Twitter users buzz about NBA after Woke League launches ‘Justice League’

The NBA has repeatedly shown it has become a leftist organization. On Wednesday, it proved this again by releasing a video detailing the role of the new “Social Justice Coalition”.

Based on Yahoo Sports, the NBA Social Justice Alliance was formed in November 2020 through a partnership of the league, the NBA Players Association, and the NBA Coaches Association.

Since its founding, the coalition has “issued statements over the past year addressing racial and social inequality issues in the news,” Yahoo said.

But within the past month or so, the group has begun to establish a presence on social media.

In a tweet on Wednesday, the Social Justice Coalition made its vision and goals clear, with NBA stars including Jrue Holiday, Donovan Mitchell and Carmelo Anthony appeared in a video to voice their support.


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“We have a responsibility to take what we have learned from history, promote and create a better life,” says Holiday.

The video shows issues the coalition plans to address including voting, policing and criminal justice.

Do you think this group is necessary?

The executive director of the Social Justice Coalition is James Cadogan, who previously served as a senior official at the Department of Justice under the former President. Barack Obama, the NBA said in a New information posted on April 15.

He further explains the team’s vision in the video.

“Our goal is simple,” says Cadogan. “We want to capture moments of protest, moments of powerful people like we saw last year, and turn them into public policy. We want to change the rules.”

However, many Twitter users questioned the focus of the group.

Some critics point out that while the coalition claims to care about “social justice”, it has remained silent about the genocide of the Uyghurs in China, a persecuted minority.


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The NBA is in the midst of an eight-year apparel contract with Nike starting in the 2017-18 season, ESPN reported. The company provides uniforms for all 30 teams.

Based on ForbesNike is one of 83 companies involved in the forced labor of Uyghurs. The magazine said a study by the Australian Strategic Policy Institute found Uyghurs were “put into factories” to work in environments that “particularly encourage forced labour”.

Another suggested that the coalition should focus on the excessively high crime rates in urban minority communities.

“Can something be done about 600-700 black murders in Chicago alone?” user said. “This is nothing but a performance…”

Follow Chicago Sun-Times, the homicide rate in the city’s seven “most dangerous” police districts is close to 100 homicides per 100,000 residents. These districts are “mostly poor, black and Latino areas.”

By comparison, Chicago’s seven safest counties have killing nearly 30 times lower. The Sun-Times described those counties as “mostly affluent, predominantly white neighborhoods”.


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