Tower of Fantasy: Ruins C-02 chest locations

So far all the hardships of ruins Tower of Fantasy lies in finding the hidden chests. That being said, defeating the enemies and final boss can be a breeze unless players entered the ruin at too low a level. As for C-02, the ruin is one of the most difficult ruins in Tower of Fantasy.

Although it’s difficult to find the chests while flying around in the air trying to find your way, it’s still a very fun experience compared to the previous ruins. C-02 is massive and filled with lots of weird looking giant mushrooms, making it significantly difficult to navigate.


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Where to find all Ruin C-02 Easy Mode chests

Upon reaching the four statues in the C-02 ruins, players will find that most of the jumpers are offline and do not generate blue beams. Underneath each statue is a color that indicates when which jumper will be unlocked Tower of Fantasy Characters turn it successfully.

In reality none of this matters as it is easy to activate all the statues. All players have to do is Keep turning her until the red light on her chest turns blue. This activates all available jumpers.

After activating the jumpers, players should take the first one and climb onto the giant mushroom. The first chest is to the west. To reach it, players must float down to the jumper in the river. This will make the character fly, so he’ll want to aim to make it to the next jumper on the cliff in front of him. Even if a character falls Tower of Fantasy Healers can save the day.

From the last jumper, players should aim to reach the area where the first chest is located in the C-02 ruin. However, you must be careful as there are several enemies in the area. After defeating them, players can open the Rusted Iron Chest.

To find the second chest, players will have to return to the beginning, above the mushroom that is above the four statues that all jumpers unlocked. From there, a little mid-air parkour is required to reach the second chest.

Walkers must jump onto multiple platforms before stepping onto three flying jumpers. It’s very easy to spot them if you’re looking for them while on top of the giant mushroom. Here are the exact steps:

From the giant mushroom, players should float down to the same jumper in the river and aim for the one that brought players to the first chest. From there, however, they will want to fly in the opposite direction to the tall mushroom behind them.

After reaching the Tower of Fantasy Mushroom, players must walk up to and step on the floating three jumpers to reach the second chest. Just like the first chest, it is guarded by multiple enemies, so players must deal with them before they can get their hands on the chest’s rewards.

There are three difficulties in C-02, and each has a different chest number. There are usually two chests in easy mode; in normal mode there are four; and in hard mode there are six. For now, that hasn’t changed, so players can expect to find more chests in the later difficulties.

Tower of Fantasy is available on PC and mobile.

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