Trump rips media established ‘corrupt’, ‘They are the enemy of the people’

Last week saw some of the most obvious examples of media bias we’ve seen over the past few years, which I believe is actually saying something.

Way to establishing covered media Kyle Rittenhouse’s trial and the subsequent horrifying massacre in Waukesha, Wisconsin, in which one occupational crime accused of intentionally driving his vehicle through a crowd at a Christmas parade, killing six people and injuring dozens more, was taken very seriously.

Rittenhouse, who is not guilty all quantity against him after defending his life during a riot in Kenosha, Wisconsin, in 2020, depicted, without any basis, as a “white supremacist“The vigilante “killed” two people.

Meanwhile, the Waukesha massacre was described as an “accident”, while long criminal history and leftist ideology of the suspect has been omitted or shamefully downplayed.

This, in the immortal saying of the former President Donald Trump, which is exactly what we expect from the “fake news” media.


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But as the 45th POTUS himself, whose comments and criticisms in the establishment media have grown significantly larger than his own impressive personality, told Sean Hannity of Fox News in one interview aired on Tuesday, “fake news” really should be called “bad news” these days, because this is exactly what the corporate media has become.

And most definitely fake news, because he’s famous said more than once during his presidency, remained the enemy of the people.

“They are corrupt,” Trump said. “I don’t want to say much, but I do and I hope in the future I won’t be: They are the enemy of the people.”

As president, he has inspired many, especially from self-aggrandizing members of the prejudiced media complex for claiming that the media is “fake news.” is “everyone’s enemy”.

Do you agree with Trump about the media “fake news”?

The self-proclaimed martyrs of the biased media, of course. filming his comments in a misleading way, thus confirming his affection for them in the first place. Instead, they reacted as if he had called Free press the enemy of the people.

Of course, by looking at this personally, established media personalities unwittingly admitted to being members of the “fake news” ethos of Trump himself, so they wished to give the American people the impression that Orange Man sought to restrict press freedom.

What’s interesting is that Trump finally freedom of speech was severely sabotaged by corporate social media shortly before leaving office and by corporate media that still had free control to report (and distort) the news.

However, Trump went on to make a very important point about the impact of media bias on American society.

“We can have a country that can heal and come together unless the media destroys it,” he said.


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This couldn’t be more true when it comes to the Rittenhouse case and the Waukesha massacre. I believe it is likely that the vast majority of Americans would defend Rittenhouse’s actions and even be disturbed by the Waukesha massacre if they were simply presented with the facts rather than reeling from bias.

Complimenting himself for popularizing the term “fake news,” Trump said it really should be “depraved news.”

They are truly ‘deplorable news’, he said. “What they do is corrupt and they are very important… they used to have a high approval rating, now they have the lowest rating, I think they have a lower rating than Mitch McConnell, which is pretty good.” (This sly stab is aimed at the Senate Minority Leader McConnell selected host Hannity giggled.)

Trump added, “People have gotten wise to it, they’ve gotten wise to it, and it’s a pity.”

He is absolutely correct. A free press is vital to the functioning of a free republic, but biased, agenda-driven media disguised as free, fair media can be what its death.

There’s nothing that proves how incredibly tilted media is coverage of Trump’s presidency.

Ironically, they seriously undermined their own credibility by covering an easily criticized president by trying to twist every mundane, uncontrollable detail in their words and His actions into a major national crisis.

Not to mention running with and promoting thoroughly debunk Russian conspiracy theories while ignoring more substantial evidence that the hoax was perpetrated by former presidential candidate Hillary Clinton’s campaign and some shady politics.

Fake news, bias, corporate cover for crooks and so often smother and attack the will of the American people while greatly destroying every last civilized beauty in our national discourse is the enemy of the people.

And people, really, are waking up. Trump rips media established ‘corrupt’, ‘They are the enemy of the people’

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