Various variations of Dragon Ball what they do

There’s a lot to Akira Toriyama’s Dragon ball The series has contributed to making it one of the ‘s long-standing and beloved manga and anime series anytime. The series has evolved from a light-hearted adventure into a martial arts-focused battle series that now pits God-like entities against it. Although the big battles and power-ups make up the majority Dragon Ball Today, the series begins with another goal in mind.

Early goals for Goku and many others EASYragon ball is to collect representative magical artifacts, granting them the desired power of the Eternal Dragon; Shenron. The Dragon Balls have played a smaller role in the story over the years, with Dragon Radar doing all of the adventures in search of them and making the process a more rudimentary backup vehicle. . The franchise has introduced a variety of variations to Earth Dragon Balls over the years, each with its own distinct function and history.


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Earth Dragon Balls


The first and most recognizable set of Dragon Balls introduced in the series, Earth Dragon Balls played a large role in the first half of the original series, before slowly losing relevance at the start of the Saiyan Season. They were created by Kami, and although powerful, have their limitations. Earth Dragon Balls are commonly used to revive fallen martial artists and citizens after a catastrophic confrontation, but can also be used to grant the wish-maker immortality or eternal youth. One notable caveat is that they cannot grant the same wish twice, which makes it impossible for anyone to be resurrected more than once by the Earth Dragon Ball.

The original Earth Dragon Ball set created by Kami can only grant the user one wish, making them even more valuable and making decisions much more difficult. When Dende succeeded Kami as Earth’s guardian, his new Dragon Balls were granted to grant three wishes. The number will be reduced to two if a wish is used to revive a large number of people. Dende has also implemented it so that leftover wishes can be carried over, allowing wishes to be used more strategically.

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With each wish granted, the Dragon Balls on Earth accumulate a certain amount of negative energy that is stored and released each century. It took years to find the Dragon Balls once they were scattered allowing this negative energy to distribute gradually, but thanks to dragon radar, finding and using them has become too routine for the method to work properly.

Although the concept was introduced in the original series, GT will expand upon it with the inclusion of Black Smoke Shenron and dark dragons. While it’s not common, it’s a fun way to describe the consequences of overuse when collecting and using Dragon Balls on earth; something that had become all too common at the time.

Namekian Dragon Balls


The Namekian Dragon Balls were created by the Grand Elder Guru, and are significantly different from their Earth counterparts. While most of them are equally powerful, they are much larger than Earth’s Dragon Balls, making them harder to carry and conceal by comparison. They played a major role throughout the Frieza Saga on Namek but will be removed once Earth Dragon Balls is back up and running.

In addition to their visual differences, the Namekian Dragon Balls are functionally distinct from their Earth-based variants in a variety of ways. Instead of summoning Shenron, the Namekian Dragon Balls summon Porunga, who can grant three wishes as opposed to Kami’s Seven Dragon Balls which can only grant one wish. The user must also enter a password with a Namekian to activate the Dragon Balls instead of simply collecting them all. Poruna can resurrect the same person multiple times, unlike Shenron, but this comes at the cost of only being able to resurrect one person per wish.

Super Dragon Balls

Super Dragon Balls

Super Dragon Balls is introduced in By Super Universe 6 Saga, is revealed to have been created by the Dragon God, Zalama. This is the first set of Dragon Balls ever created, making them much older than the Earth and Nameks sets. When the Namekians found the Super Dragon Balls, they scraped their pieces to form their own.

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These Dragon Balls are much larger than any in the series, rivaling many planets in size. Using Super Dragon Balls requires the user to chant “Arise, Dragon of the Gods, and grant me beautiful peas!” in the language of the gods. Like the first version of Earth Dragon Balls, the user can only wish one thing at a time. But Super Dragon Balls are considered to be the most powerful Dragon Balls in the series, with the ability to grant virtually any wish without limits.

Other Variations


There are other variations that have little to do with the main series, but it’s worth noting that they’re all the same. The Black Star Dragon Balls introduced in GT are creations of the Nameless, and appear to be much more powerful than their counterparts. Wishes made with these Dragon Balls are not as limited as with the regular Earth set, although they unleash so much power that the planet they are summoned to will be destroyed if they are not obtained. within a year’s time. The Black Star’s Dragon Balls are also scattered across the universe, but not across the planet, making it much more difficult to retrieve them within that one-year timeframe.

Hero of the Dragon Balls introduces Dark Dragon Balls, a variant created by an evil incarnation of Dende named Xeno Dende. The Dark Dragon Balls summon Dark Shenron, a demon-like combination of Shenron, Black Smoke Shenron, and Porunga. Once they’ve accomplished their purpose, the Shadow Dragon Balls will scatter across time and space, making them the hardest variant to identify. They have also been shown to be somewhat sentient as they can merge with evildoers to increase their power.

The Dragon ball The franchise has presented fans with countless different variations of Dragon Ball, each different from Earth in one way or another. While their influence on the story varies, Dragon Balls has always managed to change the trajectory of the story, sometimes for the better and sometimes for the worse.

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