Update patch notes for For Honor Year 6 Season 1 Golden Age

For the sake of honor The Golden Age 6 season 1 update is now available to download, and the patch notes reveal major new features and numerous bug fixes.

Today marks the beginning of a new year as well as a new season in For the sake of honor. With the arrival of Golden Age, the first season of Year 6, Ubisoft is also bringing significant changes to various parts of the game including Dominion, Conquer, and Shaolin Revamp.

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However, you should probably expect even more improvements in the future as the developers will hold another round of testing later this month.

For now, let’s take a look officially patch notes of the Year 6 Part 1: update:

For Honor | The Golden Age 6 Season 1 Launch Trailer



For Honor | The Golden Age 6 Season 1 Launch Trailer






Update patch notes for For Honor Year 6 Season 1 Golden Age


Crossplay Phase 1

  • Matchmaking is now enabled by default on all platforms (PC, PlayStation and Xbox) for PVP and PVE modes. Crossplay Phase 2: Team play with friends will be released at a later date. With the introduction of Crossplay Phase 1, players can expect the following changes:
  • PC, PlayStation and Xbox players can now play against each other. This will improve matchmaking time and session experience.
    • For technical reasons, in-game voice chat is disabled for all Crossplay matches
    • A reset of player skill ratings must happen at the beginning of the season (personal skill ratings will be recalibrated after a few matches)
    • Players who do not wish to participate in Crossplay can opt out via the Settings Menu in the new ‘Online’ option

Developer comments: Crossplay will not include Campaign Mode, Training Mode, Custom Battles (Phase 1), Arcade Mode, and Ranked Mode.

Report Ubisoft account username

  • Players will now be able to report Ubisoft Account Username Attacks on all platforms.

Developer comments: Please note that we cannot act on Microsoft or Sony Usernames only on Ubisoft Account Usernames.



  • Through the previous two phases of Base Test, we tested a variety of Domination Game Mode changes. These changes are intended to deliver three key benefits:
  1. Improve the Popularity Gain of individual classes (for example, so Assassin’s ability to unlock feats is no longer a partying or starvation situation),
  2. shift focus to Point Gain / Renown Gain from being too focused on protecting a Capture Point (now a better spread between Capture Point and Minion Lane),
  3. remove the uncontrollable Known Bonus from the Known Special Reward (so that teams don’t spike or snowball as much as famous with kill bonuses)

These major Dominion changes are now incorporated into the Live game:

  • Known returns are normalized across all classes. All benefits received are now balanced for all Heroes.
    • Hero Kill: 20
    • Spot Removal: 8-20
    • Minion Kill: 2
    • Kill assist: 10
    • Defense Zone (kill in Friendly Zone): 0
    • Capture area: 10
  • Competition Zone (fight on a Zone):
    • Fight for ENEMY Zone: 30 / min
    • Fight to KEEP YOUR ONLY: 36/min
    • Zone Boost (stay in Friendly Zone): 42 / min
    • Revive: 20
    • Gather: 30
  • Known Special Rewards have been removed, apart from: Comeback, Revenge and Streak breaker.
  • Defender Renown, which made known to all allies in a Zone for each kill within it, has been removed.

Feat unlock thresholds are currently:

  • Tier 1: 50 (was 58)
  • Tier 2: 120 (was 155)
  • Tier 3: 210 (which is 265)
  • Tier 4: 320 (was 335)

Rebalance points:

  • Catch Zone: 0.9 Points/s (was 0.74 Points/s)
  • Enhanced Zone: 1.5 Points/s (was 1.85 Points/s)
  • Minion line captured: 1.5 points/s (is 1.35 points/s)

Renown Widget has been integrated!

  • All known returns will now be concentrated in this widget just above your Known bar.


Area Capture Speed

  • Reverting to the old values, meaning multiplayer assisting the catch will make it speed up, like it always has.

Developer comments: While uniform shutter speed has its upsides, these Test Facility also help us study the negatives. Slower capture speed is made for matches where Zones will be contested for too long and never change hands, as well as less time for the winning team to heal before incurring an attack different from Heroes who are still in full health. We want to roll back this change at this point.

Areas of promotion and competition:

  • Boost: 42 Renown/min (previous TG value was 30)
  • Game area without owner: 30 Determine/min (previous TG value was 36)
  • Match area owned by opposing team: 30 Determine/min (previous TG value was 36)
  • Area of ​​play your team owns: 36 Determine/min (previous TG value was 36)
  • KNOWED ISSUES: The Known Tally displayed in the Known Widget will be incorrect when checking an Area; displayed values ​​will be inflated. This is a display issue at the moment.

Developer comments: The high competitiveness and little-known increased benefits of the Test Zones have the unwanted effect of making it the best place to be all the time, as the removal of Defender Renown and the relative profits equivalent from another party making it a very low risk of blindly attacking an enemy Zone. Not to mention enhancing an empty area gives the least Renown, and therefore feels non-transitional.
With these new changes where the team that owns the Region is known more for competition and even more for strengthening, we hope trying to win the Region back becomes a more strategic decision with Higher stake levels encourage promoting as a team instead of jumping on top of your own.


  • Improved clogging to make the inside sound more muffled when the player is outside.
    • River Fortress
    • High Fortress
    • Temple garden
    • Sentinel
    • City Gate
    • Cathedral
    • Viking Village
    • Holy Land Bastion
    • Qiang . Pass





  • (Fix) Fixed an issue where Hitokiri’s VFX swinging weapon was behind an ax during the side dodge animation. (FH-2147)


  • (Fix) Fixed an issue that caused Kyoshin’s in-game animations to appear unnatural. (FH-3121)


  • (Fix) Changed Nobushi’s Second Wind’s Level 3 miracle animation to match other heroes. (FH-2836)


  • (Fix) Fixed an issue that caused Pirate to repeat a specific dialogue in quick succession after successfully stopping an attack. (FH-3388)
  • (Fix) Fixed an issue where the battle sound was reduced when playing on Hallowed Bastion during phase 1 in zones 2 & 3. (FH-3321)
  • (Fix) Fixed an issue where Conqueror’s Full Block location caused all players on the map to hear the shield’s shuffle sound effect. (FH-3241)


  • (Fix) Fixed an issue that caused a weapon to reappear in the hand after an emoji. (FH-3025)
  • (Fix) Fixed an issue that caused Black Materials to appear blue. (FH-3383)
  • (Bug Fix) Added Seawater and Firewood Materials to PIrate Queen customization options.
  • (Bug fix) Fixed an issue that caused the Crimson Conquest SFX effects for Zhanhu and Tiandi to not sync with the visual effects. (FH-3330)
  • (Bug Fix) Fixed an issue that caused Gyorin Chests not to appear correctly on Shinobi, if a paint pattern was selected on Chests and Backs. (FH-3218)
  • (Fix) Fixed an issue that caused Berserker’s ‘Move it Along’ Execution to experience excessive camera shake. (FH-2783)
  • (Fix) Fixed an issue that caused gray textures to appear on Death’s Shadow or Satsuki’s Hats when they were equipped on the Shinobi. A part of (FH-2703)
  • (Fix) Fixed an issue where Kensei did the Yasuraka action and couldn’t hear the SFX when they stabbed the opponent. (FH-2733)
  • (Bug Fix) Fixed an issue that caused The Orochi “Seijuro Ingenuity” execution to divine camera movements. The problem is only with this execution, with Vertical Sync disabled and refresh rate to 60hz. (FH-2551)


  • (Fix) Fixed an issue that caused fps irregularities when streaming FH on one monitor, while playing FH on another. (FH-3135)

For the sake of honor Available now on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S and PC. You can play it for free through Xbox Game Pass.

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