Two Terraria biomes are still empty of owners

Fans discuss what’s next for Terraria after the Don’t Starve Together crossover added a new boss, leaving only two of the game’s biomes without a single one.

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2D action adventure sandbox game Terraria was originally released for Windows PC in 2011, although its developers soon ported it to every other major platform. After ten years, one can expect that developer to have extended it as much as possible. However, Terraria There is still some important room for development.

The recent addition of “Deerclops” proves that the developers have not finished adding new content to Terraria. It also left only two biomes with no bosses of their own, leaving fans wondering what the developers could add to fill those gaps.

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Recently, Terraria begins its crossover event with the eponymous 2D survival game Don’t Starve Together. Part of that crossover was the addition of Deerclops to the old game’s snow biome. As pointed out by Reddit user Mister_crabs, that only leaves the Desert and Space biomes lacking in associated boss enemies. This led to speculation about what the next new boss might be, assuming that the developer Re-Logic plans to keep adding to the game.

The most supported proposal is the boss version of Terraria’s Antlion’s enemies. These insect creatures are commonly encountered in the game’s desert environment, making it a reasonable guess. An Antlion boss would also suit Don’t starve together cross, as a similar enemy appears in that game. That suggestion also led to some half-joking comments alluding to similarly named creatures from Valve Half life 2. It should be noted that Terraria has a Portal Companion Block, so it’s not an unlikely addition.

Other commenters suggested a Sand dunes– giant inspirational worm or a boss inspired by the beetle-like demon Duriel from Diablo 2. Another commenter hinted at a giant sphynx with a sandstorm attack. For the Space Biome, a comment suggests a revival Terraria’s Falling Planet’s boss cuts, while the idea of ​​an alien mother also gains some traction. Other space proposals include a giant bird or a boss version of Terraria’s Wyvern enemies in space.

new boss of terraria

Of course, it’s an open question if the game even adds any new bosses. Terraria’s last major update should have been appropriately named Journey ends, released in May 2020. However, Don’t starve the crossover shows that Re-Logic is not implemented at all with Terraria.

So while the developer hasn’t announced any new bosses, it’s not impossible Terraria fans will likely get more new content soon. It might even happen, assuming that the studio is open to more intersection between Terraria and other games. For now, though, fans will have to do with years of content updates that have been included.

Terraria Currently available on Android, iOS, PC, PS3, PS4, PS5, PS Vita, Nintendo DS, Nintendo Switch, Wii U, Stadia, Xbox 360 and Xbox One.

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