Trump is totally against the Jews

In February 2017, asked what the government intends to do about the increase in threats to Jewish centers and the rise in anti-Semitism since he election, Donald Trump answered, “I’m the least anti-Semitic person you’ve ever seen in your entire life.” That request, like the one he would make months later about being “the least racist person in the world,” clearly wasn’t, and still is. How do we know? Let’s look at the evidence!

Before being elected, Trump suggest to a room full of Jews who “control” politicians through money. He tweeted the picture of Hillary ClintonThe face atop a pile of coins next to the Star of David and the phrase, “Most corrupt candidate ever!” And he ended his campaign by liberate, release, free an ad featuring the faces of powerful Jews with an ominous voiceover of their inclusion of a “global power structure” that “robbed our working class” and “stripped our wealth” of our country”.

Then, upon moving into the White House, and just six months after claiming to be the least anti-Semitic in the universe, he refuse to condemn a group whose ranks included neo-Nazis. In August 2019, in an effort to gain (???) Jewish voters, he declare “They don’t even know what they’re doing or saying anymore.” Speaking at the Israeli American Council in Hollywood, Florida, in December of that year, Mr.dipp[ed] into a deep well of Jewish card games, ” Shows, among other things, that the Jews are only interested in money.

And if you think leaving the White House or, for example, this cheer season, will dampen his enthusiasm for anti-Semitic remarks, we have a nice surprise for you. !

In the clip aired on Cunning audio file, former president — who may or may not make another run for office in 2024—Spoiled at length about the perceived lack of loyalty among American Jews to Israel, citing a long-standing anti-Semitism narrative about Jews and loyalty to other nations. Talk to journalists Barak Ravid, “There are people in this country who are Jews who don’t love Israel anymore,” said Trump, who appeared on the podcast. I will tell you evangelical Christians love Israel more than the Jews in this country. In the past, Israel had absolute power over Parliament and today I think it’s quite the opposite, and I think [Barack] Obama and [Joe] Biden did that. And in the election, they still get a lot of votes from the Jews… this tells you Jews, and I’ve been saying this for a long time. Jews in the United States either don’t like Israel or don’t care about Israel. I mean, you look at New York Times, New York Times hate Israel, hate them, and they are runaway Jews New York Times, I mean the Sulzberger family.”

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Yes, it was a truly insane anti-Semitic commentary by someone their allies liked repeat people with whom he has grandchildren are Jewish, the fact that a person cannot be anti-Semitic. There is an overarching responsibility that American Jews vote against their interests when they vote for politicians who are said to be non-Israeli, implying that American Jews should care what happens in Israel than in America. Israel is “more than Jews” in this country, excluding reality is not comfortable that some evangelical Christians “love” Israel because they believed it would be the site of the Looting Event, in which non-Christian Jews would go to hell. And then, of course, there’s the classic anti-Semitic story of the Jews controlling the media, in this case, The New York Times. (Of course, Trump did not mention the fact that the patriarch of the Sulzberger family and former Times company president, Arthur Ochs Sulzberger Jr., to be “Grow up in his mother’s Episcopalian faith and later stopped practicing the religion. Him and his [then] wife, Gail Gregg, was married by a Presbyterian minister. “But maybe he just obey Nuremberg’s laws.)

Anyway, belated happiness to you Hanukkah!

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