Valve and Microsoft’s license agreement could be great for future revisions

Video game modding has been around for a long time, and it’s one of the best parts of PC gaming. While some mods are console compatible, the mod scene is mostly on PC thus being central to cracking the game’s code and changing it. Many mods are non-commercial fan projects meant to provide some kind of new experience to the game, whether it’s just cosmetic changes or a whole bunch of new content. First-person shooter games like Death, Quake, and Half-life is famous for its long and vibrant mod scenes that have produced a large number of quality games.


Valve is one of the few companies that has fully embraced mods, even providing official support for some mods and allowing certain mods to be sold on Steam. One of the most recent premium endorsed mods is Black mesa, an HD remake of Half-life that improved some of its rougher parts. These official mods are usually glorified, but over the past few years a problem has emerged that makes the official mod more expensive. Valve Game. Luckily, Valve has reached an agreement that could open the door for more premium mods in the future.

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Valve’s licensing deal with Microsoft is a big deal

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In 2015, Microsoft acquired the Havok middleware suite, which is a key part of the physics engines in many of Valve’s games. Large-scale mods of Valve titles have paid $50,000 in licensing fees since then, which is extremely expensive for an indie developer who just wants to build on top of a solid engine. However, Valve recently revealed that it has reached an agreement with Microsoft that these licensing fees will now be waived. Now, neither Valve nor aspiring developers need to worry about expensive licensing costs when creating officially supported mods. This opens the door to many great revision opportunities.

Havok . physics engine has been a staple of hundreds of games over the past twenty years. Any gamer who has been actively involved in this hobby for more than five years has probably played a game with Havok in it. This includes major releases from Valve including Fortress Team 2, Half life 2, and even Half Life: Alyx. Microsoft’s acquisition of Havok and the changing game landscape have contributed to the license being less widely used, but Valve seems committed to keeping it as part of its engine. That means mods for many of Valve’s titles must include it, creating an unexpected stumbling block for a small number of mods until recently.

Where mods for Valve games can start

The crowbar mod for Half-Life Alyx

Now, without worrying about Havok licensing fees, Valve can take on more sponsored mods in the future. That doesn’t mean it will have many of them, like Valve emphasizes its high standards while regarding this news. Only certain mods approached by Valve themselves can become officially recognized, premium standalone mods on Steam. Part of this has to do with the cost of doing so, and the other part is from just being able to manage so many projects at once. However, even as Valve focuses on its internal work, from time to time, a notable mod will be approached with a sponsorship offer.

Because it’s Valve’s decision as to whether a mod becomes official or not, modders don’t need to worry about suggesting deals to Valve or entering any kind of competition in order to win. choose. However, it is in their best interest to do their best when developing and presenting their projects, as Valve employees may be watching. The best results for the modding community becomes encouraging by the way and continue to work on their projects with increased passion. Even if Valve isn’t in the habit of penalizing mod sales, there could still be tons of great mods and fan projects around for fans to enjoy.

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