Top 5 Funniest Buggy Moments, Rated

Not much A piece Characters can fool the world into believing that they are endowed with so much power, and just for this reason, Buggy deserves a lot of respect. Before the Summit war, no one even considered Buggy a threat, but due to the many revelations during the war, he became quite popular.

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Buggy is not a strong character, but due to some incidents, he has become a notorious pirate. Despite taking the place of one of the Yonko, Buggy is as funny as he was first introduced in the series. With that in mind, here are the funniest Buggy moments in A piece.

5 Used as a human shield

Buggy and his group of followers arrive at Marineford in high spirits. The prisoners firmly believe in Buggy and his abilities, and because of this, they willingly follow Buggy to hell and back.

As Luffy tries to find his way towards Ace, he finds Mihawk blocking the way. Luffy knew he couldn’t defeat Mihawk, and luckily for him Buggy was caught in a sandstorm created by Crocodile. Using his Devil Fruit powers, Luffy pulled Buggy out of the storm and used him as a shield to block Mihawk’s attack. Buggy is very angry with Luffy’s behavior, but more importantly, he is not satisfied with Mihawk’s attacks. In his rage, Buggy attacked Mihawk with his special cannonball, but then easily deflected the attack towards Buggy.

4 Challenging Whitebeard

Buggy is one of the main highlights of the Marineford Arc. He’s responsible for providing much-needed comedy value to a very serious film. With all the deaths going on, Buggy tried to keep things light. In Impel Down, Buggy gained a lot of followers, who believed that he was the pinnacle of power.

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They carelessly followed him everywhere he went and acted as his biggest cheerleaders. As Buggy and his party approached Whitebeard’s ship, the prisoners asked Buggy to attack Whitebeard. To continue pretending, Buggy has no choice but to agree. Whitebeard calls Buggy “Red Nose”, which angers him and prompts him to strike. When Buggy realized he was talking to Yonko, he realized he was in trouble. Luckily for Buggy, Whitebeard didn’t want to fight and instead gave him a chance to fight him. Buggy immediately took the opportunity, and so he tried to continue his action.

3 Instant Karma

After Luffy found out Ace would be executed by the Marines, he decided to get him out of Impel Down. Luffy doesn’t care that only one person has ever escaped Impel Down in its history, and that person is Shiki. When Luffy was in Impel Down, he ran into Buggy, who was being held there. When Buggy met Luffy, the previous one immediately recognized that the bracelet Luffy was wearing on his left arm belonged to Captain John, and that it was a marker for his treasure.

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Buggy decided to tag him to get his bracelet, but he accidentally told Luffy about the importance of the bracelet, and Luffy being a normal person offered to give him the bracelet because of him. focus only on saving Ace. When Luffy gave Buggy the bracelet, he was overwhelmed with emotion and couldn’t believe that Luffy would do such a thing. Buggy had shed tears and called himself all sorts of bad things, but it was all a ruse because he just wanted to find a way out of his promise. While Buggy was about to run away, he was not aware of what was in front of him, and he crashed into a wall.

2 Interact with Shanks

Shanks and Buggy are part of the Pirate King’s crew, Gol D.Roger. Little did the rest of the world know that someone like Buggy actually traveled with Gol D.Roger. When Shanks went to Marineford to stop the fight, he came across Luffy’s Straw Hat. He threw the hat to Buggy and asked the latter to give it to Luffy, but Buggy refused. So Shanks decided to lie, and he created a fake story about the treasure map.

Buggy didn’t want to miss out on more treasure so he accepted Shanks’ request and gave the Straw Hat to Law. When Buggy returned, he was furious when he discovered that Shanks had lied to him. Buggy falls into chaos and starts talking about starting a fight with Shanks. Once again, Buggy’s words left the wrong impression on his followers, who believed their captain was openly challenging Shanks.

first Little Buggy’s Adventures

After being sent to an island full of wildlife, Buggy makes a raft to leave the island on his own. Nami has tied up his body parts by himself so when put together his body is very small, which puts him in danger. As soon as he set out to sea, Buggy was attacked by ferocious fish, but somehow made it to the next island.

Not long after arriving, Buggy began chasing a chick with a knife and fork, but unfortunately for the pirate, the bird’s parents found him and ate him. Buggy was out of luck as the bird couldn’t swallow him whole and spat him out so forcefully that he ended up on the same island as Gaimon. Overall, the whole time Buggy is being turned into a miniature version of himself is hilarious.

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