Ultimate Knockout – Tips for Party Rounds

Part six of Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout here, and with it a bunch of Creative platform game for players to navigate if they want to take home a crown. One of these new modes, Party Promenade, features measuring every obstacle Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout included in its list.

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Classic obstacles such as rubber barriers and slime hills are here, as well as new pipe and pipe obstacles. With so much to keep track of, Party Promenade can be a difficult game to master without a few tips to help new players get started.

7 Grab Trapezes Whenever You Can

two autumn boys parked in colorful costumes holding sliders swinging towards a large funnel with a pipe leading out of it

Obstacle crossing is new in season six and an exciting new addition to This battle royale is for beginners. It’s always a smart move to stick to the sliders in Party Promenade, as they provide a shortcut through or around challenging obstacles. Furthermore, they are not difficult to use once the player has figured out the rhythm of their swings.

Careful timing of both catch and release with a single slider can give a player an advantage and can mean the difference between placing high and not qualifying. There are three ladders towards the end of the level and each of them has the ability to make or break the run.


6 Keep the camera rotated

an autumn boy perched in a colorful outfit floats through a large yellow tube

Party Promenade is a revolving event that duplicates itself over and over again, so you should be ready to go camera when these moments happen in-game. There is little warning before their turn, so understanding the positions of these double defenders is key.

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The first is after getting over the initial obstacle and what seems like a real dead end causes the player to fall below for the next hurdles. The second double-back occurs in a pipe and knocks the player out just before the first trap bar.

5 Commit to a starting pipeline

a group of perches at the top of the ring with two mouth-shaped tube entrances in front of them

The game begins with all players forced to choose from one of two pipes leading to the same location. You should pick a pipe before the timer ends and stick to it, as wobbling between them can lead to premature removal and cost players covet crown.

Getting to the start lane early gives the player a more solid field position when stepping out to the other side, and the game’s sequel features some difficult obstacles that are much easier to navigate with a small group of opponents than.

4 Aim for the yellow tubes at the first drop

a bunch of boy beans falling down a big funnel, purple and green with big orange spots inside

As one of the best free to play battle royales games out there, Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout always innovating with new obstacles. In this season, that new obstacle is the pipe, and Party Promenade will show up immediately. A starting pipe leads to a giant funnel leading to more pipes, one green and two yellow.

The yellow pipes are harder to reach, especially around the orange bumpers, but they are well worth the time. Any Fall Guy beans that come across one will land in the next area with a noticeable starting point, and since the yellow tubes are higher up the hopper, those players can get up a lot quicker.

3 Find out the exit point of the pipe

an autumn boy parked inside a blue tube with the night sky and hot air balloon in the background

Pipes is a new feature in Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout, and they provide a new, fuzzy-themed Mario Difficulty for the game might turn some players around a bit. Pipes will automatically take players to new areas of the course, and learning where they grow allows players to react quickly to their new environment.

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There is a pipe that can be confusing as it doubles on its own before launching the player towards the next obstacle. Another set of twin pipes are optional paths that can shoot the player to a hidden trap that makes it easy to get to the finish line.

2 Careful placement on the first double back

a group of people falling and running towards the cliff with slime on the opposite wall

Party Promenade has the two dual shields mentioned above with different types of obstacle gloves and the first one has the potential to spoil a good run with the classic rubber bars. After the player gets through the first obstacle run, they should locate them carefully before dropping to a lower level.

The drop has a slime hill that greatly increases each player’s speed when sliding down, but also has bumpers and rubber poles underneath that will block progress if they fail to dodge. Picking a good position to give up while still at the top is a powerful strategy for this game mode, and may lead to the start in the next section.

first Time The Balloon Cannons

an autumn boy parked in the middle of a blue platform facing a large mounted cannon

It makes sense for a kid-friendly platformer to have balloon cannons, although they can be a bit difficult to manage in Party Promenade. The easiest way to avoid them is to walk towards the firing cannons and place it out of their range while walking in that direction.

The side cannons can be a bit harder to avoid, as they’re slightly hidden on the edges of the screen. The best method to avoid these balloons is to stick as close to the middle of the road as possible. Midway is at the end of each cannon’s range, so it greatly reduces the chance of being hit.

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