Trilogy – Hidden places you should go to in San Andreas

Original Grand Theft Auto the trilogy that put Rockstar on the map is a great thing. Grand Theft Auto 3 implemented a revolutionary open world that was perfected over the course of two consecutive games in rapid succession. The end result is three of the most popular and nostalgic open world games around the world which Rockstar recently revamped for a new generation.

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Regardless of the quality of the remakes, there’s no denying the fact that revisiting these games will still be a blast despite. This is especially true for San Andreas, which most people consider The best game in the movie trilogy of a country mile. The size of the open world is amazing and the sheer amount that can be achieved by players in this world has been and continues to amaze you.

Players who want to enjoy a unique and exciting level should pay attention to the following secret locations available at San Andreas.

A fun sign on the Gant bridgehead

Easter Egg on Gant Bridge in San Andreas

Gant Bridge is one of the most unique landmarks in San Andreas. The bridge has a visitor center nearby with some pretty funny details about the bridge, down to the total size it takes up in the game files!

However, the best part of this bridge has to be the sign present at the top. Players who decide to take the risk and climb all the way to the top of this bridge will find a funny sign saying there are no easter eggs here so get out!


Mass grave near area 69

Mass Grave in GTA San Andreas

Area 69 is one of the most hilariously titled areas in San Andreas, with an intense mission also taking place in this location. Since this location is bound to have some big government secrets, it’s just that the area around Area 69 will also have some great secrets of its own.

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This is exactly the case with mass grave near Site 69, where the player can find a total of six body bags along with a Bobcat near the location. It would not be an exaggeration to say that these body bags could be failed human experiments that have been quietly discarded by the government.

Maximum Payne Reference at Gasso Gas Station in Dillimore

Max Payne Easter Egg in GTA San Andreas

Most people wouldn’t expect a harmless gas station in a random town to be linked to a popular video game series. However, given how unpredictable Rockstar is, only such a reference will survive. in the rural town of Dillimore.

Players who decide to wander around the gas station present in this area will find a sign that says “Max Pane- Bulletproof Glass”. It goes without saying that this is a reference to Max Payne series for which Rockstar currently holds the rights.

Manhunt Cast Appears in Las Venturas . Police Station

Manhunt - The best horror game

Referring to the game made by Rockstar Studios, it will be hard not to mention the uniqueness Manhunt The series offers a great experience in both the horror and stealth genres. The gameplay of this title is completely brutal, leading to a huge wave of controversy that is said to be in favor of the series.

If players decide to wander around the Las Venturas Police Department, they’ll find some interesting wanted posters. Specifically, posters of James Earl Cash and members of The Hoods from Manhunt will be at this station, creating a trip back and forth memories for some players.

Cheeky Opposition Monument in Hashbury, San Fierro

GTA San Andreas Opposition Monument

Rockstar is not immune to gloating sometimes – after all, the release Grand Theft Auto 3 and its sequels have made it perfectly clear that the studio deserves its time in the spotlight. With so many GTA clones popping up, Rockstar felt the need to address their objections the only way they knew how.

In the Opposition Memorial in Hashbury, players may stumble across what they perceive to be a war memorial. A closer examination of the 72 tombstones, however, will reveal that they do indeed read out “RIP Opposition 1997-2004”, which is the best cheekiki way of weeding out any game that tries to copy its recipe for success. Rockstar.

A smart reference of Vice City in the form of V-Rock hotel

V-Rock Hotel in GTA San Andreas

For most people, the V-Rock hotel is nothing more than a famous landmark. However, fans of the GTA series know that this is actually a reference to something completely different.

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The V-Rock Hotel is actually named after a radio station of the same name in Town. To see it in Las Venturas is truly a great easter egg!

Rockstar Mining Their Own Horn With Northstar Rock

Northstar Rock in GTA San Andreas

One of the simpler references in the game can be seen in the Northstar Rock area, appearing as North Rock in the in-game map. It goes without saying that the name is an anagram of Rockstar North.

This position may seem quite innocuous, but it actually contains a malicious secret. Players wandering around the area will find a cabin with bloody floors, occasionally with a truck present just outside.

Graffiti drawing “Jesus saves” in Los Santos, it’s a clear start to Grand Theft Auto 2

Jesus Save the mural in GTA San Andreas

In Grand Theft Auto 2, players were greeted with the hilarious message that “Jesus Saves” whenever they were near a save point. It looks like Rockstar wants to pay homage to old games in the series, with a mural that players can find in Los Santos.

This mural features images of Mary and Jesus, with the words “Jesus Saves”. Suffice it to say, it’s a smart reference to ‘s savings system Grand Theft Auto 2 which most people will surely appreciate.

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