Valheim: Every Shield In The Game, Ranked

Valheim gamers have the choice of constructing their character for an attacking or a defensive playstyle. Survivors that desire a extra tactical method to combating will wish to use a protect. When facing off against other players or bosses, it’s good to have an additional layer of safety.

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There are a complete of 9 completely different shields in Valheim, which fall into both the Spherical or Tower class. Spherical shields have much less of a motion penalty and players can parry whereas utilizing them. Then again, Tower shields have a big motion penalty and stop the character from performing a parry. Nonetheless, Tower shields have extra blocking energy. This record will rank all 9 of the shields from worst to finest. There isn’t any query that the ultimate protect on this record is the finest protect in Valheim.

Up to date on July 28, 2021 by Payton Lott: A number of months into the sport, gamers are nonetheless ready for the addition of latest shields and weapons in Valheim. Hopefully, new content material might be coming quickly. Within the meantime, players should make due with the 9 choices listed under. This replace consists of extra details about crafting and upgrading. Additionally, protect stats have been added under every entry for reference. These stats reveal some attention-grabbing variations between shields in Valheim. For instance, the Bronze Bucker has one of the best parry bonus within the sport. Gamers will be unable to reference this record for the entire data they want about shields in Valheim. 

9 Wooden Tower Protect


Tower shields provide less upside in general due to the motion penalties and gamers will be unable to parry whereas utilizing them. That being mentioned, the Picket Tower protect is efficient within the early sport. Survivors will be unable to parry typically anyway and the protect supplies 15 extra base block than its spherical counterpart.

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Avid gamers will want 10 Wooden and 4 Leather-based Scraps to craft the protect. Wooden could be farmed from chopped down bushes, and Leather-based Scraps are a typical drop from Boar within the Meadows.

  • Block: 35-45
  • Parry: N/A
  • Motion Penalty: -20%

All shields could be upgraded by utilizing the workbench and extra supplies. A stage three workbench improve would require 10 wooden and 6 leather-based. There are a complete of six completely different protect variants, together with sweet cane and blue checkered. These variants could be chosen by urgent the merchandise’s identify within the crafting menu.

8 Wooden Protect

valheim-wood shield

The bottom Wooden Protect could have 15 much less block, however characters will transfer 20% quicker and they are going to be granted a 1.5% parry bonus. The protect is extra versatile and sensible when fighting in the open world. Gamers might want to discover Resin to craft the protect. Resin is a drop from any of the Greydwarf creatures. Greydwarves are primarily discovered within the Black Forest biome.

  • Block: 20-30
  • Parry: 20 +1.5x bonus
  • Motion Penalty: -5%

Survivors will want 10 Wooden, 4 Resin, and 4 Leather-based Scraps to craft the protect. Those self same supplies might be essential to improve the protect with a stage 3 workbench. The wooden protect solely has 4 completely different variants to select from. Out of the 4, the peppermint pores and skin is by far one of the best.

7 Bronze Buckler

Valheim Bronze Shield

The following finest protect within the record is the Bronze Buckler, a spherical protect. The Bronze Buckler supplies +25 Block Energy and +10 Parry Pressure with a 2x parry bonus. It has the very best parry bonus of any protect within the sport. Which means regardless of a low parry power, it may well nonetheless compete with the Banded Protect. There isn’t any Bronze tower protect choice, so the spherical protect is awarded the highest bronze spot by default. Avid gamers will solely want two objects to craft the protect: Bronze and Wooden. Bronze is an alloy fashioned by the mix of Tin and Copper. Each Tin and Copper Ore are situated in mineral deposits all through the Black Forest.

  • Block: 45-67.5
  • Parry: 90-135 +2x bonus
  • Motion Penalty: -5%

Individuals will want a complete of 20 Bronze and 6 Wooden to craft and improve the buckler. In contrast to lots of the shields within the sport, there is just one variant of the Bronze Buckler.

6 Iron Tower Protect

valheim painted shields

The following finest tower protect is the Iron Tower Protect. The protect is a big improve from the Wooden Tower protect, offering a further 40 Blocking Energy. Survivors will want a level 2 upgraded Forge with a purpose to craft it. The Iron Tower Protect is crafted with two objects, Iron and Advantageous Wooden. With the intention to get Iron, gamers might want to first defeat the Elder.

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The boss will drop a key that gives entry to the Swamp Crypts that comprise Steel Scraps. Avid gamers will discover the scraps within the Mudpiles whereas making their method by means of every Crypt. Advantageous Wooden could be farmed within the Meadows.

  • Block: 75-112
  • Parry: N/A
  • Motion Penalty: -20%

For a stage 3 upgraded protect, gamers might want to discover 35 Advantageous Wooden and 20 Iron. Iron Tower Shields have seven completely different variants to select from. The black and white design is very good.

5 Banded Protect


It’s no shock that the spherical protect choice is best. The Banded Protect supplies +15 Block Energy and +10 Parry Pressure in comparison with the Buckler. Nonetheless, for some cause, the Buckler has a .5x higher parry likelihood. Gamers can craft this protect with 10 Advantageous Wooden and 10 Iron. The places of those supplies are detailed above.

  • Block: 60-90
  • Parry: 90-135 +1.5x bonus
  • Motion Penalty: -5%

With 20 extra Iron and 10 Advantageous Wooden, players can improve the protect with a stage 3 forge. There are solely 4 completely different skins for the protect. In-game, the Banded Protect is sometimes called the Viking Protect due to its look.

4 Silver Protect


The Silver Protect represents yet one more improve within the spherical class. It’s the strongest protect to date with 75 Block Energy and 40 Parry Pressure. Avid gamers could have a 1.5x parry multiplier as properly. Whereas it could have much less block than the Serpent Scale Protect, the Silver Protect permits customers to parry enemy assaults. The first materials survivors might want to farm to forge the protect is Silver. Silver Ore is situated within the Mountain biomes and could be tough to search out if players don’t have a Wishbone.

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Survivors will wish to kill Bonemass, the boss that drops the Wishbone, earlier than farming silver. Nearly the entire deposits are hidden, and the Wishbone is essential. As soon as gamers have discovered sufficient ore to refine 6 silver, they will Forge the protect with 10 Advantageous Wooden. A forge stage 3 improve would require 20 extra Advantageous Wooden and eight Silver. Like lots of the one-handed shields, the Silver protect has seven completely different variants.

  • Block: 75-112.5
  • Parry: 112-168.5 +1.5x bonus
  • Motion Penalty: -5%

3 Black Steel Tower Protect


The second finest tower protect is the Black Steel Tower Protect. The merchandise supplies 105 Block Energy on the bottom construct, however survivors will want a stage 3 Forge to create it. Avid gamers will want two new objects to Forge the protect: Black Steel and Chain. Black Steel is a monster drop within the Plains biomes and gamers will wish to acquire lots of it to create Black Steel weapons and armor. Likewise, Chain is a monster drop within the Swamp biome. Gamers will want 10 Black Steel, 7 Chain, and 15 Advantageous Wooden to have the ability to forge the Black Steel Tower Protect. For a stage 3 improve, individuals will want a further 20 Advantageous Wooden, 8 Black Steel, and seven Chain.

  • Block: 105-157.5
  • Parry: N/A
  • Motion Penalty: -20%

All seven base kinds can be found to crafters. Nonetheless, as individuals will discover, the Black Steel Shields have a shiny end. The pictures look clearer and extra crisp on the upgraded protect as properly.

2 Serpent Scale Protect

Valheim How To Defeat Serpents In The Ocean (Or Scare Them Away)

The finest tower protect within the sport is the Serpent Scale Protect. Whereas it has 15 much less block than the Black Steel Tower Protect, it solely has a ten% motion penalty. For that cause, it’s the solely Tower Protect gamers ought to use in Valheim. The protect will have an effect on motion simply 5% greater than the spherical Black Steel Protect. Sadly, each shields have the identical Block Energy. Avid gamers might want to slay Serpents within the oceans and acquire their scales to forge the merchandise.

  • Block: 90-135
  • Parry: N/A
  • Motion Penalty: -10%

Two-star Serpents drop at the least 32 Serpent Scales, which is greater than sufficient for crafting functions. The protect could be crafted with 10 Advantageous Wooden, 2 Iron, and eight Serpent Scales. For a full improve, 20 Advantageous Wooden, 4 Iron, and eight Serpent Scales are obligatory. This protect is exclusive and has no customization choices.

1 Black Steel Protect

Valheim Shield

With 90 Block Energy and 50 Parry Pressure, the Black Steel Protect is one of the best protect in Valheim. Gamers will be capable of transfer 5% faster than whereas utilizing the Serpent Protect and have the possibility to parry opponents. If Avid gamers have progressed far sufficient, there isn’t a conceivable cause to equip one other protect. The flexibility and power of the Black Steel protect make it far and away one of the best within the sport.

  • Block: 90-135
  • Parry: 135-202.5 +1.5x bonus
  • Motion Penalty: -5%

For the last word upgraded protect in Valheim, gamers will want 30 Advantageous Wooden, 16 Black Steel, and 9 Chain. All seven skins can be found for personalisation within the crafting menu.

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