Trilogy – 8 hidden places you should visit in Vice City

NS Grand Theft Auto the series began as a simple top-down action title before evolving into one of the largest open world series in gaming history with the release of Grand Theft Auto 3. This epic release is followed with Grand Theft Auto: Vice City, which capture Miami’s heart and adapting it to the original context is a wonderful thing to explore.

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Now, with the release The final version, the player has a reason to go through the panorama of Town once again. Of course, like most Rockstar titles, Town brimming with secrets of its own, including some hidden areas well worth a visit in the remaster.

A literal easter egg behind a hidden wall near the Vice City news building

Easter Egg Vice City

One of the hottest secrets in Town involves an egg that is actually present in a hidden room that requires a bit of skill to reach. You can get to this area by entering the Vice City News Building.

Then the player needs to jump through the window of the building located near the terrace. There is no collision detection here and the player will stumble across a secret room with a fun easter egg declaring itself for all to see.


The man who polishes cement shoes in GTA Vice City

With bodies of water all over Miami, it’s just that gang members and organized crime syndicates will use this vast body of water to hide their crimes. This is exactly what players can witness if they search near the shores of Leaf Links.

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Sharp-eyed players will notice a body with cement shoes that has been thrown into the water. It’s a chilling sight to see how brutal life in Vice City really is.

Submarine wreck near the waters around North Point shopping mall

Submarine Easter Eggs in GTA Vice City

The waters of Vice City are full of unique attractions that most players don’t know about. Interestingly, one of the weirdest secrets in this game is a submerged submarine wreck right in front of North Point Mall.

Players can board a boat to witness this wreck with their own eyes. It’s a surprising sight, and what makes this secret even better is that it’s not even the only submarine wreck present in the game!

Another submarine wreck in the city dump

Junkyard in GTA Vice City

In a city as brilliant and beautiful as Vice City, most people wouldn’t expect to find some remarkable sights in the city’s landfill. However, players who want to explore every nook and cranny of this city will be able to enjoy a rather unique and out-of-date distraction of their own.

Players will be able to find another wreck in the Vice City Junkyard. That’s a rather odd finding that is sure to raise more questions than it answers, that’s for sure!

Bloody Scene In 3C . Apartment

Apartment 3c From GTA Vice City & Scarface Hacksaw Scene

Given Vice City’s Miami setting, it can only be expected that the game will also be inspired by a popular crime movie that also takes place in this city. In fact, Rockstar has gone so far as to include a fairly public reference to Scar face in the game.

This comes in the form of a creepy murder site that players can access in Ocean Beach, Vice City. Here you can go to Apartment 3C and find an empty apartment with a bloody bathtub and a chainsaw right next to it. Kudo to Rockstar for including an elegant reference to an iconic scene from Scar face in their game.

The Scene of the “Real” Moon Landing In The Set

The moon landing scene in GTA Vice City

The conspiracy theory that the moon landing was easily faked is one of the most popular tinfoil hat theories to make the rotations. Given how ridiculous this statement really is, Rockstar Games wasted no time in adding a reference to this ridiculous allusion.

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In InterGlobal Studios, players can visit the area and check out some sets. One such series is a re-enactment of the moon landing, which is sure to leave players reeling as they figure out what Rockstar is trying to convey.

Unique swimming pool in starfish island

Starfish Island in GTA Vice City

NS Grand Theft Auto series do not dodge prank jokes and prank jokes – in fact, the series thrives on this brand of humour. Players who love Rockstar’s silly moments should definitely watch Starfish Island in Town.

This area has a swimming pool with a very unique design. In fact, looking at the pool from the right angle would make it clear that it was used to describe a woman’s body.

A spot to refill your ammunition and armor near the pool of the Harrison hotel

The Harrison Hotel in GTA Vice City

Sometimes, hidden locations don’t necessarily contain amazing secrets or hilarious details. Sometimes they can be a great place to play Stock up on important items and save cash.

Players looking to explore the area around Hotel Harrison will quickly find a pool area. However, here’s not the fun part – it’s a cozy spot nearby that has a full body armor along with a uzi, both of which respawn!

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