Vex Mythoclast’s drop rate is calculated and it’s very low

A Destiny 2 player calculates the number of runs of the Ateon boss of the Vault of Glass raid to get the Vex Mythoclast drop.

vex mythoclast exotic fusion rifle

Vex Mythoclast is an Exotic Weapon that is extremely popular in Fate 2 right away. It is an Energy Combined Rifle with an “optimal” kill rate said to be around 0.77 seconds, faster than the others Fate 2 weapons – including popular hand cannons like the Thorn. There’s only one problem, though: there’s only one way to earn the Vex Mythoclast, which is to run a certain Vault of Glass raid and kill the Ateon boss until it kills it. Fate 2 the player believes they have settled the odds of this drop and can say that the odds are not in the player’s favor.

In an amazing example of “Doing the Math,” Redditor nutty-max wrote an extensive analysis breaking down what he believes to be the drop rate of Vex Mythoclast. He solved this problem using data taken from almost 10,000 Fate 2 player’s inventory, is available for viewing via Bungie’s API. Using this data, nutty-max came to the conclusion that the first time a player used the Vault of Glass resulted in a drop rate of just 1% for Vex Mythoclast, but that’s not the whole story.


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Further analysis led nutty-max to believe that, although the initial run of Vault of Glass may have had a drop rate of only 1%, there appears to be a “lucky” system to increase the drop rate of the player accordingly. time. If the player returns to the Vault of Glass a week later, the chance they get Vex Mythoclast from Atheon will increase by 0.05%. As such, each week will increase the odds by half a percent.

While this may seem like an excessive punishment at first, players are very supportive and show how the system can be better, such as the 5% drop rate for Vex Mythoclast. It is true that a 5% drop rate will generally be faster for the first 6,000 players to find the gun in 20 runs, but the next 4,000 might prefer the bad luck system. That’s because with 5% fixed, can run more than 80 Vault of Glass raids and still no guns, while the 1% + 0.05% per week system will ensure everyone has a gun within 45 weeks.

Obviously, most Fate 2 player, either option sounds like a nightmare. Ability to work Atheon runs 45x 80x isn’t an attractive possibility either. However, choosing the somewhat Bungie-style option prevents players from encountering extremely bad luck. Maybe the math of nutty-max will convince some Fate 2 the player must eventually seek out their Thorn, instead of raising the Vex Mythoclast.

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