Trumps Money Man All Weisselberg is guilty

The attempts by the district prosecutor of Manhattan to turn over the loyal monitor of the former President Donald Trump have officially failed because the tax rear ex-financial chief Allen Weisselberg has completed a plea deal on Thursday morning and will not say against his lifelong boss.

Instead, he gets a deal for a 75-year-old man who kept his lips closed and did not want to get involved in his old boss, which some would see as a sweet deal: six months or less behind bars. His legal team assumes that he will realistically spend three months in prison and that after serving his punishment, he would be at risk for five years.

He also has to repay $ 1,994,321 of taxes that he owed, the prosecutors said in court.

In return, Weisselberg also agreed to openly state out how the Trump organization rewarded it for years with unmistaked corporate benefits in the form of expensive tuition fees for his grandchildren at a first-class private school in Manhattan and a luxury car that he could use at any time, and a full paid Chic apartment with a view of Central Park. His statement could prove to be crucial for the condemnation of the company that would be forced to pay fines and throw a negative light on the Trump family-not that it would make a difference for Maga supporters.

In a courtroom overcrowded with journalists, Weisselberg admitted on Thursday the criminal allegations set out in the indictment: large theft, criminal tax evasion, fake business documents, offering a false document for submitting, conspiracy and fraud plan.

The prison for severe second degree, a crime in the state of New York, provides for the toughest punishment: up to 15 years in prison.

In court, Weisselberg admitted the long list of financial offenses that were described loudly by the New York judge Juan Merchan: to be postponed in wage taxes, procure “several Mercedes-Benz vehicles” and disguise the fact that he was a resident of New York City Local taxes.

Although both sides will claim victory on Thursday, the development is a setback for the district prosecutor of Manhattan. Trump himself made an examination that began almost more than four years ago under the former prosecutor Cyrus Vance Jr.

It all started when journalists revealed how Trump used his company in the last days of his presidential election campaign in 2016 to keep his political ambitions from dying by paying pornstar Stormy Daniels quietly to cheat on her short sexual affair in Trump Had to be silent about his wife Melania. Federal Prosecutor of the Southern District of New York, Michael Cohen, watched the personal lawyer of Trump at the time, because he conveyed the deal and put the money around – and ended up in prison. Weisselberg, who was significantly involved in the authorization of the payments, got away with it undorated.

When the federal prosecutors didn’t want to follow Trump, Vance took action. His prosecutors tacitly traveled into the state of Central Security into the Federal Federation of Justice in Otisville, New York, where they met with Cohen and found him as the main witnesses for an investigation of the mobile-like tactics of the Trump organization and possible violations of laws on the election campaign financing.

Vance fought aggressively to obtain Trump’s personal tax returns, a legal undertaking that required two trips to the US Supreme Court, where he finally won. In the meantime, Trump remained in the focus of criminal investigations.

Then came a crucial turning point in November 2020, as Bloomberg The journalist Caleb Melby unveiled how the Trump Organization CFO Allen Weisselberg had generously rewarded with untrained discounts. According to the court documents submitted by the public prosecutor, this news article referred to another main witness: the former daughter -in -law of the accountant, Jennifer Weisselberg.

She had been divorced by his son Barry, who had managed the ice rink in the Central Park of the company in a typical nepotistic Trump-Org manner. She was ready to hand over documents that show how her former father -in -law had been compensated to remain loyal to Trump – and, as she expressed, always covering up his dirty deeds.

Vance commissioned a top lawyer in his office, Carey Dunne, with the management of the team. He also hired a retired public prosecutor, Mark Pomerantz, who is known for mob-takedowns to lead the investigation. According to three sources with direct knowledge of the investigation, the investigators continued to focus on the role that Trump played as head of the company, and they repeatedly asked how long -standing and high -ranking employees – like the Chief Operations Officer Matt Calamari Sr. Son could, company security director Matt Calamari Jr. – against her boss. According to sources, the prosecutors tried to take advantage of a long -term struggle between two dynasties – the Weisselbergs and the Calamaris.

Weisselberg and the Trump organization were charged by a New York Grand jury on June 30, 2021. The step was widely regarded as a first step to get to Trump, according to the typical mob-takedown game book, in which work is made from below. But when the months passed, the prospects of fade.

The prosecutors had Weisselberg’s right hand, the company controller Jeffrey S. McConney, testified in front of a Grand jury. But they also gave the middle level accountant to a get out of jail free card. New York has a unique rule that everyone who says in front of a Grand Jury grants complete criminal immunity – for everything he admits.

According to three sources and a description of the situation in court files, McConney took the opportunity to make himself a scapegoat by taking the guilt for Weisselberg’s tax evasion compensation system. McConney, who was a non-defendant co-snack in the Weisselberg rank, got away cleanly.

Vance decided not to stand for re -election and was replaced by Alvin Bragg Jr., who, according to sources, became a source of frustration for Dunne and Pomerantz immediately after taking office in January. Both terminated frustrated in February and protested against the lack of willingness of the new prosecutor to accuse Trump of the Mountain of evidence that the public prosecutor’s team had already collected in order to document alleged business fraud.

Cohen, who no longer has the opportunity to testify against his former colleague, told the Daily Beast that he was painfully disappointed.

“I think it’s counterproductive, a person who has committed years of tax fraud a five -month plea. Just another example of disproportionate conviction, ”said Cohen. Trumps Money Man All Weisselberg is guilty


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