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Securing powerful rule for your dynasty in a CKIII campaign is always a top priority. Regardless of your goals and ambitions in a campaign, you should prioritize consolidating a few duchies for you and your heirs to build up.

Full control of two mid-sized duchies is the absolute best setup you can have.

Why is that? Well, you get a hard opinion penalty from your vassals for holding more than two ducal titles. You also get a hefty penalty for controlling land in a duchy held by one of your vassals.

With that in mind, a large duchy (6-9 counties in size) can also work, but two of those give you access to two duchy buildings instead of one.

So let’s find out what are the best duchies to personally own while ruling the Kingdom of England.

5. Wessex

Wessex / Crusader Kings III

The Duchy of Wessex consists of 4 counties, all with coastal access allowing for the Trade Port building line.

With 14 holding slots, many of which were established in 867 and 1066, Wessex has an above-average number of holdings per county. In fact, the Isle of Wight only has a single establishment while the others each have more than four.

That means you can hold the island under one vassal while holding the others. This can do wonders for you while your domain limit is still low!

Although no distinctive buildings in any of the districts make it a less attractive choice than the rest of the list.

4. Hwicce

Hwicce / CK3

The Duchy of Hwicce, which may be unpronounceable to speakers of modern English, ranks fourth on the list largely for its unique building in the county of Wiltshire.

With an average number of holdings spread across four counties, only one of which is on the coast, the duchy is nothing out of the ordinary.

Also, the name fits. Just call it Gloucester if you need to pronounce it. Seriously, no one will judge you.

However, its salvation is the unique special building inside: the famous one stonehenge.

With its elevating learning style and attributes, the county of Wiltshire is always a contender to become part of your personal domain. Then why not the whole Duchy?

Keep in mind that it’s always possible to not create the duchy at all and hold the county yourself. However, this can cause problems with your minions if the environment is not constantly monitored.

3. kent

Kent / Crusader Kings III

The Duchy of Kent gets its place in the top 3 mainly because of the unique building it owns. This, of course, is Canterbury Cathedral, a Catholic holy site in the game.

With 12 holding slots spread across just 3 counties, you can easily secure the duchy for yourself while still having the ability to control another. Additionally, two of the three counties are on the coast and have plains and forests, making them ideal for making money.

Unfortunately, the unique building is indirectly controlled by you when playing as a Catholic. Your Realm Priest will control it, and you must have as high an opinion of him as possible to reap the full benefits.

2. Essex


The realm of the East Saxons, East Seaxe or Essex in contemporary English, could not be missing from this list.

With 19 stops in 5 districts and farmland, plains and forests, it’s an excellent place to build and make lots of money. Two of the districts are also on the coast, allowing for the Trade Port building line!

In addition, the county of Middlesex, where London is located, has a dedicated building site. A building you must construct yourself: the Tower of London.

Its bonuses are nothing special, but I can assure you that it will make the settlement siege a nightmare for your enemies.

This in turn allows you to construct only farm buildings in the county of Middlesex while ensuring massive defenses against besieging armies.

1. York

York / Crusader Kings III

Well folks, the Vikings were apparently right all along!

First place goes to no other duchy than that of York.

Jorvik if you’re a Viking, or Deira if you’re an Anglo-Saxon.

Unlike the War of the Roses, there is no competition between York and Lancaster. York wins easily.

With a whopping 19 holdings spread across just 4 counties, the Duchy offers you insane value as a player. It can easily be paired with another Duchy very early on as it consumes very little of your domain limit.

In addition, all but one of the counties are coastal. And many of the holding slots are already set up.

York is also a sacred place for rulers who follow the Ásatrú faith and gives you access to a special religious building.

When playing in the British Isles, you should always aim for the Duchy of York as part of your domain. Even if you keep your funds outside of it for roleplaying purposes, make sure your player legacy always inherits York. Top 5 Best Duchies in England – FandomSpot


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