Two ‘Eternals’ characters are CGI from the neck down

the eternal left MCU fans with a lot to discuss. We have ten new heroes, Great credits scenes tease future adventuresand countless profound legends about the prehistory of the MCU. But it’s hard to ignore bad reviews, with many critics pointing out that the film contains some substandard CGI, especially when it comes to Deviants.

But some VFX is so good that no one notices it’s there. Matt Aitken, Weta Digital’s visual effects supervisor revealed in an interview that the two characters were outfitted in post-production and CG from the neck down:

“Thena, when she wears a superhero suit, it’s always completely CG. She is CG from the neck down, as the suit design changed in post-production. To get the performance of her body so it has that iconic side, they knocked Angelina Jolie out for a reason. And part of it is that she has an almost dancer-like way of moving.”

I had to give it to them – I didn’t notice this at all. It’s pretty obvious that the character is completely digital in the fight scenes, but elsewhere I simply assume she’s real. Aitken continued:

“Make sure we honor that with the digital component of the performance, but especially capturing her face is what I’m trying to get here, taking that authenticity so we can can do the middle shot like a digi-double and it won’t jar anyone. It won’t make them pop out of it. They’ll just think, ‘Oh, this is another Thena fight. “

Harry Styles’ Eros is also almost entirely CGI, mainly because the filmmakers and Marvel Studios haven’t decided on a final design for the character before they shoot the credits:

“Obviously we had all the double footage, but the only other point that completely changed was that you mentioned the post-credits or mid-credits scene with Starfox. … Aeros skins are another redesign. ”

Just a decade ago, Ryan Reynolds’ CGI costume in Green Lantern was criticized by critics and fans alike, so the fact that they were able to completely remake the skin after filming is a testament to the skill of the VFX team at Weta. However, now that I know, I’ll watch it again the eternal very carefully to see if I can spot any clues that aren’t all as they seem.

the eternal Currently showing in theaters. Two ‘Eternals’ characters are CGI from the neck down


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