VALORANT Bind Map Guide: Annotations, tips and tricks

In a game like VALUABLE, like its spiritual predecessor CS GO, offensive and defensive battles often favor the defensive side. In general, sites are easier to hold than attack, as attacking often requires more coordination between teammates.

To compensate for this, some maps have gimmicks in favor of the offensive side. These include closing doors on Ascent, third sites to choose from on Haven, and in Bind’s case, portals. Portals give attackers the chance to rotate and quickly change where they want to attack, with the option to catch defenders off guard.

But both attackers and defenders need to be fluent in all Bind annotations, not just portals. So here’s a complete guide to all of Bind’s annotations, site-specific annotations, and a site-by-site approach to defense and attack.

Basic Annotation and Constraint Layout

Image via Riot Games.

Above is the in-game map for Bind, with most of the basic annotations listed. However, these maps do not include a legend specific to site A or site B.

Binding a site annotations, limits and tips

Image via Riot Games.

Here are the basic legend locations you should know on the Bind A site. Like on the other maps, most wooden or green surfaces are flammable, so a guard in Heaven can stop a crop from plunging at Triple. However, there are some other points on A that you need to be aware of:

  • Double box is a stack of two boxes that you can only see a small part of the left side of the Portal in the photo above.
  • Bench located in the right corner immediately as you walk into the Site from Showers. It’s behind you in the photo above.
  • Pipeline is the lower A entrance from the born defender. It is behind Triple in the photo above.

On the offensive side, a common tactic is to smoke out of Heaven, then use the wall to cut off anyone pushing through the U-shaped lobby from the Lights. You can post a player in the Fence to push off and catch defenders watching main A off guard.

On defense, you want to use active positioning or scouting to prevent attackers from getting through the Gate without a fight. If they do, they can take control of the site from a closer position, or rotate to B and reach the site before you and your teammates on A can rotate.

Sitelinks B captions, strings and tips

Image via Riot Games.

Here are the basic callout positions you should know on the Bind B site. The only other thing you need to know is that Cubby which is to the left of the Container in the photo above.

When attacking B, use smoke to choke the door at the back of the site as well as the Elbow. Then use scouting or damage abilities to force potential enemies out of hiding spots like the box in Hookah, the box in Hookah, behind the Container, next to the Pallet in the corner, or in the Cubby.

For defense, just like in A site, you should use skills to prevent attackers from entering the Garden. Using smoke or a scout ability to prevent them from getting through the Gate on a B Long is usually your best bet. VALORANT Bind Map Guide: Annotations, tips and tricks


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