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Buddhist nations may not make up a large percentage of all nations in EUIV, but they compensate with their unique flair and starting points.

Despite being largely geographically limited to Tibet and Indochina, the three sects of Buddhism in the game offer many good campaign options.

Buddhist nations have been getting a lot of flavor lately, offering some of the most satisfying campaign experiences. In fact, many of the nations on this list have given me some of my favorite in-game moments!

10 Lan Xang

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Lan Xang initial situation and national ideas. / EU4

Lan Xang begins the game controlling all but one province with Lao culture. A large part of your early campaign will be to seize control of this one independent province and overshadow the Viet to the east.

Later, the path to the unification of Indochina and the formation of the nation of Siam is open to you. Opportunities could also arise in the north.

If you sense weakness in the Celestial Realm, do not hesitate to claim the Mandate for yourself.

Their unique mission tree offers some of the best buffs for cavalry gameplay.

Well in this case Elephant gameplay! If you’ve always wanted to field large elephant-based armies, then Lan Xang is a nation you must try.

Lan Xang’s national collection of ideas is inferior to that of Siam. When you create Siam, just choose to change ideas into the new set.

9. Pagarruyung

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Pagarruyung initial situation and national ideas. / EU4

Pagarruyung (along with Pahang in Peninsular Malay) are the only two Malaysian nations that follow a Buddhist faith.

Pagarruyung is isolated on Sumatra, surrounded on all sides by Muslim and Hindu nations.

Your unique national ideas tend to be lackluster, but this can be mitigated by founding another nation later. Pagarruyung also has access to the generic Malaysian mission tree, which features some pretty sharp modifiers (pun intended).

Frankly, Pagarruyung gets its place in the list because of its unique starting point as a Buddhist nation in Sumatra. If you want to be the outsider and convert the archipelago to Buddhism, this should be your next campaign.

8th. Dai Viet

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Dai Viet initial situation and national ideas. / EU4

Dai Viet is one of the most unique nations in the game.

The nation has a culture that has changed culture groups from patch to patch, and follows one of the most obscure religions in the game. Mahayana Buddhism is followed only by Dai Viet and an OPM in Peninsular Malay.

Dai Viet’s unique and powerful national idea set (seriously, who else gets a culture conversion cost reduction?) and unique mission tree will bring you distinctive and tasteful gameplay.

The game takes you to the heavenly throne in China. Gather your powers, wait for a weakness in Beijing and strike the fastest.

With an early event enabling you to embrace Confucianism, the Great Project in Hue, the national idea of ​​mandate growth, and the option to transfer your culture to the Chinese culture group, you have all the tools at your disposal to embrace the mandate of the claim heaven and rule China from the south!

The Disciplines of Enlightenment unique achievement provides a fun challenge and forces you to play the early game differently.

7. pegu

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Pegu initial situation and national ideas. / EU4

Pegu represents the last remnants of the Mon culture. Pegu controls one of the richest regions in the game, the Irrawaddy Delta, and is able to dominate trade from the start.

Of the five provinces you start with, two have great projects within them.

Actually two of the best major projects in the game.

Their national ideas are strong but nothing extraordinary.

What sets Pegu apart is his mission tree. While not huge, it offers a unique approach to gameplay. The vassalization of neighboring rival kingdoms changes their name to the traditional Mon name, giving them Mon as their primary culture.

Associated with Pegu are two unique achievements that not even all major European nations can claim!

One of my favorite campaigns was playing a big game as Pegu and shooting the two achievements. I recommend trying it at least once. Note, however, that the early game can be difficult depending on the alliance networks that form.

6. tsang

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Tsang initial situation and national ideas. / EU4

Tsang represents the Tibetan Vajrayana sect of Buddhism. Everything said applies to the other few Tibetan nations. They all share the same Tibetan ideas, which are quite strong indeed.

The small and compact Tibetan mission tree hides one of the most powerful events in the game. This is the infamous “meeting with the khans”. If you complete the mission, you will have the opportunity to turn into a horde!

But even if you don’t go down this path, you can still play as Tibet and establish a Buddhist vassal kingdom in Bengal and eventually claim the throne of China.

A campaign different from what you are surely used to.

Using the Himalayan terrain to your advantage and crushing armies that outnumber you 10 to 1 is always a fun experience.

5. Khmer

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Initial situation of the Khmer and national ideas. / EU4

The Khmer Empire entered its Dark Ages a few years before the start of the game.

The once great Khmer empire, plagued by the southward migration of the Tai peoples, has become a shadow of itself.

Unique national ideas and a mission tree add a lot of flavor to the nation. However, most of the early game flavor is offered through a unique starting disaster that you must work towards the end of.

This disaster will largely define your early game. After consolidating the empire’s core lands, you can look outward to reclaim Cambodia’s lost legacy and establish hegemony over all of Southeast Asia.

Highly recommended for anyone who loves comeback stories!

4. Kale

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Kale initial situation and national ideas. / EU4

Kale was chosen to represent the diverse states of the Shan people primarily because of his unique achievement.

Oh boy and what a unique achievement that is.

Arguably the most difficult in the game, it requires you to conquer all of the grassland provinces in Asia before the Age of Absolutism.

Kale’s generic Shan ideas aren’t particularly interesting.

However, like all Shan States, Kale has access to a unique mission that allows you to inherit all other Shan States. Yes exactly.

You just team them up, press a button and whoosh. Congratulations, you now control most of Burma.

If you selected Kale, you probably want the Eat your Greens achievement. I’ll save you the trouble and show you the best way to do it:

Tibet. Form Tibet and become a horde through their mission tree.

Another note: Siam does not have the “is not a Horde” condition. You can form it if your primary culture is in the Tai group.

3. candy

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Kandy initial situation and national ideas. / EU4

Kandy starts out as the only Buddhist nation in India along with its overlord Kotte.

Kandy is preferred to its overlord because it has an additional unique achievement on top of the one they both share.

On the island of Sri Lanka, relatively isolated and without a lot of expansion opportunities, your early game will be tough. Allying Bahmanis and attacking Vijayanagar will be your only effective expansion option after breaking away and annexing your island rival.

A refreshing experience in India for sure.

Playing as something other than a Hindu or Muslim nation with no pagan tolerance modifiers is an experience unique to the subcontinent.

Do you have what it takes to help the Buddhists fight back and re-establish Buddhism as the main religion in India?

2. taungoo

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Taungoo initial situation and national ideas. / EU4

Taungoo is the archetypal rags to riches campaign.

Dating from just one province and a tributary of the mighty Ava to the north, Taungoo can hardly claim independence. However, they historically rose to become the largest empire in Indochina, even defeating the mighty Qing dynasty at its peak!

Despite its appearance, Taungoo has unique events, missions and is the primary nation of Burmese culture.

The extensive mission tree takes you on a path of subjugation and conquest of Indochina, culminating in the invasion of China.

Taungoo has a unique achievement that used to be arguably the most difficult in the game.

It wants you to capture your entire culture group up to 1500. The Burmese culture group has since downsized significantly, making the performance a breeze.

Can you recreate the historic success of Taungoo and claim supremacy across Indochina and beyond?

1. Ayutthaya

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Ayutthaya initial situation and national ideas. / EU4

The kingdom of Ayutthaya in 1444 is undoubtedly the strongest power in Indochina.

Surrounded by friendly minions and weaker rivals on all sides, early-game expansion will be easy.

Well, submission, not expansion.

Like most mission trees in the region, Ayutthaya’s mission encourages spawning minions around you and developing your already controlled core lands. This is complemented by the Mandala government bonuses and your national ideas.

Ayutthaya can found Siam on different terms than other Tai nations, giving them access to an even more powerful array of national ideas.

In fact, it can turn them into the most powerful cavalry-focused military in the game. Sorry Poles, your winged hussars will have to wait for the next DLC!

Ayutthaya also has a simple, unique achievement available that gives even more incentive to try out the nation. In general, if you want a chill campaign in Indochina to get a feel for the region, Ayutthaya is the right option for you. Especially if you like trampling your enemies with elephants.

Combining flavor, power, fun, unique gameplay and an achievement, Ayutthaya deserves its place at the top of the list. Top 10 Most Interesting Buddhist Nations in EU4 – FandomSpot


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