Twitch Streamer gets angry while playing CS:GO and falls off chair

Just before going on a rampage, one streamer fell from her chair before her tantrum really started, ending her rampage in a burst of laughter.


Raging while playing games is something that most gamers suffer from. Especially when it comes to competitive games, whether it’s shooters, MOBAs, fighting games, or anything else, players are more likely to smash keyboards and throw controllers because of the possibility of losing their digital rankings. Sometimes, rage spawns from misplacing, or bad teammates, while other times, it’s a glitch or bug in the game that can almost take the damage and create an inhuman rage. but, like when Trainwrecks almost lost a fierce battle. Call of Duty: Battlefield game after getting stuck in a tree.


Counter Strike: Global Offensive or CS GO is one of the most popular competitive titles of all time. Originally released in 2012, CS GO Involves teams of five pitting against each other to accomplish different goals or prevent the other team from accomplishing stated goals. With Valve-hosted Major Championships, which can have hundreds of thousands of dollars in their prize pool, there’s bound to be a draw to compete CS GO player. Although Valve pushed this year CS GO Majors come back a day later, PGL Major Stockholm 2021 even has a total prize pool of up to 2 million USD.

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Even without big money on the line, things can get quite stressful when playing CS GO, as Twitch streamer d3nn1tsa discovered while playing the game a few days ago. In the clip, the streamer can be seen rushing towards their screen and initiating what is sure to be a induced rampage, as they lean back out of their chairs. At first, viewers get nervous as d3nn1tsa looks like they want to cry, but after a while, they can hear laughter the whole thing.

Rage isn’t the only thing known to affect CS GO player’s enjoyment of the game. Hackers or fraud got in the way CS GO servers since it was released, and although Valve has had its elements in place to combat this, including an Overwatch system that allows players to review games that cheaters may have played, the problem is subject continues. One smart CS GO The player manages to develop a fake cheat ruin the game of cheaters, but most players can’t take the time to create such a scenario.

However, gaming rage isn’t all bad and good things can even come from broken keyboards, controllers and, in this case, falling from a chair. Most of the time rage can bring other people a good laugh, but sometimes there is some money to be earned from rage. Death creator John Romero sold his keyboard, which he broke while angry Quake to the highest bidder in January of this year.

Counter Strike: Global Offensive Now available on PC.

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