Tribes Of Midgard: 10 Best Weapons, Ranked

Selecting a weapon is important to survival in Tribes of Midgard. Listed below are the very best choices at your disposal — and tips on how to get your fingers on them.

Tribes of Midgard offers gamers a wide range of weapons to select from whereas they work to delay Ragnorok. Gamers can select between bows, swords, axes, and hammers when constructing their superb Viking hero. Selecting a weapon of selection is important to survival throughout the sport.

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Gamers must be certain that they improve the weaponsmith’s store to unlock greater than the usual villager weapon units. The weapons in Tribes of Midgard can deal massive quantities of harm, which will increase when paired with armor units that enhance elemental results. Nevertheless, on their very own, some weapons are highly effective sufficient to make gamers forego armor.

10 Nornir Bow III

Tribes of Midgard Nornir Bow III

  • Rarity Degree: Epic. Although this bow might solely give gamers 147 factors towards their energy stage, it is exceptionally useful.
  • Factor: Thunder.
  • Perks: All bows have an infinite provide of standard arrows, however this bow fees these common arrows into thunder arrows. This implies gamers wouldn’t have to buy thunder arrows in any respect whereas utilizing this bow. The arrows fired from Nornir’s Bow have an opportunity to stun enemies on successful. Gamers additionally achieve entry to the Pierce and Therapeutic Arc abilities, the latter being very helpful in group raids.
  • How To Purchase: To craft this weapon gamers should have 9 Linnorm spikes, 5 mushroom moon bolts, 4 werewolf fangs, and 1 stage two Nornir Bow. The mushroom moon bolts are discovered within the Land of Swimming pools areas. Gamers may discover the vicious Linnorm there, which drops their spikes on a defeat.

9 Serpent Tongue III

Tribes of Midgard Vikings defending tree of Yggdrasil

  • Rarity Degree: Epic. This sword provides 160 factors to the consumer’s energy stage and is the third improve out there for the Serpent Tongue. The Serpent Tongue is one of the best weapons to craft early within the sport.
  • Factor: Darkish
  • Perks: The Serpent Tongue offers darkish elemental injury. This injury kind creates a void impact on enemies, which has an opportunity to cut back the goal’s armor. This weapon is nice for taking down thunder-type enemies, and also offers some ranged effects. With sufficient mana, gamers can ship a whirlwind of darkish vitality in the direction of their enemies.
  • How To Purchase: Gamers who want to craft this deadly sword must collect 12 unsunken talismans, 8 Midnight Yew essences, and 6 Dokkalfar orbs. As well as, they can even have to have a stage two Serpent Tongue already crafted to use the improve to. 

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8 Alviss’ Hammer III

Tribes of Midgard Linnorm and viking fight

  • Rarity Degree: Epic. This hammer provides 168 factors to the consumer’s whole energy.
  • Factor: Thunder
  • Perks: Alviss’ hammer offers thunder injury to enemies. This additionally means the hammer has an opportunity to stun a goal for a brief time period. Utilizing mana, gamers may make the most of the Shatter and Candor Drop talents.
  • How To Purchase: That is the third recipe improve for Alviss’ Hammer, that means gamers should have one hammer as much as stage two of their stock. As well as, they are going to want 14 Linnorm spikes, 8 Night Rowan Drops, and 5 werewolf fangs. They will solely harvest the Night Rowan Drops at night time within the Vivid Forest, from Lunar Rowan Bushes.

7 Seidr Hammer II

  • Rarity Degree: Epic. This hammer offers the consumer 169 factors in the direction of their whole energy stage.
  • Factor: Darkish
  • Perks: This epic weapon offers darkish injury, which might cut back an enemy’s armor. The hammer additionally offers the consumer entry to the Shatter and Drain assaults. 
  • How To Purchase: Gamers should have one level one Seidr Hammer in their inventory. They can even want to assemble 17 Helthing rings, 11 Amethysts, and 8 Helthing crowns. The Helthing rings and crowns could be gathered whereas defending the village at night time. The crown will drop from Sirelings, whereas the rings will drop from Seeklings and Elite Seeklings.

6 Elivagar Bow

Tribes of Midgard Elivagar Bow

  • Rarity Degree: Legendary. This bow offers the consumer 175 factors towards their whole energy stage.
  • Factor: Darkish.
  • Perks: Elvagar’s Bow is the most powerful bow in the game. The legendary merchandise offers darkish elemental injury to targets, decreasing their armor. As well as, like different bows, gamers have an infinite quantity of standard arrows that grow to be darkish arrows when this bow is supplied. With mana, gamers can use the Knockback, Sticky Drain, and Grim Barrage abilities. 
  • How To Purchase: The recipe for this bow can typically be discovered within the video games store and could be purchased with golden horns. Gamers should collect 14 picket boards, 11 Helthing rings, 8 Helthing crowns, and 1 golden horn to craft this weapon.

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5 Baldr’s Blade

Tribes of Midgard Baldr Armor Set

  • Rarity Degree: Legendary. Baldr’s Blade is a deadly legendary sword to have, because it offers the consumer 177 factors towards their energy stage.
  • Factor: Thunder
  • Perks: Using this blade will permit gamers to deal loads of thunder injury. The blade has an opportunity of beautiful the goal for a number of seconds after successful. As well as, with sufficient mana, the consumer has entry to the Tree of Life ability, which grants non permanent therapeutic.
  • How To Purchase: Buying this blade won’t be simple. Gamers will want 13 wrought iron items, 9 Werewolf fangs, 5 shards of Jarnsaxa’s brooch, and 1 golden horn. Jarnsaxa’s brooch will solely drop after defeating the enormous, whereas wrought iron could be purchased on the tinker’s store. Werewolf fangs will drop from Varilfur (Vivid Forest), Brennaulfur (Smokey Highlands), and Isulfur (Glacier Peaks).

4 Fornjot’s Axe

Tribes of Midgard Fornjot's Axe

  • Rarity Degree: Legendary. This icy axe offers the consumer 180 factors in the direction of their whole energy stage.
  • Factor: Ice
  • Perks: Fornjot’s Axe offers chilly injury to enemies, which makes it nice to be used towards fire-type creatures.
  • How To Purchase: Gamers who wish to craft this legendary weapon might want to purchase 12 lower stones, 9 unfrozen talismans, 5 items of Geirrodr’s Jaw, and 1 golden horn. The unfrozen talismans could be discovered by defeating the unfrozen warriors and shield-maidens on Glacier Peak. In the meantime, the items of Geirrodr’s jaw can be a bit more difficult, as gamers should defeat the enormous first.

3 Muspelheim Maul IV

Tribes of Midgard Fornjot Armor Set

  • Rarity Degree: Legendary. This legendary hammer grants the consumer 184 factors in the direction of their energy stage.
  • Factor: Fireplace
  • Perks: This mighty maul offers fireplace injury, and might inflict the burn impact on targets. The burn impact has an opportunity to set the goal on fireplace, dealing injury over time. As well as, utilizing mana gamers can use the Strike, Fireplace Path, and Worlds Ablaze assaults. 
  • How To Purchase: Buying the most effective fire-type weapons within the sport won’t be simple. Gamers must have one Muspelheim Maul already at stage three of their stock. Gamers can even want 15 massive bones, 9 segments of Halogi’s Horn, and 1 golden horn. Halogi’s Horn is an epic merchandise that may solely drop after defeating the flaming large.

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2 Sigyn’s Blade IV

Tribes of Midgard Seidr's Armor Set

  • Rarity Degree: Legendary. This sword is currently the strongest dark weapon available in-game, because it offers the consumer 184 factors towards their energy stage.
  • Factor: Darkish
  • Perks: As Sigyn’s Blade offers void injury, this improve has an excellent higher probability to cut back the armor of the goal much more. Gamers can even achieve entry to a extra highly effective Twister assault, in addition to Basin Drain, and Twilight Beam.
  • How To Purchase: Gamers trying to craft this weapon have to assemble 12 Dokkalfar orbs, 8 strands of Angrboda’s hair, and 1 golden horn. As well as, they should have a minimum of one Sigyn’s Blade at stage three to use the improve to. Gamers should defeat Angrboda to assert the strands of hair.

1 Fenrir’s Fang

Tribes of Midgard Fenrir roar

  • Rarity Degree: Legendary. This sword offers the consumer 187 factors towards their energy stage.
  • Factor: None
  • Perks: Although Fenrir’s Fang doesn’t deal elemental injury, the blade can have an effect on any enemy kind. Via using mana gamers will purchase the Crushing Boulder, Smashing Pounce, and Binding Chains assaults.
  • How To Purchase: This weapon is without doubt one of the hardest to acquire, resulting from the recipe being a problem reward drop. As soon as gamers have the recipe, they need to collect 19 wrought iron, 15 werewolf fangs, 11 massive bones, and 1 golden horn. 

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