Underrated Atlus games that have been forgotten

Atlus was formerly a company synonymous with obscure titles. This was like their bread and butter. They seemed happy to look for games to release in the West that no one else would. then person 3 happened and their traction as a company started to grow from there. persona 4 The release on PS Vita strengthened their brand again and when individual 5 Hit, they became more of a household name.

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Are they as big an RPG company as Square Enix? No, but that’s okay as they still have a rich history. As widespread as their brand is, Atlus still has a lot of weird titles out there that nobody but the hardcore fans remember. Will these games ever show up in the West again?

8th Crazy races

Atlus has made some pretty decent platformers for the NES. Was one of the best Crazy races, which strangely had nothing to do with the legendary races in this cartoon. It instead starred as the villainous Muttley, Dick Dastardly’s dog, in a platformer similar to MegaMan.

Players could choose where to go and earn power-ups along the way. The controls are still tight and the graphics hold up even for an NES game. This would go well with the Switch’s NES library.

7 princess crown

princess crown was never officially released in the west, although there have been efforts by fans to patch it. It was originally a Sega Saturn game in Japan before eventually getting an enhanced port for the PSP. It’s a 2D action role-playing game and there were some simulation elements in the gameplay as well.

What makes this an interesting choice is that the director, George Kamitani, would eventually leave to help develop vanillaware. The elements that made vanillaware games so popular Odin Sphere and dragon crown can be greatly traced princess crown.

6 Kartia: The Word of Destiny

Kartia: The Word of Destiny features artwork by Yoshitaka Amano, who is most likely known for final fantasy Series. The girl on the box looks a lot like Terra Final Fantasy 6 and this is just one example. This was a tactical RPG that got mixed up in a way Pokemon-similar gameplay.

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Players controlled a group of generals in each battle, but the focus was more on their summoned creatures than their natural talents. Characters could summon different monsters to fight for them and this also gave the game an RTS feel. It’s one of the few tactical RPGs on the PS1 that’s been overlooked Final Fantasy Tactics.

5 thousand arms

thousand arms was jointly developed by Atlus and a lesser-known Japanese developer, Red Company. It had a very limited release in the west, making it a hard-to-find PS1 game at the time and even rarer today. This was a typical turn-based RPG as far as the combat system goes. However, the gameplay had a twist since it was also a dating sim.

Players were a blacksmith who had to court their female party members to bolster their weapon-crafting skills. It was certainly a unique concept at the time that Atlus might have taken inspiration from for Persona 3.

4 Fel Summoner: Raidou Kuzunoha Vs. The Soulless Army

Speaking of person 3there were many Shin Megami Tensei Games on PS2 that have been overlooked alongside this game and its sequel, person 4. Fel Summoner: Raidou Kuzunoha versus the Soulless Army is a bite of a name along with its continuation, Devil Summoner 2: Raidou Kuzunoha vs. King Abaddon are bites.

Both are action RPGs set in this spinoff universe. Players controlled their hero in battle, but also summoned famous demons like the Jack Bros. to fight alongside them. A remastered collection for both would be great as they are physically rare.

3 Radiant history

When it comes to time-based RPGs, Chrono trigger is usually the one fans think of first. In general, there are not that many time travel games. Radiant history was perfect for the DS, but not perfect either. The handheld was set up as an RPG system that allowed grinding on the go.

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Unfortunately, many console gamers snubbed the DS as something inferior. Radiant history is on par with Chrono trigger, with great turn-based gameplay and a detailed time travel system. It was reshot on the 3DS, but that version didn’t sell like gangbusters either, despite critical acclaim.

2 Persona Q2: New cinema maze

Even the largest series under the Atlus umbrella, personaShe had some entries that almost went off the radar. Persona Q: Shadow of the Labyrinth was the first spin-off to mix elements of persona with Atlus’ dungeon crawling Etrian Odyssey series. The first game crossed the person 3 and person 4 universes, while its sequel, Persona Q2: New cinema mazeWith she made things even wilder individual 5 Characters.

Both were released at a time when the 3DS’ popularity was waning, but that’s especially true of the sequel, which launched in the West in 2019, two years after the Switch debuted.

1 Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE

Finally there is Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE this was another crossover RPG project. This time, Atlus has teamed up with Nintendo to mix together Shin Megami Tensei and fire sign. sign off Awakening of the Fire Emblem were transformed persona-like creatures in this turn-based RPG. it was more Shin Megami Tensei as fire emblem, but that wasn’t the problem.

It was first released on the Wii U, which was notoriously a poorly selling console, even with well-reviewed software like this. The Switch re-release gave this game another chance, but it still didn’t make a big splash.

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