Twitch Rivals Explained

Twitch’s vibrant community makes it ripe for video game competitions, and Twitch Rivals are an important way for streamers to compete.

Twitch streamers Tarikcohen and Clix lift the trophy at a Twitch Rivals event

Above Twitch, no streamer is an island. Celebrities big and small belong to a network of fans and creators that often gather together to chat, play games, and enjoy time together. Twitch, YouTube and other streaming platforms are built partly on this sense of community that comes from multiplayer gaming. However, there is another important pillar of the community: Competition. Twitch streamers love to test their skills against each other and strive to be the best at their game of choice. Twitch itself has seen both of these and built on them by creating a competitive series known as Twitch Rivals.


The name Twitch Rivals says it all: it’s a series of official Twitch-recognized tournaments where players meet and compete against each other, with a huge monetary prize usually hanging after the competition. The total 2019 Twitch Rivals prize pool totals several million dollars. Of course, since Twitch doesn’t limit players to any particular game, there are plenty of games for streamers to compete with, which also means there’s something for everyone to watch. Twitch Rivals has changed a bit over the past few years, but it’s no less compelling as a gathering of the Twitch community.

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A brief overview of Twitch Rivals

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While Twitch Rivals seems like a natural way for Twitch to gather its users in one place, it’s actually a very young concept. The first Twitch Rivals took place in February 2018. Although Twitch has hosted many tournaments before in various TwitchCon events over the years, Twitch Rivals has given the platform a new avenue to host competitions outside of TwitchCon and over a broader span of days or a week. Twitch Rivals started off as a LAN-focused event where players would gather in person, but events where streamers compete from home are completely commonplace these days.

Twitch Rivals competitions take place in any form. Sometimes they will play the main and highly competitive role, such as League of Legends or Call of Duty, while other streams will stream on Twitch’s hottest games, from Between us come Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout even chess. While LAN Twitch Rivals events are still live, many of the series’ events are streamed on the official Twitch Rivals channel, which Twitch aims to capture as wide an audience as the list of games. included in these events. While the main Twitch Rivals channel has English commentary, there are alternative channels for Spanish, French, Korean, Japanese speakers and more.

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While Twitch Rivals is technically open to all Twitch Partners and Affiliates, participation is invitation-based, so it’s not surprising that the majority feature the most famous faces of Twitch. Twitch. However, others can still participate by co-streaming the event or submitting suggestions for future Twitch Rivals events. There are also plenty of opportunities to join Twitch Rivals in general, whether by potentially getting an invite or just following the stream. Twitch Rivals Events Always Happening of the year, constantly pitting streamers against each other for great prizes.

Twitch’s Necessary Competition

Twitch Evo

There are still a few Twitch Rivals events coming up in December 2021, and there’s no doubt that Twitch has already curated the content for 2022. While Call of Duty, League of Legends, Minecraft, and other Twitch Rivals hits are sure to return, it’s interesting to wonder what the next big Twitch tournament will focus on. It seems more likely Halo Infinite multiplayer event for example, is on the rise, but maybe another indie game will take Twitch by storm in 2022 before making its way into Twitch Rivals. Twitch has new plans, so fans should remember to follow and cheer for their favorite streamer.

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