest boat
Supply and demand
Vance’s spear Wipe
Kent Paul Death
Printed works Cap the Collector
Tommy Vercetti Shakedown
Bar Brawl
Cop Land
Keep friends close…

Property Quest


One of the biggest new features in Town is the ability to buy assets and businesses. Many of these assets have special quests attached to them, and completing these quests will eventually lead to properties. generate a decent amount of revenue for players. There are ten properties in total if the Vercetti Estate is included, with each generating between $1,500 and $10,000 for players per day in the game.

Pole Position Club Spend $200 in “The Ballroom”
Cherry Popper Ice Cream Factory Sell ​​50 “Cream”
Sunshine car import garage Complete all 4 vehicle listings
Boatyard Checkpoint Charlie
InterGlobal Studios Recruitment motivation
Dildo Dodo
Martha’s Mug Shot
Kaufman Cabs HIGH-CLASS
Friendly opponents
Club Malibu No way out?
The Shootist
Phil Cassidy Gunman
Boomshine Saigon
Printed works Pour beans
Press Courier

Gang mission


In addition to the usual suspects introduced through the main story, players can also choose to complete missions for several of Vice City’s local gangs, including Cubans, Haitians, and Vice City bikers. Tommy was also able to take on the assignment for a fictional Scottish rock band called Love Fist, who went on to appear in every GTA game since its first launch in Town.

Umberto Robina Stunt Boat Challenge
Cannon Fodder
Involvement of the Navy
Trojan Voodoo
Auntie Poulet Juju Competition
Bomb Away!
Dirty Lickin’s
Love Fist I like fruit juice
Psycho killer
Public visit
Mitch Baker Steel alloy wheel
Mess with the man
Hog Tied



As is the tradition for GTA Game, Town is chock full of side quests, many of which will provide players with unique rewards upon completion. Like in GTA 3, the Vehicle Quest is again most effective in this regard, with the player being able to increase max health and armor, become fireproof, gain the ability to sprint indefinitely, and unlock Lock the acceleration for all the taxis by completing them.

Assassination Mission Road Kill
Waste of wife
Automatically disinfect
Check in at Check-In
Loose ending
Street race Last velocity
ocean drive
border line
Capital Cruises
VC Endurance
Stadium Events Hotring
Chopper checkpoint Ocean
Deputy point
Little Haiti
Terrain Quest PCJ Playground
Cone Crazy
Dirt Test
RC . Car Mission RC Bandit Race
Baron RC . Race
Pickup RC Raider
Vehicle Mission Firefighter (Completed level 12)
Medical staff (Completed level 12)
Pizza Boy (Complete level 10)
Taxi Driver (Complete 100 taxi fares)
Vigilante / Brown Thunder (Completed level 12)



All three types collected from the previous game return in Town, meaning the player will once again need to collect 100 hidden packs to complete the game. This period, however, has 35 Rampages and 36 unique dance moves; almost twice as much as before. Collecting all packs will again result in certain weapons spawning outside the player’s three main safehouses and will also cause Sea Sparrows, Rhinoceros, and Hunters to spawn in a single location. certain number of points on the map.

Other terms


Keeping stores is a mass staple these days, but mechanics are brand new when Town released for the first time. Players will need smash all 15 stores if they want to complete 100% and also have to buy all 7 safe houses. The final quest on the way to completion requires the player to score 45 or more in Rifle Range, which will also unlock the incredibly helpful faster reload.



In addition to all the bonuses picked up along the way, players will also earn some decent bonuses for reaching 100%. They’re a bit redundant, though, as at this point in the game the player really has nothing else to gain other than being able to max out their money and get the “Godfather” crime rating. Even so, it’s still great to see players’ hard work and dedication being rewarded by the developers.

  • 200 max health
  • 200 Maximum Armor
  • Additional ammo
  • Double vehicle durability
  • Hire bodyguards for $2,000 (Up to 3)
  • Frankie Outfit

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