Top 10 most satisfying dash mechanics in video games

As the gaming industry has evolved over time, certain fast paced games have tended to adopt more and more mechanics that can be used to spice up gameplay. Dashing is one such mechanic that is present in most action-heavy titles and platform games and can be executed with an absolute bang. A picture-perfect dash serves the dual purpose of dodging an enemy’s attack while allowing time to launch a damaging counterattack.

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That being said, the Dash mechanic isn’t universal across the game, with some titles incorporating this mechanic more successfully than others. In the titles that follow, using a dash move is extremely satisfying when done with the right timing. It’s one of the many reasons these games are so much fun to play through in the first place!

10 Hades

Hades is one of the best roguelike titles of all time. Charging and slashing enemies before decimating the game’s bosses is a great time indeed.

It helps that Zagreus’ Dash can also be boosted, either by leveling him up in the Mirror of Night or by gaining boons from a run. Turning that dodge mechanic into a damage dealer is pretty satisfying indeed.

9 fury

fury is a boss rush game that requires players to be on their toes to deal with the imposing menace of these dramatic showdowns. They must use every tool at their disposal to defeat these bosses, including their sprint move.

A well-timed dash move is crucial to avoiding the many hard-hitting moves in this game. Without using that hyphen, move into it furyplayers will see the game on screen more often than not!

8th The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

The Dash pulls in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt is only available in a few selected cases. This is when players can control Ciri and marvel at how effective and eye-catching her dodges are.

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It’s more of a sprint, with Ciri almost teleporting forward in one of the game’s coolest moves. It’s easy to see why so many people love controlling Ciri, with her amazing swing and powerful moves being one of the many reasons why.

7 Celeste

Celeste is a groundbreaking platformer that every fan of the genre should check out. The surprisingly compelling story and fun but challenging platforming add up to something very special.

Celeste may not be the longest game, but its challenging gameplay will keep players coming back and experimenting with the mechanics. Dash mechanics are a critical part of platform gameplay that must be mastered for the best results.

6 Katana zero

As well as The witcher 3the main character of Katana zero doesn’t really have a dash mechanic per se. Rather, his dodge-roll maneuver lets him cycle through certain attacks and unleash a powerful counterattack that should take care of most enemies in the game.

However, when players control Fifteen, also known as The Dragon, they can experiment with one of the best dash techniques in gaming history. The dragon’s regular attack is basically a quick move that slashes anything in its path. It’s easy to see why this mechanic is so much fun to play around with in the game.

5 eternal doom

eternal doom took whatever worked well in the original demise and cranked up to the max. The sheer improvements made to combat and traversal were monumental, making the game a high-speed gore-fest.

One of these mechanics involved falling, which allowed the player to quickly gain a lot of distance to make the fight even more fast-paced and fun. It’s easy to see why so many fans were having a blast with it eternal doomwith that dash mechanic that lets them shred and shred enemies in quick succession.

4 return

It’s great to see that the rogue-lite genre has made such big strides that AAA publishers are experimenting with it. return is a PS5-exclusive bullet hell roguelike that requires players to be on their toes at every step.

Everyone walks in return is a visual bonanza of explosions and bullets that players must avoid at all costs. The dash mechanic is particularly useful and fun as it allows players to avoid specific attacks and ranged missiles with precise timing.

3 It takes two

It takes two is an excellent co-op platformer adventure that keeps the gameplay fresh in every section of the game. Two friends who decide to try this game will have a lot of fun from start to finish.

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It takes two doesn’t waste time putting players in the heart of the action as the platforming is pretty slick and concise. Jumping and rushing through the game’s many platforming sections is quite satisfying, with the latter mechanic being a great way to give players more control over their character’s actions in the game world.

2 ghost walker

ghost walker is a fast-paced action game that requires players to blast through levels using a variety of abilities they have access to. One of the most important gameplay mechanics is the dash move, which players must master in order to clear most levels with ease.

ghost walker wastes no time letting players know that the game will be anything but easy. Thankfully, once players master dash mechanics, both combat and platforming become much more manageable.

1 neon white

Speaking of fast-paced first-person games with dash mechanics, it’s impossible not to mention it neon white. This is the most recently released title on this list, combining elements of speedrunning and platforming to create an immersive experience.

Dashing in game isn’t exactly an ability and is technically a consumable that allows players to chain together different moves. That’s the main reason neon white is such a huge success that this precarious act of juggling is crucial to clearing most levels in record time.

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