Vanguard’s fighting tempo needs to be in future games

Call of Duty: Vanguard introduced some exciting new features, and most of them have been well received by the community. Operator levels add a bit of depth and give players a reason to play as each character becomes available to them, with more cosmetics offering additional customization. Call of Duty: Vanguarddestructor of, though a bit out of place on certain maps, is great when used sparingly.

However, it is the Combat Speed ​​that serves as the best complement to Call of Duty: Vanguard. While some people might not think much of the matchmaking feature at first, in practice it is awesome and it gives players the ability to tailor their multiplayer matches so that they play exactly according to their preferences. the way they want. With improving the experience of this year’s game dramatically, there’s no reason why Combat Pacing shouldn’t become a staple of the franchise going forward.


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How Call of Duty: Vanguard’s Combat Pacing Works


Call of Duty: Vanguard‘s Combat Pacing is a mechanism that adjusts the number of players in a match. There are three different playlists available: Tactical, Assault, and Blitz. Tactical battles are usually 6v6 which offers a slower pace and is more traditional Call of Duty experience. Offensive matches are midway, with 10-14 players per team. This will keep small maps like Das Haus busy, but will feel perfect for large maps like Desert Siege. Finally, there’s Blitz, which will feature up to 24 players on each team – ensuring that even Red Star feels fast-paced.

Although there are adjustments here and there, like Call of Duty: VanguardShipment of Offering 7v7 on Assault and 8v8 in Blitz, players know what to expect from each playlist option. Sledgehammer Games has taken care to keep the XP output fair for each playlist, as gamers will gain fewer weapons and ration XP for kills earned in the Blitz – a sensible move when assuming the player will get more kills. More XP will be given to the Tactics playlist, keeping things balanced.

Probably the best thing about this Call of Duty: Vanguard characteristic the fact that players can choose whether or not they engage with it. Players can choose one or two of the speed options to tailor their experience, with matchmaking only placing them on a selected playlist. However, they can also leave the feature unmodified, meaning they get the full player count. With a system focused on determining the best number of players for each map, each match will feel the same regardless of the mode type and map size the player ends up on.

How Call of Duty: Vanguard’s Combat Pacing improves the game


Call of Duty: VanguardThe game’s combat speed is a huge boon for the game, especially when it comes to its map lineup. Places like Berlin will feel amazingly large bigger Call of Duty Game, as playing 6v6 will mean lack of action and overall slow speed. However, with the Assault and Blitz playlists, Berlin feels full of life and so it’s one of those rare occasions when the big map is one of the best the game has to offer. Combat Pacing gives Sledgehammer Games the freedom to flex with map design, making large and small maps that both play well.

The combat pacing is also very beneficial for the grinding players Call of Duty: Vanguard’s camo challenges. Getting empty kills can take a long time with certain weapons, but if players want to complete challenges faster, they can engage in a more heated match through Combat Pacing . With more targets to shoot, challenges can be done with ease, speeding up the process and allowing players to focus more on having fun. Players also have access to this fast-paced experience, no need to wait for such a mode to enter the playlist rotation.

Unhindered combat speed in 6v6 is another huge power. For example, the biggest reason players don’t like Call of Duty: Vanguard Zombie That’s because Treyarch didn’t give the player options, only a goal-focused mode, and nothing in the iconic circle style. However, Combat Pacing doesn’t take anything away. Traditional 6v6 Call of Duty is still fully accessible, and if that’s what players prefer, they can only play in the Tactical playlist. No one is put into one style of play, which is one of the smartest things about the Combat Pacing system.

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How will the combat pacing make other Call of Duty games better

The plot for the 2022 Call of Duty is said to have leaked online.

When you look older Call of Duty game, it’s easy to think of scenarios where Combat Speed ​​would make the experience better. The first situation that can make longtime fans instantly pop out is 2013 Call of the ghost questNS. The biggest problem with the unpopular Infinity Ward title is its map design, with ridiculously large locations like Stonehaven not suitable for small player populations. However, if it were possible to go back in time and provide an Assault or Blitz playlist for Call of the ghost quest players, Stonehaven and other maps can be looked at with more enjoyment.

Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War12v12 playlist of launched after its release and quickly became one of the most popular ways to play the game, so much so that gamers demanded it become permanent. A good part of Call of Duty Fans have always loved the exciting matches, which is why maps like Nuketown and Shipment are so popular. Blitz Pacing offers players an intense gameplay style where a battle lurks around every corner and it does so on every map. If Battle Speed ​​exists for Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War In the first place, players could have been more patient as they waited for the content to be added.

Hope, 2022 Call of Duty game brought in Battle Speed, with the feature pushed every year after that so it became a staple of every release. There are no downsides to Combat Pacing, as the feature offers something for all types of players. Fans who want tradition Call of Duty there’s an option available to them, as well as those who want the game to stay busy whenever they’re playing. Fans who want something in between can get that too, with respect to the whole thing. Call of Duty community. While fans of the series will rarely agree unanimously on something to be positive, it will be hard to find someone who doesn’t enjoy the addition of Combat Pacing – and that says something.

Call of Duty: Vanguard currently available on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X.

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