US claims Vladimir Putin is preparing a false flag to justify attack on Ukraine

The US intelligence community believes that Russia is preparing a so-called false flag operation against its military so that Russia can justify an attack on Ukraine, a US official told The Daily Beast on Friday.

A US official told The Daily Beast: “Russia is laying the groundwork to have the option of fabricating a pretext for invasion, including through sabotage and disinformation operations, by alleging allegations Ukraine prepares an imminent attack against Russian forces in eastern Ukraine. “Russia has pre-arranged a special task force to conduct a false flag operation in eastern Ukraine.”

In particular, the main source of the attacks is believed to be from eastern Ukraine, the official said.

The news came just a few days after talking with Russia did not lead to any diplomatic breakthrough that shows that Russia is stepping back from invading Ukraine, while hundreds of thousands of dollars Russian Army remained positioned along the Ukrainian border, preparing for the attack. So, instead of announcing a diplomatic deal, the US government is exposing the latest Russian antics in an attempt to vilify them.

The United States is also monitoring Russian efforts to spread disinformation that could help justify a potential military attack on Ukraine, the US official said.

“Our information also indicates that Russian influencers have begun to fabricate Ukrainian provocations on social and state networks to justify Russian interference and sow division.” turn in Ukraine,” the official said.

The narratives that Russian actors have started include content about the poor human rights situation in Ukraine and the military activities of Ukraine’s leaders, the official said.

It’s all part of a grand scheme that Russia has relied on for months now. Researchers at the Atlantic Council’s Digital and Forensic Research Laboratory (DFRLab) told The Daily Beast.

Graham Brookie, senior director of DFRLab, said some of the Russian activities appear poised to justify the actions or deny involvement afterwards.

“I would describe what we are seeing from Russia as a more aggressive deployment and expansion of existing narratives to include a consistent anti-NATO camp. [content] and consistent deviation, such as [saying], “this is not our fault … we have only retreat for now,” Brookie told The Daily Beast, suggesting Russian influencers are making excuses for aggression. “In this case, you won’t change public opinion in the short term… but you may be positioned to deflect your actions or be able to deny your actions or justify your actions through through information activities.”

This media report also blames the West for the escalation, highlights humanitarian problems in Ukraine that Russian intervention can solve, and promotes patriotism among Russians. to encourage domestic support for military action,” the official added.

The official added that Russia was prepared to conduct its sabotage operations this month or in mid-February, weeks before an invasion.

“The Russian military plans to begin these operations weeks before a military invasion, possibly from mid-January to mid-February,” the US official told The Daily Beast. “We saw this book in 2014 with Crimea.”

During the previous limited period, Ukraine remained hopeful that a diplomatic effort could defuse tensions. Ukraine is working to organize a tripartite meeting between President Joe Biden, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskiy, Russian President Vladimir Putin and Andriy Yermak, the head of Ukraine’s presidential office, said Friday during a meeting. virtual call of the Atlantic Council. Yermak said it was just waiting for a response from the Russian side.

Michael Sheldon, DFRLab’s research assistant, told The Daily Beast that in recent days there have been signs that Russian forces are strengthening and preparing for an increased pace of military activity.

“I think the main exception is… their entry into units from the eastern military district is an escalation,” Sheldon said. “In addition, we are seeing the movement of short-range ballistic missiles Iskander from… at least two separate missile brigades.”

The Russian armed forces have increased their training and preparation in recent days, including “tactical, technical and fire training, including fire training for tanks, combat vehicles and other weapons.” artillery and mortar squadrons,” Ukraine’s Defense Ministry said on Friday. On Friday, Russian forces also violated the ceasefire, as they have many times before, Ukraine’s Defense Ministry said on Friday.

Tensions are also growing in other arenas. An unknown hacker actor or group has hacked Ukrainian government websites, from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Defense to the websites of the Ministry of Education. Experts say it is unclear who is behind the vandalism, but as tensions have escalated in the past, similar vandalism has occurred.

“All data on your computer is being erased and will not be recoverable. All information about you has been made public, fear and expect the worst,” the statement on the defamed state department website said.

“It is too early to draw conclusions because the investigation is ongoing, but there is a long record of Russian cyberattacks against Ukraine in the past,” a spokesman for Ukraine’s foreign ministry said. US claims Vladimir Putin is preparing a false flag to justify attack on Ukraine


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