Twitch Streamer has a healthy reaction when long-forgotten viewers return to their channel

Some Twitch and YouTube viewers prefer when the creators they follow are still small, as the community can feel more like a family. Usernames are easily recognizable, viewers get to know each other, and sometimes even gather together for gaming sessions. As a channel grows, even though it may be Positives for content creators, that sense of intimacy is diluted and viewers may begin to feel out of place in the crowd.

Likewise, when a typical viewer disappears for a while, their absence is more likely to be noticed on smaller channels, especially if they were a mainstay when the channel was in its infancy. Often these absences are due to petty reasons such as busy work schedules, fluctuating interests or family obligations. But there are times when community members disappear for more serious reasons, and so it’s easy to become anxious and wonder what happened.


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Third_Artifact content creator, real name Kenny, usually organizes “Chat only” stream on Twitch or play MMO like Final Fantasy 14. While her channel isn’t small, with over 25,000 followers, Kenny’s chats are intimate enough for streamers to notice and respond to most messages. So when a viewer named Cheddar commented in the chat, Kenny reacted immediately and she burst into tears. Turns out Cheddar has been a regular viewer since Kenny’s first stream, but disappeared two years ago to take care of their mental health.

In tears, Kenny apologized for her emotional reaction, saying, “I haven’t seen you in two years… I always wonder if you’re okay. I’m sorry. I was just really overwhelmed. I’ve been thinking about you and I wonder how you’re doing. And just know that, like, while you were gone, I was thinking about you. ” Although Twitch the chat wasn’t visible and so viewers couldn’t tell what the elusive Cheddar was saying, Kenny’s sane reply was clipped and shared on TikTok, where it quickly went viral. The video currently has nearly 400,000 likes.

The clip of how Third_Artifact’s reaction towards home is Important viewers can access new and growing channels on Twitch or YouTube. Starting from scratch on social media can be difficult, and it can sometimes feel like no one cares or never will. So, those first followers who show up regularly to greet you and give encouragement can be very valuable.

Similarly, when Twitch streamer Nick “NickCKelly” Kelly started his first live stream, he was alone for 48 minutes and “it was starting to look a little bleak.” Then someone showed up to watch the stream and NickCKelly thanked his first viewer profusely. “I am very happy to have you here. I think I’m going to cry, man. While the clip of NickCKelly’s reaction ends on Reddit Livestream Channel Failed, others consider it a heartwarming moment, and NickCKelly now has nearly 27,000 followers on Twitch.

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