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Have you ever ever had your nostril to the grind doing FATEs or your day by day Beast Tribe quests, and also you see one other participant move by on a very outrageous, wacky, how-does-that-thing-even-fly mount?

A mount so ridiculous you get distracted for a second. And as they wildly flail round, straddling an outsized fowl with the teensiest wings, you crack a smile. Possibly even a strong chuckle.

Effectively in the event you’re as hooked on the Mount Roulette characteristic as I’m, having a strong assortment of the extra lighthearted mounts within the sport can preserve you driving to and out of your locations with a smile in your face – and possibly even encourage the identical in your fellow Eorzeans.

Should you’re trying so as to add some zany zest to your assortment, try these picks beneath and let the gloriously chubby cheeks of Fats Chocobo flip that frown the other way up.


10. Fats Chocobo

Fat Chocobo Mount running / FFXIV
Image source by Yunniecorn / © SQUARE ENIX CO., LTD. All Rights Reserved.

Ah, Fats Chocobo. The unique “what-the-heck?” mount in FFXIV.

Fats Chocobo’s been delighting gamers since 2014 (Patch 2.2: By way of The Maelstrom).

Regardless of how typically I see its chunky waddle, child wings, eyelids closed, pathetic biting on the bunch of gysahl greens hanging from the stick you’re holding, it by no means fails to encourage the a part of me that yearns for quirkiness in my MMORPGs.

Did I point out the mount music?

Two phrases: Dissonant Trombones.

Initially terrestrial, tubby was made a flying mount in Heavensward, and someway this bloated and beloved fowl captured our hearts as soon as extra because it miraculously took to the sky, aided by the feeble beating of its lil’ wings.

The right way to get: The Fats Chocobo Whistle is acquired by registering the Collector’s Version of A Realm Reborn ($19.99 to improve).


9. Dodo

Dodo Bird Mount / FFXIV
Image source by Woman Pandora Heinstein / © SQUARE ENIX CO., LTD. All Rights Reserved.

Protecting with our theme of goofy birds, what the Dodo lacks in cuteness it greater than makes up for in ridiculousness.

Your character holds on for expensive life throughout its operating animation, giving the mount its signature out-of-control look.

Throughout flight, poor Dodo opens its beak to pant.

And much like Fats Chocobo, its tiny wings strive their hardest to maintain you airborne.

As a comedic bonus, just about all races minus the Lalafell look outsized when driving the Dodo – which might be why it desires to buck you off continuously!

The right way to get: The Dodo Horn is obtained from platinum-haloed sacks in Heaven-on-Excessive (flooring 71-100).


8. Laurel Goobbue

Laurel Goobbue Green Creature Mount / FFXIV
Image source by Mary Kris Video games / © SQUARE ENIX CO., LTD. All Rights Reserved.

What might be extra outrageous than sitting snugly atop the pinnacle of a previously formidable foe?

Seeing your character perched proudly above Laurel Goobbue’s terrifying toothy grin and beady eyes is downright foolish.

Seeing all this occur from the again (this mount has dad-bod 100% and extra rolls than a Pillsbury advert) is peak leisure.

After all it flies, foolish!

FFXIV has a knack for logic-bending its earlier ground-only mounts into the air.

And this one’s no exception.

I guess somebody at Sq. Enix had numerous enjoyable animating Laurel Goobbue’s wavy noodle arms for flight mode.

The right way to get: The Laurel Goobbue Horn might be bought for 120,000gil from the Sylph Vendor in Little Solace after you’ve reached rank 7 (Trusted) with the tribe.


7. Fatter Cat

Fatter Cat Flying Mount / FFXIV
Image source by Woman Pandora Heinstein / © SQUARE ENIX CO., LTD. All Rights Reserved.

The primary time I summoned Fatter Cat, I used to be unprepared.

I used to be greeted with the sweetest meow, and out popped this chonk of a cream-colored cat loafing snugly on the bottom.

When Fatter Cat runs, it’s obtained an lovable skip to its step. And it waddles its dainty paws within the air throughout flight.

I’ve by no means seen a cat fly in actual life. However that is precisely how I’d image it.

Oddly sufficient, the Palace of the Lifeless theme music performs when mounted. So that you may wish to have the mount music off in the event you discover it distracting.

The right way to get: The Fatter Cat Bugle might be bought on the MogStation ($16.80, lowered from $24).


6. Mikoshi

Standing on Mikoshi Mount / FFXIV
Image source by Unknown / © SQUARE ENIX CO., LTD. All Rights Reserved.

Mikoshi is… extravagant, to say the least.

And any “hold-on-for-dear-life” sort ought to make anybody’s record of goofiest mounts.

A faithful workforce of eight lovable Namazu carry you, Japanese norimono (a kind of palanquin) fashion, in close to good unison.

What’s extra, the Mikoshi mount has a particular motion referred to as ‘Wasshoi’, by which the workforce does a “heave-ho!” culminating in a flurry of golden air sparkles.

Hilarity ensues when Mikoshi takes flight — your Namazu associates, by the grace of no matter pressure propels the norimono by the air, maintain on by dangling from the wood beams.

One in all them even will get drained and goes… catatonic(?) in the event you keep suspended within the air too lengthy.

The right way to get: The Mikoshi Flute is obtained by spending 20 Namazu Koban tokens after you attain rank 8 (Bloodsworn) with the tribe.


5. Sabotender Emperador

Sabotender Emperador Big Cactuar Mount / FFXIV
Image source by u/deetomonzta / © SQUARE ENIX CO., LTD. All Rights Reserved.

There’s no higher strategy to show your love of Gold Saucer grinding than with Sabotender Emperador — it’s primarily a rideable Gold Saucer miniature, and there’s rather a lot to absorb.

You sit atop considered one of its cactus arms, accompanied by a peppy Chocobo chick and a Moogle.

I’m not fairly certain how a bouncing cactus sounds.

However I’ve a fairly good concept after driving this mount round in terrestrial-mode.

When Sabotender takes flight, six balloons (that includes Fats Cat!) come out, reaching its pinnacle of nonsensical silliness. Chocobo chick even goes airborne!

The right way to get: The Sabotender Emperador Horn might be bought on the Gold Saucer for a whopping 2 million MGP.


4. Starlight Bear

Starlight Bear Christmas Mount / FFXIV
Image source by SnowdropRaccoon / © SQUARE ENIX CO., LTD. All Rights Reserved.

Sleigh bells ring, are you listening?

Now, bear with me on this one. Probably the most seasonal decide on the record, Starlight Bear can be utilized year-round – however its crimson and white fur-trimmed cap and coat undoubtedly conjure a sure wintry vacation cheer.

This mount turns into un-bear-ably goofy whenever you begin to spam its mount-specific motion, Starburst, a targetable AoE that makes Starlight Bear throw exploding presents.

This one’s a should to drag out through the holidays — you’re certain to encourage pleasure within the hearts of all.

The right way to get: The Starlight Bear Horn might be bought for $12 from the FFXIV On-line Retailer.


3. Spriggan Stonecarrier

Spriggan Stonecarrier Black Fuzzy Creature Mount / FFXIV
Image source by SnowdropRaccoon / © SQUARE ENIX CO., LTD. All Rights Reserved.

No person’s fairly certain what a spriggan is.

They seem like a cross between a soot-blasted bunny and Fizzgig from The Darkish Crystal.

With toothpick legs and a love of mining, spriggans are a historically hostile creature recognized to gather and throw stones at gamers.

…aside from the one carrying you in its basket.

Spriggan Stonecarrier is as undeniably pleasant (it’s obtained a sunflower pinned to its satchel and butterflies flying close by) as it’s wacky.

When in flight, a halo of purple gems encompass you because it lifts you on high of its head, gliding by the air with a large toothy smile on its face (which additionally doubles as its physique).

The right way to get: The Spriggan Stonecarrier Horn might be bought on the MogStation ($16.80, lowered from $24).


2. Korpokkur Kolossus

Korpokkur Kolossus Green Plant Mount / FFXIV
Image source by u/Nari_Tia / © SQUARE ENIX CO., LTD. All Rights Reserved.

Korpokkur are often small, therefore the -Kolossus.

They’re primarily little bloated moss balls with a sprout protruding from their heads, the apex of which is an enormous leaf with an attractive crystalline water droplet resting inside.

One other Gold Saucer grind, Korpokkur appears to have drunk approach an excessive amount of water, leading to its epic dimension and ridiculous look.

When in terrestrial mode, it does a pleasant hop. And in flight, it casts a luminous inexperienced glow, propelled by an attractive spiral wind.

How the water droplet manages to remain within the leaf is past me.

The right way to get: The Korpokkur Kolossus Whistle might be bought on the Gold Saucer for a modest 750,000 MGP.


1. Adamantoise

Sitting on Adamantoise Mount / FFXIV
Image source by u/Bleghel / © SQUARE ENIX CO., LTD. All Rights Reserved.

Earlier than I introduce my high decide, I’ve to ask:

When’s the final time you cried your self laughing?

At first look, Adamantoise isn’t something particular. It’s an enormous ol’ tortoise with a carpet draped excessive of its shell.

And the informal approach your character sits on it belies an madness that nobody’s ready for the primary time they see it.

When in flight, Adamantoise tucks its head and limbs into its shell and begins to quickly whirl round, fueled by fiery jet propulsions emanating from its… leg holes.

I may spend a lifetime making an attempt to explain my inside confusion and never come near an outline that does this turtle justice.

The cherry on high is how your character maintains their indifference whereas spinning.

The right way to get: The Adamantoise Whistle might be bought on the Gold Saucer for an affordable 200,000 MGP. | High 10 Funniest & Goofiest Mounts In The Recreation – FandomSpot


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