Twitch Streamer Spends Week Saying The Word ‘Mario’

Twitch streamer Nicro went on for the sixth day in a row saying “Mario” to every bit of Twitch, donation, and subscription made to his channel.


Popular Twitch streamers are known for doing some weird things to entertain their audience, but after a lengthy hiatus, one streamer is taking things to the next level. Twitch streamer Nicro is known for doing Super Mario speed, but he’s seeing a revival when he repeats the word “Mario”.

Nicro is Canadian Twitch streamer has just returned from a 9-month break from the streaming platform to focus on personal work. After a widening gap in content creation, Nicro returned to Twitch on December 1 with a special new goal discovered by Dexerto. Working with his dedicated supporters, Nicro intends to say the word Mario for little by little, donations and extras and the numbers continue to grow.


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Thanks to the addition of Mario from his audience, Nicro has been live on Twitch for more than 110 hours including his bedtime. Nicro has said “Mario” more than 330,000 times and the current goal is to say Mario more than 550,000 times. As he sits in a beige recliner, Nicro throws other words into the mix, such as references to playing music, Chris Pratt, who is about to play Mario in an upcoming movie, the tagline “That’s me”, Logan Paul, Mario’s rival Wario, and various profanities.

Nicro is doing well on his Twitch subtest in Super Mario cosplay, complete with Super Mario Odyssey traditional blue cap and camisole. There are times when Nicro has mentioned losing his mind when saying Mario is depressed and praying for him. Surrounding the Twitch streamer at his station is a Christmas-themed standee of the popular Nintendo hero holding a gift and a kid’s basketball net in which he occasionally shoots a few balls. to pass the time like he used to play Wii Sports on stream and a.

Do it continuously in the same way as Popular Twitch streamer sub shows Ludwig, Nicro hasn’t stopped streaming since starting his mission to say Mario countless times. This means Nicro fans can watch their favorite Twitch streamer sleep while he’s cuffed to a nearby television, which seamlessly plays Mario soundtracks from YouTube. Nicro usually performs the speed of Super Mario Odyssey and Wii Sports, notably becoming the first Nintendo fan to beat Super Mario Odyssey in less than an hour, but this subathon is a start for fans of Nintendo’s talent.

At the end of most 2D Super Mario Game, there’s a post on goal to jump to, but Nicro only predicts the goal is to finish his Mario. With many Twitch donations continuing to go to Nicro as he keeps repeating the word Mario, there’s currently no end to this skit. Streamed to Twitch For 110 hours straight, Nicro is expected to stream for over a week before his challenge is complete. Nicro has stated that he wants his fans to remember Mario forever and that this Twitch subathon is just one of many Mario memories he wants to be a part of.

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The source: Twitch (via Dexerto)

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