Twitch’s skyrocketing viewership in 2021 strengthens its dominance

TwitchThe year of the majority is determined by departures, like some of the largest years Twitch the stars decided to make YouTube Gaming their new hub of content creation. At the same time, the streaming platform’s user base has rallied against Twitch on a number of issues, from inconsistencies in its bans to its response to hate attacks. In terms of how challenging the year is for Twitch, one might expect that support for the platform has waned overall, with both viewers and streamers deciding in favor of YouTube as a new streaming hub.


As a result, some streaming fans may be surprised to learn that the opposite is true. Despite everything that has happened this year, Twitch has had a very strong 2021 in terms of viewership. Twitch fans spent 24 billion hours watching live streamers in 2021, viewership is up 45% from last year. That massive backing is convincing proof that, despite its flaws, Twitch is still the exact home of streaming. YouTube is likely to wage an increasingly fine war as it begins to forge exclusivity deals with major streamers, but for now, Twitch still dominates the entertainment genre.

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Twitch’s failures in 2021

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A number of big faces have already started leaving Twitch this year, potentially suggesting a YouTube Gaming transformation pattern. This year, DrLupo, TimTheTatMan and Ludwig have all decided to move to YouTube, joining other key members of the platform such as DrDisosystem and Valkyrae. The decision was not easy for all of them; while explaining his passing, Ludwig openly confesses his love for Twitch but he says that YouTube only makes the most sense to him. Watching this train depart has many wondering if Twitch is losing ground in the streaming industry, considering how many of its users will be dragged away by these deals.

Likewise, a lot of users have become more outspoken in their criticisms of Twitch in 2021. DMCA takedowns are still a contentious issue among Twitch users, but that’s just it. one of many that has caused controversy this year. In September 2021, many Twitch streamers and viewers boycotted this faction for a day in protest Twitch’s seemingly slow action against hostile attacks, in which bots flood a streamer’s chat with abusive messages. Users also continue to criticize Twitch for its censorship policies, claiming that the platform inconsistently enforces its rules. Between the upcoming streamers and such a long list of controversial issues, one can expect Twitch to level off in 2021.

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Twitch still dominates streaming

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As viewership numbers have shown, that couldn’t be further from the truth. It looks like Twitch has gained more users in 2021, or at least, Twitch users are spending more and more time watching their favorite content creators. If Twitch usage is growing a lot right now, it doesn’t look like it will stripped his streaming crown to YouTube Gaming anytime soon. It simply has too much support to stop being the leading streaming platform for the foreseeable future, and as an Amazon subsidiary, it certainly has the resources to fight for the throne. mine.

This does not mean that Twitch will maintain control forever. If YouTube continues collect top Twitch entertainers or if Twitch gets embroiled in a new wave of controversy, it’s possible that users will eventually decide they’ve had enough of the old streaming giants and devote their attention to YouTube. It seems more likely that Twitch will have to start taking YouTube more seriously as a competitor. It would be wise to create new selling points for both streamers and viewers to make it more appealing than YouTube. Efforts to stay on top of the streaming platform seem better for Twitch’s future than relying on notoriety. Twitch leads the way in streaming today, but for YouTube, there’s always tomorrow.

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