V5 lost its first match to Weibo Gaming’s Huanfeng

Victory Five had to receive their first loss in the 2022 LPL Spring for Weibo Gaming, after a series of three competitive matches between the two LPL champions.

Today is the battle between longtime Invictus Gaming teammates TheShy and Rookie, one of the most anticipated matchups of the third week. And immediately the series started with a very risky draft from V5, when they allowed Weibo to take both Caitlyn and Corki, two power picks in the current meta. In response, they drafted a roster that was more buff with picks like Samira, Xin Zhao, and Nautilus for carry damage attacks.

Game one started immediately as V5’s Rich challenged TheShy after reaching level two first, when he nearly got a solo kill with just three HP before his name. As a result, TheShy was locked out of the top lane and forced to turn back after nearly dying again. Tempted by the wave of possible misses, he stayed on as the perfect jungler of V5 jungler Karsa supporting Rich as the top laner got his second kill in less than four minutes .

V5 has full control of both top and mid, with only the bot lane helping Weibo to hold the advantage in the early game. But V5’s jungler Karsa was everywhere on the map, as he used his early game to lead to a critical bot lane and brought it back to an even point.

However, Weibo’s AD carry remains a threat to dangerous pick Caitlyn with the game still at the 30-minute mark. And shortly after Weibo’s support, On attempted to seek involvement in V5 AD, carrying Photic before his untimely death.

Worse still, Huanfeng was then pushed out of position by Rich when V5 was able to get the baron. With four named dragons and a baron buff, V5 was able to take home the win in 35 minutes.

Image via screenshot of LPL English Broadcast.

Game two started, and immediately, Weibo’s win condition was due to Huanfeng, as jungler SofM prioritized the bottom half of the map, allowing Huanfeng to comfortably pressure Photic, taking the first turret. at the 15th minute.

Weibo was able to build on this lead from Huanfeng, grabbing every little dragon upon arrival, a baron around the first 20 minutes, and the final match to just 26 minutes short of Weibo’s bearer. AD when the game enters. decision game.

Screengrab via LPL

In the final game, Weibo was able to win the draft, maintaining their bot lane pick from game two by taking Xayah and Rakan, and was also able to get Corki for Weibo’s Mid laner Angel. . With Karsa on Gragas, early game patting becomes more passive.

It wasn’t until the eighth minute, where a teamfight broke out in the top lane near mid, where V5 was able to take a one or two, followed by the Rift Herald. Next is the first tower to V5, right after that is the bot tower to Weibo.

With two sides of the map, each controlled by a team, the final game turned into a battle for mid lane priority, and at first it played out the way V5 did. However, the Corki missile from Weibo prevented V5 from certain targets like dragons in the middle of the match.

This leads to a repeat pattern at 30 minutes as Weibo creates a fight around the target, where Weibo can kill the entire V5 side. With no member left on V5’s side, Weibo was able to claim victory in the series, as they improved to 4-1, while V5 dropped to seventh place with a 3-1 record.

Screengrab via LPL

Huanfeng was the clear highlight of the series as win conditions for Weibo focused on leading his game against Xayah in games two and three. Moreover, even in their game a loss, he is still the only win condition in that game.

Weibo will play one game in Week Four as they look to improve their record to 51 against FunPlus Phoenix, who currently stand at a 3-1 record with a new roster built around LWX.

Meanwhile, V5 will play two games in Week 4 and will be looking for a 2-0 win over struggling OMG and struggling Invictus Gaming.

The last day of Week Three will be on January 27, starting with a match between TOP and OMG, followed by a battle between Bilibili Gaming and Royal Never Give Up.

https://dotesports.com/league-of-legends/news/v5-dealt-first-loss-of-the-split-by-weibo-huanfeng V5 lost its first match to Weibo Gaming’s Huanfeng


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