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If there’s one thing that the Darkish Souls franchise is thought for, it’s the superb bossfights, starting from laughably straightforward to brutally exhausting.

Very often, probably the most memorable encounters that depart the largest affect are the hardest ones.

You’re not going to inform your mates about the way you “killed hole soldier #4”, however you’re certain as hell going to flaunt once you beat Ornstein and Smough in 5 much less tries than they did!

So we’re taking a more in-depth have a look at the bosses most frequently heard in tales of disappointment and triumph: the largest, baddest monsters across the land!


20. Guardian Dragon

Guardian Dragon from Dark Souls 2

Beginning issues off, we’ve received a traditional creature that each one RPG video games ought to have in them, a dragon.

When going by way of the sport for the primary time, this fire-breathing lizard positively gave me extra hassle for what it’s price.

You see, should you’re fortunate the Guardian Dragon will simply attempt to chunk you repeatedly, ignoring the probabilities of its different assaults – making the combat a chunk of cake.

For those who’re unfortunate, the dragon will go airborne and begin roleplaying as a bomber plane, consistently barraging you with fireballs, leaving little to no room or openings so that you can get a success in.

A defend with excessive fire-resistance such because the Gyrm Greatshield ought to significantly assist you to slay this dragon.

The place to combat: Aldia’s Preserve


19. The Rotten

The Rotten Dark Souls 2

This is without doubt one of the bosses the place attending to the boss is definitely tougher than the boss itself.

Let’s be trustworthy:

The Black Gulch is a horrible space crammed with poison statues and outcrops, and simple sufficient to fall to your loss of life should you’re attempting to totally loot the world.

The Rotten is a huge slow-moving mass of hollows stitched collectively, making it a wonderful opponent for goal observe.

For melee builds, the good-ole technique of circle, hit, and run, ought to work effectively sufficient.

Simply bear in mind – don’t get grasping or your physique can be added to the pile!

The place to combat: Black Gulch


18. Outdated Dragonslayer

Old Dragonslayer Dark Souls 2 screenshot

Image this:

You’ve killed the Dragonrider, both by way of honorable fight or different shady means (wink wink), you’ve made your manner by way of the opposite half of Heide’s Tower, killing the wyvern after some tries, and eventually stroll by way of the fog gate to come across the boss.

You see Ornstein.


Okay, okay.

Outdated Dragonslayer won’t be on Darkish Souls 1 Ornstein’s degree, however he’s fairly the problem for this level within the recreation.

Particularly should you’re one of many poor souls that one way or the other fights him as their first boss.

The place to combat: Heide’s Tower of Flame


17. King Vendrick

King Vendrick in DS2

The ruler of Drangleic, now gone hole and locked away endlessly within the Undead Crypt.

King Vendrick has numerous causes for why he deserves this spot on the listing.

Initially, you’re going to wish some Large Souls should you don’t need your combat to final for two hours, since for each one among mentioned souls in your possession, the King’s defenses get lowered.

Secondly, he hits like a truck!

Whereas his strikes could be counted on one hand, you actually don’t need to be hit by any of them.

Vendrick is a sluggish and repetitive methodical combat, the place a single mistake may price you your life.

The place to combat: Undead Crypt


16. Belfry Gargoyles

Belfry Gargoyles from Dark Souls 2

One side that provides what I’d name “comparatively synthetic problem” to boss fights is preventing a number of enemies concurrently.

And I name it “relative” as a result of most of those multi-bosses develop into dramatically simpler with even a single summon serving to you.

Out of all of them, I discover the Belfry Gargoyles to be the simplest as a result of their telegraphed assaults.

Strike weapons must be your go-to for this combat, making it straightforward to rapidly pick-off the gargoyles one after the other, earlier than the following one spawns.

Within the heydays of Darkish Souls 2, making your method to the fog gate earlier than getting invaded was the actual battle.

The place to combat: Belfry Luna


15. Wanting Glass Knight

Looking Glass Knight Dark Souls 2

This boss’ problem significantly relies on what sort of nightmare will come out of their defend.

If it’s an NPC, the combat must be average.

If it’s one other participant, you higher pray to Gwyn for them to not be an skilled PvPer.

Aside from that, I’d suggest summoning actual gamers over NPCs (like Benhart) for this combat, simply so that you combat “fireplace with fireplace” in case of emergency.

As with different armored bosses, strike is the popular damage-type to take into this battle too.

The place to combat: King’s Passage


14. The Pursuer

The Pursuer Dark Souls 2 screenshot

Now for this one, I’ve actually received to specify which one I’m speaking about.

In my view, probably the most difficult out of the fights is the very first time you throughout the Pursuer – on the roof on the Forest of the Fallen Giants.

The second most difficult can be the double-trouble encounter in Drangleic fort (solely at bonfire depth 2+), when the Pursuers have a contest of who can put their sword by way of your chest probably the most occasions.

In each different state of affairs, I’d rank the fights as manner simpler.

The place to combat: Forest of the Fallen Giants, Issues Betwixt, Misplaced Bastille, Iron Preserve, and Drangleic Fort


13. Break Sentinels

Ruin Sentinels from Dark Souls 2

The Break Sentinels is each newcomer’s first expertise with power in numbers.

You start the combat on a small ledge, going up in opposition to a single enemy. Then should you’re not fast sufficient (or fall down), you notice why there’s an “s” on the finish of the phrase “Sentinel-s”.

Whereas a singled out Sentinel poses little menace, collectively they flip into spinning death-machines, making the combat considerably tougher.

Noobies may additionally study damage-types right here, after seeing their trusty longsword bounce of the Sentinels’ shiny plate.

The place to combat: Misplaced Bastille


12. Velstadt, The Royal Aegis

Velstadt, The Royal Aegis in DS2

Velstadt is right here to indicate Vendrick who the actual boss of the Crypt is.

This combat has you going in opposition to the tank of a person, exhibiting you that he’s the Royal Aegis for a cause.

Swinging his huge bell round, Velstadt’s assaults can (and can) destroy most unprepared adventurers.

Don’t be fooled by his huge and sluggish look, or else you’ll be caught off-guard by a greathammer to the face!

The place to combat: Undead Crypt


11. Sir Alonne

Sir Alonne Dark Souls 2

I needed to assume for a second about if I needed to incorporate this boss within the listing.

Sir Alonne is taken into account among the finest and most pleasant fights within the recreation, all as a result of its simplicity.

No low cost methods, or flashy lights.

Simply you and the captain of the Iron King going toe to toe.

Sadly that is ruined by the horrible run-up to the fog-gate.

Enjoyable truth – should you defeat him with out taking any injury, Sir Alonne will commit seppuku, taking his personal life out of disgrace.

The place to combat: Reminiscence of the Outdated Iron King


10. Throne Watcher and Throne Defender

Throne Watcher and Throne Defender from Dark Souls 2

As we’re getting into the highest ten right here, the fights start to be way more robust and difficult.

The Throne Pair is encountered on the very finish of the sport, and regarded by many to be the actual remaining boss of the sport (DLC not included), even when there’s two extra bosses after them.

A really simple combat, made troublesome solely due to the simultaneous assault.

For those who’re alone, attempt to preserve a watch out for the Defender, whereas whittling down the Watcher little by little.

The place to combat: Throne of Need


9. Smelter Demon

Smelter Demon Dark Souls 2 screenshot

There are technically two Smelter Demon bosses in Darkish Souls 2, each sharing the identical mechanics.

And each of them are a burning ache.

This fireplace from hell teaches gamers that generally you’re not simply preventing in opposition to a monster, however time itself.

What which means is the Smelter Demon has a radiating aura that can slowly however certainly kill you, should you don’t kill it first.

That is the primary combat that makes summoned gamers a hinderance, since incompetent companions will passively harm you by extending the time the boss is alive.

The place to combat: Iron Preserve, Iron Passage


8. Historic Dragon

Ancient Dragon from Dark Souls 2

I introduced up the time period earlier, however now we’re stripping the “relative” off, as a result of this problem is solely synthetic.

The Historic Dragon is annoying for one single cause:

Its absurd quantity of well being.

It’s additionally a really boring boss, seeing that the one factor you do is hug its foot, assault, wait, and repeat.

A really related state of affairs like King Vendrick, however no less than that one is extra participating.

The place to combat: Aldia’s Preserve


7. Sinh, The Slumbering Dragon

Sinh, The Slumbering Dragon in DS2

Slumbering no extra, Sinh has awoken and is able to destroy tools and fry interlopers.

Similar to each different winged lizard on this recreation, Sinh likes to fly round, spit fireplace, and basically wreak havoc.

To make issues worse, Sinh’s assaults could cause poisonous buildup, and any weapon connecting along with his conceal will undergo from greater-than-normal sturdiness loss.

Be sure you replenish on moss and different useful consumables earlier than the combat.

The place to combat: Dragon’s Relaxation


6. Darklurker

Darklurker from Dark Souls 2

Darklurker is a secret boss, and the ultimate problem you’ll face in an effort to attain the utmost rank with the Pilgrims of Darkish.

The overwhelming majority of individuals taking part in DS2 go at it as pure melee characters.

And people are the sort of builds that undergo in opposition to this boss.

Darklurker is a no-summons, heavy-spellcasting angel of loss of life, which splits itself into two round midway by way of the combat – basically doubling the issue.

A technique I’ve seen thrown round lots you can attempt should you’re struggling, is utilizing a Soul Vessel to respec into pyromancies or miracles, after which switching again when you’ve deep-fried Darklurker.

The place to combat: Darkish Chasm of Outdated


5. Elana, Squalid Queen

Elana, Squalid Queen in DS2

Elana is the primary boss you’ll come throughout once you set foot contained in the DLCs.

And boy is she a deal with.

The primary drawback of this combat, and one thing you’ll rapidly notice, is that you just’re not going to be alone with the Queen for a really very long time.

After the combat has elapsed, Elana can use her potential to name forth servants to help her, together with a well-recognized face from earlier in your travels, Velstadt.

Any and all dark-resistant tools you may muster can be useful in opposition to her darkish magic.

The place to combat: Dragon’s Relaxation


4. Troubled Graverobber, Historic Soldier Varg, and Cerah the Outdated Explorer

Afflicted Graverobber, Ancient Soldier Varg, and Cerah the Old Explorer Dark Souls 2

Sheesh, that’s a mouthful to say!

For those who had hassle in opposition to any of the opposite group-bosses, you’re going to like these guys, henceforth named “The Ganksquad”.

The combat manages to seize the sensation of invading somebody whereas they’ve 2 phantoms on their facet.

As in, put together for ache.

This battle is the competitor for the “Worst fog gate runup” title, whereas additionally being a depressing bossfight itself.

You’re gonna get shot, stabbed, poisoned, and pummeled, till you determine the right kiting sequence wanted to take these guys down one after the other.

Attempt specializing in Cerah first as he’s probably the most fragile (he’s outdated, in spite of everything..)

The place to combat: Cave of the Useless


3. Burnt Ivory King

Burnt Ivory King from Dark Souls 2

The conclusive finale of the final DLC is a battle in opposition to the King of Eleum Loyce.

That is yet one more extremely troublesome combat when tackled alone.

You’ll should survive and endure in opposition to a number of waves of enemies earlier than going through the King, who’s a fantastic problem himself.

Earlier than operating in like a headless hen, you may recruit a number of pleasant knights to assist you in battle, and from the epithet “Burnt” within the boss’ identify, one can assume tools with excessive fireplace resistance can be of use.

The place to combat: The Outdated Chaos


2. Lud and Zallen, the King’s Pets

Lud and Zallen, the King’s Pets Dark Souls 2

You’ve heard me speak about horrible “runups” to the fog gate thus far.

And now I’ve the consideration to current you with THE WORST space (and subsequently boss-run) in the whole recreation!

That’s proper: the Frigid Outskirts is a good white expanse that might be deleted from the sport and completely no one would complain.

You see, inside the Outskirts, the Ice stallions make their residence.

These are huge, invisible frozen reindeers that stalk you and make their transfer solely when the snowstorm is raging (and your imaginative and prescient is impaired).

The bosses themselves are two large saber-toothed kitties that strike with unrelenting pressure.

You’re going to should masterfully weave by way of their assaults and deal injury in an especially conservative method if you wish to come out of this combat triumphant.

Killing both one causes the opposite to enrage, significantly buffing its stats.

They’re similar to Aava, the King’s pet, however who would’ve thought that preventing two of these issues without delay can be a significant headache?

The place to combat: Frigid Outskirts


1. Fume Knight

Fume Knight Dark Souls 2 screenshot

Alright, alright. All of us knew it was coming.

Raime, the Fume Knight, is an notorious boss.

And maybe one of many hardest fights within the whole Darkish Souls franchise.

Wielding a longsword in a single hand, and an extremely greatsword within the different, this boss can be a testomony to any participant’s will that chooses to face him – alone or with mates.

He’s resistant, if not straight up immune to most injury sorts. And the vast majority of his assaults could be outright deadly.

Round midway by way of the combat, Raime throws away his longsword, and continues the combat along with his buffed-up UGS, gaining new lethal particular assaults.

Outdoors his enviornment are 4 Ashen Idols that must be destroyed with Smelter Wedges, else the Fume Knight will quickly heal whereas standing on the perimeters of his enviornment.

Defeating this boss solo is without doubt one of the best achievements a Souls participant can earn!

The place to combat: Brume Tower | High 20 Hardest Bosses in Darkish Souls 2 (Ranked) – FandomSpot


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