Twitch reserves the right to permanently ban JiDion, here’s why

Twitch’s biggest controversy of the year to date occurred throughout this week, involving not only one of Pokimane’s top female streamers, but also Ninja also participated also. Unfortunately, much of the platform’s drama as of the end of the year stemmed from hate attacks, and this attack was targeted at Pokimane by a personal adversary against her, but the result could be a sign that Twitch has taken this situation seriously and plans to continue the trend going forward.


From last weekend to early this week, Twitch streamer JiDion has been permanently banned from creating content on the platform after he sent his viewers to Pokimane’s stream to harass her. Fortunately, Twitch intervenes and bans JiDion, which starts with a 14-day penalty before increasing to a permanent penalty. Hopefully this sends a message to others that trying to harass women on Twitch is all too common, because if what Pokimane claims is true, then JiDion’s behavior is right. blocked immediately. Please note that some of the tweets in this article contain several NSFW languages.

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Facts About JiDion’s Hate Raid Against Pokimane

It is clear that based on JiDion’s attitude in various videos, he harbors resentment towards Pokimane and he has blatantly said the same. A tweet from January 13 states that his dislike of Pokimane has nothing to do with her being a woman, “but her as a person”, implying that this justifies making her a woman. His viewers hate her. Live while watching Poki’s Valuable substance live in his own session, he asks the viewer to enter “ratio L+” in her chat. When she went into followers-only mode, he pushed his viewers to follow her for further spam. She replied by end stream early, saying she “could work around this,” but wanted to prevent her viewers from experiencing similar harassment.

Although he can claim that his hatred has nothing to do with her gender, JiDion’s attitude towards Pokimane has turned into irrational hostility, beyond “proportionality”. L+” on Twitch. Pokimane Outline a list of the actions and language JiDion has taken, and it’s important to remember the impact that prominent online figures like Twitch streamers and YouTubers can have on audiences. their. Sexist comments from JiDion claiming that her audience only views her because they are sexually attracted and baseless references to her private life, as shown below . He also incited hate attacks on other platforms as well as Instagram and spammed all of her social media accounts “with insults” and “threats”, she explained. in a tweet that has not been publicly refuted by JiDion.

After his punishment, JiDion turned to many other male main Twitch streamers like Adin Ross and Ninja and tried to get them to join. Over the phone, he told Ross, “you’re with us or against us” while lying about what he urges his followers to do. He also called on Ninja to help reverse his fixed language, which resulted in Ninja appearing to be pretending to be texting his Twitch rep. However, when Pokimane talked about the second situation openly, she was threatened by the Ninja group with legal action, forcing her into silence.

Mizkifon the other hand, explicitly explained that men cannot protect Pokimane against this type of harassment and sexism, otherwise they would be called “simps”. As recent events have demonstrated, Twitch is not a safe space for female streamers.

Now, JiDion is streaming on YouTube following his Twitch ban, where it’s likely he’ll get away with gender harassment if he engages in that type of behavior again. YouTube is home to content creators who regularly harass women, such as TheQuartering, who frequently show contempt for women in the gaming industry, leading to them being harassed. intentionally. There’s still a long way to go to fight the bad guys women like Pokimane subsided, but Twitch did the right thing by permanently banning a blatant mastermind.

THAN: JiDion’s permanent Twitch ban could speak to a new impetus against hate attacks

Ninja vs Pokimane Controversy Explained

Tensions between Twitch streamers started with a hate attack breaking out against Pokimane and from there turning into Ninja threatening to sue her.

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