VFX Studio remakes Jurassic Park T-Rex scene with modern effects

Fan projects are always fun to experiment with, from the simplest of works of art to big budget tributes that can be easily surpassed for a full-fledged entry in the best series. determined. But something truly special happens when truly ambitious and innovative ideas are met with technical know-how found only in years of real experience. When that particular appearance involves dinosaurs from Jurassic Park? Everyone wins.

Come a particular VFX studio, this practice has almost become their standard operating procedure. In recent months and beyond, they have released a number of videos that serve as a personal challenge to them and an educational experience for the audience. That’s right, that’s not their only type of video. But lately, it seems their skills have been honed like never before, giving viewers some insight into the VFX process.


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In addition to their rather popular series of videos where the team members react to CGI in popular movies like Shang-Chi and shows, the folks at Corridor Digital have also started rolling out releases that show them recreating iconic scenes from classic movies from scratch. Their latest entry involves the legendary T-rex scene from Jurassic Park. It’s a famous scene that continues to hold up to this day, but the crew never tire of a good challenge. Describing their process step by step along the way, several animators and experts at Corridor broke down the original scene of the 1993 classic before detailing to the audience exactly what they plan to do

Unlike similar videos like theirs Star Wars Death Star groove entertainment, this case warrants the use of some actual elements, and it looks like they’ve paid off. Interestingly, crew members Wren and Jordan drew inspiration from more than just the original Jurassic Park but also more and more recent digital Jurassic World film. After downloading an expensive 3D T-rex model from the database, they started working using real outdoor locations and real vehicles to build the scene. The only problem is that their vehicles are toys, and the presence of giant aloe plants would probably take the viewer away from the scene for a bit.

But just like in reproduction of Terminator 2Breakthrough special effects of, Corridor Crew won’t let such trivial matters stop them. After applying a few rain effects, tweaking the lighting to a truly dramatic level, and getting the performers to record their resident motion to create the beast’s movement, things finally started. combine together. However, even the team members themselves seemed a bit overwhelmed by the results.

Sure enough, the dinosaur had a weird, almost-stopped animation sort of thing. But the rest of the shot, from the T-rex’s image quality to the stunning environmental effects, all come together nicely. The crew themselves admit that they weren’t aiming to surpass the original (and even with today’s best effects, that may never really be possible). They simply wanted to come up with their own alternative using the same skills that allowed them some troubleshooting Spiderman videotapes, and on that front, they succeeded. It’s fun and educational, just like every high school teacher would love to be.

Jurassic Park now available on Amazon Prime Video.

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The source: Corridor Crew / YouTube

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