Trendy and Fancy Aquarium Settings For Your New Home in 2022

A New Year and a new set of home decorations! Along with your new address, comes the idea of making it cosy, comfortable yet innovatively designed. What else than adding trendy aquariums in your new Bungalow? You have always wanted to sit back and stare at the amazing vibrant fish tank that will steal all your heart and erase all your tiredness in a blink of an eye, haven’t you?

It is always the talk of the town that fishes are best Feng Shuis that act good for finance, health and mental condition. Let us look into the best aspects and trendy fish aquariums that you can incorporate into your home. However, keeping fishes is not easy, one must need a proper knowledge on how to care for these fishes. To know about their guidance, maintenance, feeding and overall tank requirements, you can certainly visit

Here, in the following we will be giving some of the aquarium setting ideas, for your home sweet home.

A Fish Gallery

A positive vibe is very important nowadays with all the severe cases of pandemic rising. Whenever you are stressed, just enter your fish gallery and lock the door from inside. Why? Because soon there will be a complete positive aura surrounding you.

Design a fish gallery and make use of every possible tool that can add beauty to your house. You can go wild with your imagination because after all it’s your casa.

A fish gallery is almost like a book library, where ever you look, you find a fish tank, holding beautiful and colourful lives in it. You can use cylinder shaped aquariums for keeping some Red Tail Sharks or a few Fancy Goldfishes. Design one of the walls with an extra-large aquarium, holding a Panther Grouper or a few big Arowanas. With astounding aquatic plants inside and low LED lights in the room, your fish gallery is a place to happily relax. With a piece of saxophone music on, enjoy the feeling of being in space, surrounded by finned-angels.

A Space Division by Your Fish Aquarium

In a mundane life, there is always an intense need for refreshment and recreation. In the days of continuous working from home, we  are easily stressed. A little home decoration will lift up our mood and when it is done through some aquarium designing, there is hardly anything better. You can try using an aquarium as a space divider between two rooms. A wall aquarium is a good idea, with some spectacular  schooling species adorning the tank and the room as well. Make sure your room structure is strong and fit for the setting. You can try fishes like Barbs, Cichlids, Tetras, who are extremely colourful. You can also try Fancy Goldfishes who will grace the tank with their flowy fins and robust colouration. Such an innovative idea will change the look of the room and encourage you to have a more productive day at work, as the stress level will reduce to a great extent, just by looking at the beautiful fishes. Is there anything holding you back? Opt for this one, and thank us later.

A Musical Tank Decoration

If you have an old piano at your new home that you don’t use but has a traditional or nostalgic value attached with it, you can transform it into a marvellous fish tank. The perk? It is going to be a much spacious abode for your fish friends, without taking up any extra space. If your piano is white in colour then try adding some colourful fishes so that the contrast looks good. If your piano is black, you can go for monochromatic fishes.

Small or large, any sorts of fishes would be ideal, you just need to decorate it in a planned way so that it goes well with the newness of your home. Once your friends see the spectacular upscale idea, they will become frequent visitors. Just make sure that you are taking proper care of the piano and its mate. Because pet fishes come out of their shell when they get optimum care and love from you. Wouldn’t it be wonderful, while you are sitting at the piano, you will be seeing such happy water babies swimming in front of you?

A Fireplace Fish Tank

If you have a fireplace at your new home and you are willing to spice this up a little bit more, then opt for a fireplace fish tank. To go with the vibe, make sure your fireplace has some fishes who have that fiery look, like Pearl Gourami, Boesemani Rainbow, Devil Cichlid, Jewel Cichlid, Discus Fish, and many others.

According to the size of the fireplace, you can keep multiple fishes. If you have a wide space left for the fireplace, then go for community fishes like Mollies, Guppies, Tetras, Plecos. The advantage is that you can see multiple fishes exhibiting their colours and jovial nature inside a clean tank. This is relaxing and to some extent rejuvenating, leaving a calming effect on your mind.

A Kitchen Counter Aquarium

Imagine while cooking some delicious dinner, some finned-friends accompanying you and sharing their stories! Sounds weird? You can easily do that as it gives a futuristic look to your new home. The aquarium will go right under the cabinet and it will be visible from both sides. This way you will never feel like being alone in the kitchen. Also, for toddlers such an amusing fish tank is a superb idea. Arrange for some fish-friendly tank lights, so that there is enough transparency to spot the fishes and their movement.

In case you are having a reef-tank, then there will be a lot of colours, corals, and marine decorative ornaments around the tank. Such tanks welcome Angel Marinefish, Clownfish, Royal Gramma, Pajama Cardinalfish, Mandarinfish, and many more.

If you want you can always go for freshwater fish tank options as well. In that case decorate the aquarium with aquatic plants, hiding structures, driftwoods or bogwoods, so that your freshwater friends stay comfortable. These friends include, Neon Tetra, Harlequin Rasbora, Glowlight Tetra, German Blue Ram, Betta Fish, Black Phantom Tetra. All these species are highly colourful and they will illuminate the tank with their own glow. So is there anything that you need to wait for? Think and go ahead and you will benefit from the idea for sure.

Setting up a new aquarium is perhaps more challenging than moving to a new home. The packing, moving, unboxing and room decorating takes up a lot of time, but finding the right fish and placing a tank in the right corner of your room is more time consuming. The ideas, given above, are fancy but they can be easily executed. All you need is plans, space, and will power.

There are certain pointers that you need to abide by, and there is no way you can skip them. These are, proper cleaning of the tank, satiating the dietary requirements of your darling fishes, and maintaining the furniture or cemented structures, the tanks are attached to. This regime will make the tank last for a long time.

Huynh Nguyen

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