VanceAI Productivity Series Review: Bringing AI into Photo Editing

Regardless of your profession, you will find yourself requiring image editing tools simply due to the fact that everyone needs images now. The frequency of information sharing has never been higher, which naturally increases the use of pictures as well. Not to mention the ever-increasing popularity of other mediums, such as social media, personal websites, blogs, portfolios, and more. When there is such an increased demand, there’s also a need for image editing programs that can seamlessly offer you top quality images at a good pace along with an ease of use that appeals to users who do not know how to operate complicated software applications.

Diverse photo editing apps simply fulfill a wide variety of requirements, so pinning them down to specific use cases wouldn’t be accurate. However, some of the common uses of photo editing apps are found in graphic designing, casual use such as social media or personal branding, photography, etc. VanceAI Productivity Series is a massive list of image editing tools that fulfill the daily needs of image editing. Some of the tools included in this series are image upscaler, image denoiser, background remover, and more. So, if you’re a user who simply wants a good wallpaper or cover picture, you can use the image upscaler tool to get a high quality and resolution image within seconds and upload it on your preferred platform. In this VanceAI Productivity Series review, we will be looking at all the tools provided in the series along with result images.


  • The VanceAI Productivity Series has a huge list of tools, which offer solutions for various problems.
  • VanceAI is an AI based application which makes photo editing automated. This makes it really easy for all kinds of users to edit images.
  • VanceAI offers free image credits as well as affordable and flexible paid subscriptions to users.


  • VanceAI supports JPG, PNG, and JPEG only.
  • The new Workspace design can have a rare bug which may require you to reload the page and try again.

What is VanceAI?

VanceAI overall offers much more than just the Productivity series. It is essentially an online platform for many kinds of image editing. As shown in the image above, VanceAI has 3 different categories of image editing tools, which also include the Creativity series and Image Editor tools besides the Productivity series. The key point about VanceAI is that it uses AI and Machine Learning image processing technologies to enable a faster and simpler way of photo editing. The goal here is to make image editing accessible for as many users as possible, knowing that many users simply aren’t experts when it comes to such tasks.

Opting for software applications or other experts is valid and does offer exceptional results. However, doing either of the two all the time, especially for simple image editing tasks is not practical as it consumes more money and time. With VanceAI, you can streamline the entire editing process as you only have to upload images, choose your settings, and get the ready-made pictures in a short time.

VanceAI Productivity Series Main Features and Results

We will now overview each editing tool from the Productivity series with special attention paid to features and results.

Clear Out Blurs with the Sharpen AI Tool

The first tool on this list is VanceAI Image Sharpener. This tool is designed to tackle blur effects that affect the quality of an image. In many cases, blurry effects simply occur due to faulty camera settings or the surroundings of the place you’re taking pictures at.

Either way, excessive blur simply clouds the true contrast and details of a photo. Not to mention that a high amount of blur can even prevent an image from displaying anything at all. With the Image Sharpener, you can automatically reduce the amount of blur from an image and make it look sharp again. Moreover, you get options in the Workspace that allow you to tackle different types of blurs, such as soft blur, lens blur, and more.

You can also adjust the amount of sharpening that you want the image to go through. Blurs can still be used for aesthetics, so giving users the control over the amount of blur increases customization options.

Enhance Photo Details with Image Enhancer

For an overall improvement in image quality, VanceAI Image Enhancer is one of the best tools you can go for. It makes use of AI algorithms to carefully detect various aspects of an image and then upgrades their quality. One pretty noticeable factor of this tool is that it is pretty adept at making objects appear distinct and clear. If you’re someone who is into marketing or graphic designing, you can find this tool really useful. You can make scenery much better through this tool, as you can see from the above example image.

Get Rid of Image Noise with Image Denoiser

Image noise, which is also sometimes called film grain, is a special type of overlay that occurs in images due to camera lenses or camera settings. Oftentimes, it is intentionally set as an aesthetic. Similar to blur effects, unchecked image noise can in turn disrupt image quality. To combat this, we have VanceAI Image Denoiser.

When you upload an image on the Denoiser Workspace, you can set the amount of sharpening you want the image to go through. Along with that, you can also set the image noise removal intensity. This customization allows you to have control over your results. If you want to maintain some level of image noise for aesthetic reasons, you can do so with the help of this tool.

Create High Resolution Photos with Image Upscaler

High resolution photos are immensely popular and sought after nowadays. When it comes to images and other similar visual mediums, we’ve reached a stage where 4k resolutions are becoming the standard. Not to mention that we’re also moving towards 8k resolutions. Moreover, wallpapers and cover images on social media platforms such as Facebook and LinkedIn are considered essential in profile-building. With that said, we definitely need VanceAI Image Upscaler, which is the AI tool from VanceAI for image enlargement and quality enhancement as well.

You can use this tool for increasing the size of your images. If you have an image too small to be uploaded anywhere, you can simply upscale it from this tool and have it uploaded on any platform that you want. For example, make your travel pictures bigger with the image upscaler and post them on social media.

Remove Backgrounds Easily with BGremover

Removing backgrounds from images can be pretty useful. This allows you to start fresh with the new image you get after processing. When it comes to object photography, a background remover can allow you to place the object or multiple objects in different images. Not to mention that removing backgrounds can be complicated, which makes an automatic tool such as BGremover even more valuable as it saves a lot of time and effort. The background remover tool is also pretty accurate with its results as it manages to detect object or human figure dimensions quickly and with precision.

When you get to the Workspace, you can set the algorithm to detect objects or humans. So, make sure to select the correct option according to the image you’re planning to process. Another useful aspect of VanceAI in this case is that you can use the image enhancer to further improve the quality of the After image.

Lastly, you can edit the transparent background by adding other solid backgrounds or scenic images onto it.

Edit Images Easily Using the Photo Editor Tool

VanceAI Photo Editor is basically a mini-app that offers multiple tools for image editing. The Photo Editor has tools such as image cropper, automatic image enhancer and background remover, an eraser tool for removing details from an image manually, image rotation tool, and a graphic overlay addition tool. You can edit the same image over and over by switching to different tools.

The image cropper has manual options and a ratio option, which automatically crops the image according to the ratio chosen. You can choose the eraser tool and mark spots on an image to remove it. The markup tool allows you to place shapes on top of the image and you can also add text on top of the image as well. You can use this to make small infographic pictures quickly. Overall, this tool is useful for a handful of image editing tasks that are needed to be done instantly.

Improve Anime Images with the Anime Upscaler

While there is VanceAI Image Enhancer for other kinds of images such as landscapes and portraits, we also have VanceAI Anime Upscaler for anime pictures. As the name suggests, this tool is specially designed for improving the quality of anime images. You can upload any type of anime image you want and have it upscaled with this tool. You can upscale anime images up to 8 times its original size in a matter of seconds. Not to mention that this tool offers different algorithms that you can select for image processing.

The image above is upscaled 4 times its original size, as indicated by the dimensions written near the images. The original size would be too small to be used anywhere but the processed image is not only in a larger size but it also has much better quality.

AI JPEG Artifact Remover can Make Your Pictures Clearer

Artifacts occur when the compressed image loses a lot of its original quality. VanceAI Artifact Remover makes sure to enhance the image quality in a way that makes it look brand new again. Usually, images that have been compressed greatly suffer from a loss of quality and they also tend to become blurry. When you’re using this tool, you can choose to enhance image quality while also getting rid of excessive blurs.

The resulting image shows how well the artifact removal tool manages to clear up the image. The After image looks brand new thanks to the absence of excessive blur as well as the retouching of the image’s original color. The After image has a more authentic look as compared to before.

Make Your Portraits High Quality with Portrait Retoucher

Portraits are extremely important for many people on the Internet. Portraits not only serve as visual components for showing off your personality but they’re also used professionally to display yourself as an expert and credible individual. No wonder so many aspirants pay good money to have their photos taken by a professional. Simply search for portraits on photography websites and you will see a huge variety of them. Considering all of these factors, it’s natural that a tool such as VanceAI Portrait Retoucher has so much value. This tool uses AI image enhancement algorithms to analyze portraits and make them even better. 

By using this tool, you can remove blemishes, acne, and other skin related marks from your portraits. Otherwise, you can simply enhance the quality of your photos without editing any features of your face. You simply have to choose either of the algorithms from the Workspace.

Clean Up Hazy Pictures Through VanceAI Photo Dehaze

Photo hazing is another fairly common occurrence that affects the quality of images. One of the biggest issues that photo hazing causes is that it completely disrupts the contrast of a photo along with color fidelity. When an image is hazy, especially a landscape image, it will simply look foggy all over. VanceAI Photo Dehaze is the tool you should use for removing haziness from photos. Dehazing can also be a complicated task, similar to background removal, but with AI technology, you can make the process easier and faster than usual. Not to mention that photo dehazing tools are comparatively rarer to find online as compared to other kinds of image editing tools.

The tool offers an automatic color optimization option as well. This can make your image look sharper and richer in terms of details and color.

Image Compressor to Compress Image Effortlessly

Image compression is a much needed tool for everyone as it not only makes your images eligible to be uploaded on various platforms but it also helps greatly in regards to storage. When it comes to image compressors, the challenge isn’t about compressing an image, but it is in doing so in a way that maintains the original quality as much as possible as well. VanceAI Image Compressor aims to do just that. By using AI based compression technology, the Image Compressor ensures that your images are lightweight but high quality as well.

Optimized images are essential if you want to drive traffic onto your blogs and websites. Moreover, responsive websites encourage users to stay and check out everything that you have to offer. This is an important step in converting strangers to customers.

The image was compressed down to just 90 KB from its original size of 459 KB.

Passport Photo Maker to Make Professional Passport Photos

Even though we live in a highly digitized world with a lot more options for dealing with document submissions and creation, processes like passport making still take time. However, you can make use of VanceAI Passport Photo Maker to automate at least one portion of your passport making procedure. Instead of spending time on photo studios, you can simply take a portrait of yourself and upload it over to the tool for some quick editing. The tool is designed with sophistication. It takes you through only 5 steps after which, you can have your passport photo ready. Also, the tool automatically removes the background and adds a solid white background instead.

Moreover, you can also pre-select the country of your passport. This will help the tool determine the dimensions needed for the passport photo.

VanceAI Pricing

VanceAI offers free image credits, affordable paid subscription plans, and an API package. To begin with, you can make a free account on VanceAI using your Google account. VanceAI will automatically give you 3 image credits that you can use on any VanceAI tool. VanceAI will also refresh your image credits every month.

As for the paid options, there are plenty for you to choose from. The annual plan will only cost you $5.94 per month and give you 100 image credits per month. The monthly plan starts from $9.90 per month with 100 image credits offered. The third type of plan involves buying 200 image credits by paying $24.99. All of these plans can be upgraded for more image credits per month at higher costs.

When it comes to VanceAI API, the subscription plan starts from $39.8 for 1000 image credits per month. This goes all the way to 10,000 image credits per month for a payment of $398.

VanceAI Alternatives

VanceAI alternatives are simply online platforms supported by VanceAI that offer the basic services of original VanceAI tools. The difference is that these alternatives are free to use but do not offer all the features of the original VanceAI tools. You can use these alternatives for small-time projects or to test VanceAI tools. Go to if you want to improve image quality. Similarly, can increase image resolutions along with the quality enhancement. In addition to this, VanceAI also offers a free online tool for PDF processing. Click on to access the tool online.


VanceAI Productivity Series is bringing AI into photo editing in a way that is highly useful and concrete. There are many factors that work in favor of VanceAI, such as its extensive image editing tool list, intuitive UI design that is welcoming to all kinds of users, and its superb performance. Now, the application is not completely flawless either. For instance, the application can start to support more file formats and add newer features in the Photo Editor tool. Regardless, the overall application is excellent because the pros heavily outweigh the cons. The AI and Machine Learning algorithms are solid and are capable of offering great results. The images process really quickly as well. Lastly, the app is new, growing, and will introduce more and more updates in the future.

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