Unpacking is a perfect game for non-gamers

Getting started with gaming can be intimidating in 2021 with a host of choices when it comes to choosing a console or going with a PC. And as game graphics become more and more advanced, game engines demand more from consoles and computers, demanding a heavy duty graphics card like Nvidia RTX 4090 just to render the game. But not all 2021 releases come with these hurdles – new releases Open the package is an accessible game that doesn’t sacrifice art or story.

Open the package by developer Witch Beam is a relaxing puzzle game combined with a love life story. The player moves from house to house with the protagonist and unpacks her belongings from boxes while fitting and arranging her possessions into the new environment. The gameplay is simple and engaging in a way that both veteran gamers and newbies alike can enjoy without having to jump through any hoops.


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Easy point to join the game

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One of the most accessible things about Open the package is its system requirement. In particular, it does not require anything special. For new gamers, investing in a gaming console or console is a huge financial commitment to a hobby they may just be exploring. Open the package can run on Windows 7 and macOS 10 and requires only one gigabyte of space, allowing players without high-tech gaming devices to try it out and it only requires left and right mouse buttons, helping players No need to learn complex controls. It also sits at a pretty low price of $20, a price that’s much lower than the $60 and up price tag of AAA games. It is also Now available on Xbox Game Pass, which can be a great tool for new players who want to try a variety of games and find what they love.

Story quality

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One obstacle to small, easy-to-run games is that often sacrifices are needed to minimize file size and strain on the device. Open the package did a great job of not sacrificing exciting visuals, great music, and a full story, leading to its success among players and critics alike. There is no dialogue in the game, and instead the story is told through objects. Yearbook, wall art, clothes and knitwear all reveal details about Open the packagemain character of; Players learn when she graduated from high school and college, they see souvenirs from places she’s traveled, and they also notice when an item isn’t on the journey from from one place to another. This storytelling is simple but intentional and makes the game feel full of life and personality even when no one is present.

The art is mostly static images of rooms that you only see from one angle, but the developers instead focused on the movement of the decompressed objects. Clothes can be folded and unfolded, books can be stacked or placed upright, drawers and cabinets can be opened and closed. Although very little happens in the context, the player’s ability to manipulate the settings of Unpacking keep the image from being hard. The soundtrack is also simple and repetitive, but its soothing, relaxing tone perfectly matches the game’s zen approach. And the sound design isn’t just about the music – the items make different sounds when interacting with different surfaces, giving the impression that the player is actually setting things up.

Open the package simple, short and easy to get in, creates a new or non-player friendly experience, but it doesn’t sacrifice important aspects to be a fun and exciting game. By taking a well-constructed story and adding a freehand puzzle aspect, it still feels like a game and gives a sense of accomplishment when a level is completed but avoids the learning curve too steep or the requirements are high. For those interested in gaming, Open the package could be the perfect choice.

Open the package Available now on PC, Switch and Xbox.

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