Twitch permanently bans JiDion

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Twitch has upgraded streamer JiDion’s 14-day ban to a permanent one following his hateful actions against female streamer Pokimane.


On January 12, streamer Twitch JiDion encouraged some of his viewers and followers to launch a “hostile attack” against fellow streamer Pokimane. Incident, that leading to Pokimane ending her stream early, prompting Twitch to place JiDion on a 14-day ban on the site, claiming to have violated its guidelines. The ban comes just a day after the streamer verified his account on the site, having maintained a prominent following on YouTube for many years before that.


While initially implementing the ban with stride, JiDion insists that this scenario has nothing to do with gender, but more, to do with how he views Pokimane as a person, going on to state, “You have the right to stand up for yourself, because at the end of the day we are all equal. However, a few days later, JiDion revealed that Twitch has doubled and make his ban on the site permanent.

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In a video posted to his Twitter, JiDion outlines that while his ban on Twitch should remain at 14 days as a first-time offense, acknowledging that he deserves a ban, he feels that the permanent ban on his account is unfair and that his actions are not serious enough to justify such an action from the website. This happened right after other streamers on the site, such as Amoranth, alleges that Twitch needs to take banning its channel seriously and be more transparent about the conditions and whether they’re covered by warranty. JiDion also believes that Twitch put out the permanent ban due to pressure from the streaming community, no doubt fueled by Pokimane’s stature and prominence on the platform and huge followings that she has on social media.

Pokimane, whose real name is Imane Anys, has been in the hot water since last week after she too banned on Twitch to watch all Nickelodeon episodes Avatar: The Last Airbender live on her channel. This piracy from Nickelodeon’s parent company, Viacom has now brought Twitch’s copyright policy into question.

While it was clear that Pokimane would still in the good graces of Twitch In the near future, with her standing as a prominent figure on the platform unchanged, JiDion’s position is likely to become more wobbly, as Twitch has yet to comment on the situation and appears to be keeping quiet. on this topic. JiDion’s audience, which includes 3.57 million subscribers on YouTube and 143.3k followers on Twitter, launched #twitchfreejidion on the latter social media platform in hopes of the ban being reversed.

JiDion has concluded that he will work to avoid these problems in the future if he gets a second chance and recovers his account. That said, given the massive level of support Pokimane has received following this development, it remains to be seen how this situation will be resolved and what, if any, follow-up actions will be taken, Twitch will lose.

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