Venom can find inspiration in specific comic stories

One of Spider-Man’s most beloved villains has developed a hit series of his own, and with the two films he has made, the direction of the series has been expected by fans. . NS Venom the movies are not direct adaptations of Marvel comic book lore, but they have inspired and should continue to do so with some selection.

2018 Venom is a bit of a mixed bag, but it clearly set the stage for an iconic villain to become a movie-grade superhero. The sequel pitted him against a much smaller foe to give the even heavier brain-eating symbiote as a protagonist. Since the second film’s post-credits scene introduces Spider-Man’s connection to the story, the future of the series could take many interesting directions.


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Venom’s comic book roots come from a very unexpected place, being the amalgamation of many of the concepts that form part of what makes up the character. Costume redesign ideas was prompted by a fan letter that led to Spider-Man’s iconic black suit, introduced in 1984. An idea for a superhero to wear a life suit, thus fixing the game. The classic superhero joke that their costume breaks every encounter and is always fixed by the next issue, gave rise to an alien suit. Then, the concept of a villain who could neutralize Spidey’s greatest power, his Spider Sense, became a villain that absorbed his genetic material through association. gene binding. These concepts fuse with Eddie Brock, a disgraced tabloid journalist with a grudge against Spider-Man, to create Venom back in 1988. Symbiote became the first Venom to bond with Spider-Man, taking his powers and forming an emotional bond. Like the bond between Brock and the symbiote, Venom is a villain that is composed of many ideas into one.


Venom has been around for more than three decades develop as a character, and in that time, has played various interesting roles. He is a near-perfect Spider-Man villain, a dark mirror of the character with a complex grudge that drives him. His first story saw him fight Spider-Man, almost winning, then after the game turned around, he was held in a super-criminal prison known as The Vault. This was the general tenor of the first wave of Venom stories, but things started to change before that too long. Venom’s design, plot and actions have made this character extremely popular from the moment he appeared. With that in mind, like many stories, the story changes to highlight characters that audiences love.

The first story that describes Venom as an anti-hero is Venom: Deadly Guardian in 1993. This six-issue plot was the first exploration of Eddie Brock’s background, adding characters as the story first focused on him. Deadly Guardian is a story about Venom who, after making a shaky armistice with Spider-Man, serves as the guardian of a society of homeless people living underneath San Francisco. Venom is hunted down by a sinister organization, with help from vengeful family members of the perpetrator’s former victims, and used to create a bunch of other symbionts. Venom reluctantly must team up with his old enemy to defeat the monsters created from his own body. The story leads to Worry, in which Spider-Man and Venom team up again to defeat Carnage. These stories claim that Venom is a violent, but sometimes kind, creature whose compassion is no less than cruelty. These storylines would serve as great inspiration for movies, everyone has seen Spider-Man fight Venom, but the unlikely pairing between the two is interesting. Venom is already a complicated anti-hero in his film’s plot, this new wrinkle will be a step forward, while make him the bad guy would be a step backwards.

Venom symbiote has associated with a lot of characters throughout the Marvel universe at various times. Eddie Brock is the original and most popular host, but sometimes his association with the symbiote plays out in different dimensions. Eddie spends most of his comic book plot dealing with Venom like a drug addiction. It drains him, their relationship often much less healthy than it is on screen. At one point, Eddie specially adapted to fight Venom, becoming Anti-Venom. Anti-Venom is a more heroic character than Venom, but its meaning in the movies could be very different. This could be the moment in a couple’s relationship when they break up, both thinking they’re happier together, like the sad second act in a romantic comedy.


Another great direction for Venom Movie franchises can be heavily tied to the second movie’s ending credits scene. That scene, among other things, revealing that Venom appears to have an unusual connection to a honeycomb mind that transmits information across realities. This detail suggests the existence of infinite alternate Venoms in alternate dimensions, who can be commanded as an army if the situation permits. 2017 Venomverse The plot sees a hostile alien force descend on earth, threatening the end of life as we know it. In response, Doctor Strange opens a Endgame-esque portal series, summoning variants of Venom from universes where the symbiote connects with other Marvel fixtures. This could immediately be Venom’s answer to Loki, in which his variations form an army to face a larger enemy and the escalation of the story from the streets to the worldwide stakes.

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