VALORANT Haven Map Guide: Complete Layout, Captions, Tips and Tricks

Haven is one of the more interesting maps in VALUABLE map pool. Each map has its own gimmick, and Haven’s third site gimmick probably has the biggest impact on the overall strategy from a defensive or offensive perspective.

In theory, a third position would benefit the attackers, as it forces the defenders to divide their forces in three ways. For both parties, specific knowledge of the footnotes on each of the three sites is key to finding success on Haven.

Here’s a complete guide to all of Haven’s footnotes, specific to all three sites, and how to approach each site in terms of defense and attack.

Haven layout and basic captions

Image via Riot Games

Here’s the in-game map for Bind, with most of the basic annotations listed. However, this map does not include a legend specific to site A, site B or site C.

Haven A site of annotations, limitations and tips

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Below are the basic footnotes for Haven’s A site. Long Corridor A leads to the entrance to the site between the Flower Pot and the Tower, and the Short A corridor (aka the Sewer) leads to the entrance between the Tower and the Short Stack. .

For attackers, the basic tactic is to smoke out of Heaven, and storm the site to destroy defenders hiding in corners like the Flower Pot. Agents with molotov/grenade/AOE abilities like Viper, KAY/O, Astra, or Brimstone can also clear these corners, in addition to others like Hell and behind A crosswords. Agents like Omen and Jett could get ahead of positions like Tower and Short stack but run the risk of putting themselves in a stalemate.

The defenders will be attacked by all the smoke and utility attackers will use to enter the site. Their best bet is to wait for the twig to plant and push through the smoke, or let the attackers plant and just play again. A defender playing Aggressive Long or in the Tribute can crawl and can be selected for free to start the round.

Haven’t Site Captions, Strings, and Tips

Image via Riot Games

These are basic footnotes for B. Unlike other sites, there aren’t many features you need to know about. The only other thing not shown is that the A-Link leads to site A and the back of the site has a picture of a cubby behind a gong.

Attacking B is difficult, because there is only one entrance to the attacker’s side from the middle and those are close areas with lots of points for defenders to shoot from and retreat. A common tactic is to suck A and C-Link, break the wall in the second half of the site, and quickly knock down a tree right in front of the entrance from the middle. Attackers can then retreat to the middle and pause the recapture from there.

Protection B is not too difficult and can be done by a single employee. Keep the mid-to-B connector off and attackers will think twice about jumping into the blind site.

Haven Citation Site Captions, Strings, and Tips

Image via Riot Games

Here is the footnote for site C on Haven. There are multiple flammable surfaces spread throughout the site, with one entry for the defensive side, one for the offensive side, and one connector from the Garage.

For attackers, your safest tactic is a double attack from C Long and Connector. Take control of the Garage to access the Connector and use smoke or walls to move down C Long until you’re right next to the C entrance. Use flash and timing to enter the site and clear the corners. .

For the defensive side, look down on the Long C if it’s not sucked, use the C-Box to cover (using Plat as cover will prevent you from being able to retreat if needed). If Long C is sucked, go into hiding while observing Long C and Connector and wait for ejection. VALORANT Haven Map Guide: Complete Layout, Captions, Tips and Tricks


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