Tower of Fantasy: Where to Find Mushrooms

Cooking is an essential part of tower of fantasy, as it helps wanderers recover HP, regenerate saturation, and get some useful buffs. Therefore, collecting cooking ingredients is equally important in the game, which can easily be done while exploring the vast world of Aida.

Mushrooms are common ingredients necessary to cook many recipes tower of fantasy. Most of these recipes primarily restore saturation, which is basically the player’s hunger level and determines how much HP they restore off the battlefield.


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Where to find mushrooms in Tower of Fantasy

Mushrooms can either be awarded after killing a Shrooman, or they can be found in several areas in Aesperia. However, they occur in larger quantities in the crown region. It’s worth noting that hikers must be level 32 or higher to gain access to this region. Otherwise, the character’s HP bar will become less and less, and it will be impossible to collect ingredients in it tower of fantasy.

While there are many locations that have a decent amount of mushrooms, two stand out the most: Miners’ Camp and Forgotten Land. The first area can be reached by teleporting to Spacerift: Miner’s Camp and west to climb a mountain. After that, players can walk along the cliff and collect about 20 mushrooms.

Second place has a lot more tower of fantasy ingredients as the first. To get there, players simply have to fast travel Crown Omnium tower and you will find that the whole island is full of mushrooms. Hikers can easily collect around 40 mushrooms within a short time.

Between the two locations, players can continuously harvest the materials in an area. This is because the ingredients and enemies keep respawning when players teleport to a different location. Alternatively, hikers can move back and forth between the two areas until they collect as many mushrooms as they need.

Mushroom recipes in the Tower of Fantasy

There are five recipes in total that require mushrooms. These are not to be confused with ghost mushrooms tower of fantasywhich are only found in Astra and are only used as part of a recipe.

Fried Mushrooms:

  • Restores five fullness and restores 10% + 1,500 HP.
  • Ingredients: x2 mushrooms

Mushroom soup:

  • Restores seven fullness and restores 12% + 3,300 HP.
  • Ingredients:

Sliced ​​Fish with Mushrooms:

  • Restores seven fullness and restores 12% + 3,300 HP.
  • Ingredients:
    • x2 mushrooms
    • x1 Silver Bass

Dandelion Mushroom Soup:

  • Restores seven fullness and restores 12% + 3,300 HP.
  • Ingredients:
    • x2 mushrooms
    • x2 Dandelion Seeds

Sea Crab Soup:

  • Restores 10 saturation, gaining 10% +170 fire resistance for 900 seconds.
  • Ingredients:
    • x4 mushrooms
    • x2 Hermit Crab

As with mushrooms, the other ingredients in tower of fantasy such as Hermit Crab and Dandelion Seeds can be easily acquired through exploration.

tower of fantasy is now available on PC and mobile.

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