True color completes life is a strange recipe

While they may not have the most impressive graphics, complex gameplay, or cutting-edge technology, Strange La river life the series has accumulated itself a huge following and has become a must-see classic among lovers of narrative-focused games. Although the series has had its highs and lows, expectations are high for Life is Strange: True Colors, released in 2021. Fortunately, judging by the review scores from critics and gamers, it satisfied most people.


NS Strange La river life The game has captivated players by offering emotional stories featuring related characters that deal with common problems in life. Players take an active role in deciding how their characters navigate social mines, ethical conundrums, and family issues. While a bit of the supernatural is occasionally brought in through the inclusion of superpowers, none of that can stop the games from feeling grounded. Life is Strange: True Colors seems to have intensively researched its predecessors to find out what was right and what was wrong. The result is a game that has masterfully built the franchise’s formula to deliver the very best Strange La river life experience so far.

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Life is strange and stories about everyday life

Life is Strange Max and Chloe chatting in Chloe's room

Strange La river life present a novel experience, which puts gamers in a realistic yet fictional setting and blends epic stories with everyday events that make life challenging, exciting, frustrating, and endlessly mysterious. The birth of the first Strange La river life The game illustrates this beautifully. The game focuses on Max Caulfield, an aspiring photographer who is talented but lacks confidence. When the game begins, the player is pushed into the halls of Blackwell Academy. When nostalgic indie music plays, gamers will be able to admire the sights that are all too familiar to anyone who has been through high school. Whether it’s jocks, nerds, skaters, spoiled divas, or detached artists, every cliché but authentic high school game comes out.

Life is Strange: True Colors was supposed to be created the best explorations of everyday life in the series. This is partly thanks to the beautiful, handcrafted small town of Haven Springs. Protagonist Alex Chen arrives in Colorado town to reunite with her brother. In spending time with the tight-knit community, she’s exposed to stories that are emotionally brutal but not yet profound.

In True color, Alex meets Eleanor, an elderly woman and florist struggling with her declining intellectual abilities. Although she loves her job, Eleanor has to deal with the relentless march of time and its effects on her mind and body. Alex also crosses paths with Mac Louden, who is initially uncomfortable due to his intense jealousy, but his experiences are nevertheless normal human emotions that many players may have experienced. experience.

Through the inclusion of well-written characters in a casual community that Alex can explore, strange stories of everyday life are presented for players to immerse and choose in safety. of the world of video games. When prior to Strange La river life title also introduced their fair character ratio with related stories, no one nailed it quite the same True color.

True color and its usual super power

Alex Chen in Life is Strange: True Colors

In spite of Strange La river life try to maintain the base, they have some sort of superpower. While these superpowers provide avenues for unique gameplay mechanics, they can sometimes clash with the normal tone of the game. Furthermore, they sometimes lead to plot holes and sloppy stories where a protagonist has the power to change their circumstances, but for some reason suddenly can’t or won’t use his powers. their strength.

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The problems with superpowers are evident in Firstly Strange La river life game. Max discovers that she can turn back time, giving her the amazing and enviable ability to undo decisions she regrets and help those around her when she finds them in trouble. trouble. As great as the superpower is, it opens up a lot of holes in the plot. Max’s ability to use superpowers doesn’t apply consistently, and it’s difficult to keep track of what rules or logic her superpowers follow. Sometimes, it can be rewinded over and over again, such as when Max has to help a friend in a crisis, she suddenly no longer has access to her powers.

In Life is Strange: Before the Storm, a less imaginative power is presented. Instead of being able to defy the laws of physics, Chloe’s “superpowers” are becoming difficult. With enough bravado and attitude, she can get out of difficult situations and intimidate those around her into going her own way. While it’s less dramatic than time-bending, the connection to reality helps the games remain a sober reflection of everyday life.

True color there seems to be a balance by introducing an interesting and supernatural superpower while remaining easy to understand. Alex is an empath, which means she has a higher capacity for empathy. For the average person, empathy is a regular emotion, and although everyone will experience it in varying amounts, it’s a feeling most are familiar with. The game takes empathy to a supernatural level, allowing the player to essentially read the minds of other characters and also access memories left on objects. Alex’s superpowers strike a logical point between terrestrial and supernatural, managing to capture the best of both worlds.

Life is Strange: True Colors ‘Music

Life is a strange color wave

Music is an integral part of NS Strange La river life experience. The game manages to evoke a sense of nostalgia, melancholy through carefully selected soundtracks. This is obvious from the first time Strange La river life game. Whether Max is strolling through the halls of Blackwell Academy with her headphones on or lounging and dancing with Chloe, the music helps make each scene impactful.

Again, the music plays important role in Life is Strange: True Colors. Music is a source of joy when Alex dances with her brother, it is a form of self-expression when she sings on stage at Spring Festival, and it is a source of healing when she dances with Duckie broken heart.

There are more opportunities than ever to get involved in music in True color. In Black Lantern, a cozy bar in Haven Springs, there is a jukebox that Alex can use to play different songs. Things only get better at Wavelength, DLC to True color. It focuses on Steph Gingrich, a music lover who moves to Haven Springs and quickly finds himself running a local radio station as well as a record store. During the game, the player has the opportunity to decide what to play on the airwaves. They can also help Steph compose a song of her own. With True color, music is no longer a feature in the background. Instead, it’s something that players can actively engage with in creative ways.

Every Strange La river life position manages to be unique, which is why every game in the series has a rabid fan base. Some appreciated the first game at the start of the franchise, others loved it Before the storm because it focuses on Chloe and some players like Life is Strange 2, dare to venture in a markedly different direction. There are many reasons to consider True color became one of the best in the series, simply because it built on the foundations of previous games while avoiding many of their mistakes.

Life is Strange: True Colors is available on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S. It’s also coming to Nintendo Switch on December 7.

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