Twitch Streamer Mizkif Expensive PC Viewer Gift and $5,000

Successful content creators often run giveaways or run elaborate contests for the benefit of their viewers. For many, this is practically how they become successful; the possibility of winning big money attracts followers. Eg, MrBeast recreates the recent real life of the Korean TV show Squid fishing game had a budget of $3.5 million and awarded the winner $456,000. The elaborately choreographed contest garnered more than 43 million views on YouTube in just one day.


Other popular content creators on YouTube or Twitch help others out of charity or use their position of influence to benefit charities, and there are countless examples of this. In August, PewDiePie Reveals That He Has Donated Over $1.5 Million to 11 different charities throughout 2020 and 2021, using only the money he earned from his YouTube channel membership. But smaller content creators also do their part to help others financially. Recently a Twitch streamer named OrcRun hit 10k wearing armor based on Lord of the Rings’ Orc Uruk-hai and raised over $1,600 for charity.

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There are also times when content creators don’t plan for their altruism, but find themselves in a situation that allows them to show unexpected kindness. On December 18, Twitch streamer Mizkif bought viewers a powerful One True King computer for over $5,000 from Artesian Builds. Mizkif also promised to provide two monitors, a Surface Pro, and an additional $5,000 to help pay for college. One True King is a gaming organization founded by Asmongold, Mizkif, and several other content creators, and Artesian designed two themed PCs for the team.

twitch streamer mizkif otk artesian computer

To put the story into context, Mizkif ran a Just Chatting stream in which he bought viewers items from their Amazon wishlists. At one point, Mizkif picked a viewer who had a wish list for a “luxury” refurbished computer for as little as $219. Often, a person’s wish list reflects what they can actually afford to buy, not what they wish they could buy, and so Mizkif asked viewers to share their stories. Viewers’ immediate response was that they hoped the computer wasn’t asking for too much, and Mizkif’s conversation immediately started asking Twitch streamer to buy him a better PC.

It turned out that the viewer was a college student from Morocco watching the stream from their phone. They didn’t even own a monitor, and the cheap computer was all they could afford. Mizkif then challenged his conversation, saying that he would suit everyone Subscribe to Twitch he got it in the next five minutes and used the money to buy the viewer a new computer. Subscriptions immediately began to flood in, showing the corresponding generosity of Twitch chat and a desire to show kindness to Moroccan viewers. Before five minutes had passed, Mizkif decided to go all out and buy the viewer a $5,000 computer along with other goodies.

Viewers protested that Mizkif shouldn’t spend too much money on them, asking the streamer to save some money for others in the chat. Mizkif offered reassurance that it wasn’t a big deal, and that most of the funding for the new PC rig came from chat. Viewers point out that going to college in Morocco is free and according to some, $5,000 is enough to live on for a year. The Twitch streamer laughed and emphasized that viewers would love the gift.

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