Top 10 best female characters in 2021

For better or worse, 2021 is coming to an end, and it’s been a somewhat unusual year for the gaming industry. In the light of The ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, many games have been delayed or slated for release around 2022. But this has allowed some unexpected gems to emerge, emphasizing the surprising qualities that make each game so unique and memorable.

The past year in the gaming arena has seen many brilliant writing women who are determined in their quests, whether it’s escaping a dangerous planet, stopping a protagonist, or discovering break the truth. Although, like anyone, these women have flaws, this imperfection ultimately serves as a catalyst in their story and decisions would not exist without them. their influencing role. They follow in no particular order.


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Selene (Return)

return-selene-look forward

Won Best Action Game at Game Awards 2021, Profit is a story that follows a lifelike formula that follows Selene as she explores a mysterious planet and learns that she is transported back to the time when her ship crashed every time she dies. Selene was described by the director as a “very smart” scientist whose ambitions were so strong that they made her “make mistakes”. However, it’s not every day that female characters are portrayed as astronauts or aerospace engineers, especially in games.

Lady Dimitrescu (Resident Evil Village)

Resident Evil Village Lady Dimitrescu Vampire Girl
Resident Evil Village Lady Dimitrescu Vampire Girl

Also known as the ‘bulky’ lady, Lady Dimitrescu is one of the biggest icons to come out of the gaming industry in recent years, despite not being a villain or protagonist. in her game. She debuted in a promotional trailer for Resident Evil Village, where fans instantly fell in love with her, posting memes of their desire to be killed or trampled by her all over the internet. This leads to the discovery that Lady Dimitrescu is an amazing 9 feet 6 inches tall tall, further extolling her strength and terror, and marking the monstrous woman as the most memorable of the series. Resident Evil Village.

Yuffie (Final Fantasy 7 Remake Intermission)

More recent release of Final Fantasy 7 is a remake, Yuffie is not a new character, but just an optional playable member of Cloud’s party. Instead, she received her own dedicated story DLC through Intermission, allowing writers to explore and further expand on Yuffie’s backstory. A ninja using an oversized shuriken to fight, her DLC sets up her encounter with Cloud’s party in the near future. Redo part 2. Despite her rude and smug demeanor, she’s been credited with being a caring and loyal friend to others, which are just a few of the reasons why Yuffie has been a fan favorite ever since. Original game released.

Rivet (Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart)

Rivet builds her own prosthetic arm in Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart

Voiced by the gorgeous Jennifer Hale, Rivet is Ratchet & Clank the franchise’s first addition of a playable female character. Like Ratchet, she is a lombax as well as an alternate dimension version of him. When she was first introduced, Rivet received a positive response from fans while critics noted Hale’s emotionally captivating performance. Many have complimented Rivet’s writing style, which goes beyond simply swapping Ratchet by giving her a distinctive personality and storyline, making her an unexpected yet excellent choice for one of the best female characters of 2021.

Shionne (Tales of Arise)

The story of the shionne bullet feature arose

Shionne Vymer Imeris Daymore is one of the two main playable characters in Tales of Arise and only female. She suffers from a curse known as “thorns”, which causes intense pain to those she touches, which some consider a wonderful ability rather than a pain. Shionne’s relationship with Alphen is transparent Tales of Arise show her good nature. Because Alphen is immune to her curse, she can finally open her heart and trust others. And even though she’s more reclusive than Alphen, she’s still willing to use her healing magic on strangers. That’s not to say that Shionne isn’t strong on her own; She is a woman determined to rebel against her oppressed nation.

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Alex Chen (Life is Strange: True Colors)


Like every new mainline in Square Enix’s point-and-click adventure series, Life is Strange: True Colors introduced a (almost) brand new cast of characters, save for Before the stormis Steph Gingrich, but new protagonist Alex Chen may be a new fan favorite of the series. Like the characters Strange La river life Famous for the series, Alex is still a bit awkward but more likable than past protagonists. Alex can easily empathize with those around her, but also easily empathizes with Alex Chen as she explores a new town full of unfamiliar faces without her brother around. She is compassionate and caring, not taking anyone’s personal problems lightly as she confronts her own pain and loss. And her romance with Steph may be the strongest of the series.

Julianna (Deathloop)

Deathloop ends julianna pointing a gun at the puppy

Julianna’s role in Deathloop is an original and fresh concept, even if it doesn’t land perfectly with every player. She is the main antagonist of the game, trying to thwart Colt every step of the way, but her relationship with the protagonist grows much deeper. As a guardian of the loop, Julianna maintains a focus on her priorities and has strong determination, though her confidence sometimes turns into a cheeky attitude when she confronts Colt. While it doesn’t fit the plot, the player can instead take control of Julianna in a separate game mode and invade other players, where she continues to stop Colt in her quest to end the loop. he.

Kena (Kena: Bridge of Spirits)

Screenshot of Kena looking into the camera with Rots behind her in Kena: Bridge of Spirits.

Set in a strange fantasy world, Kena: Bridge of Spirits reminds many of Disney’s Pixar films, and the same can be said of Kena herself. Despite being a guiding spirit, this world version of Charon, guiding souls from the physical world to the spirit world, she is lively, kind, and curious. However, she is more than just a beginner spirit guide as some might expect. Kena has a lot of knowledge about helping souls through labor, but she is inexperienced. Her journey is transparent Kena: Bridge of Spirits is her adult stage where Kena, like the player, is learning about loss and how to let go.

Mantis (Marvel Guardians of the Galaxy)


Mantis’ character is quite different in Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy games than in movies or comics. In Square Enix’s game, she is much stronger. While in the MCU, Mantis simply displayed the abilities of an Empath, the video game being more in line with the comic book version, enhancing his amazing martial arts skills, precognition, and mental awareness. beyond being an Empath. Mantis is just as lovable as in the movie, but also has a bigger purpose in Guardians of the Galaxy. And even so, the game does away with the archetypal old and problematic oriental glamor woman that the comics introduced, creating Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxyis the deluxe version of Mantis.

Weapon (Halo Infinite)

a glowing blue hologram of a woman in military uniform standing in front of a large soldier, wearing green armor

In short, Weapons in Halo Infinite is a clone of Cortana, was created with the intention of locking the original AI Cortana down and finishing her off. Weapon will also be removed along with Cortana, however, she instead becomes Master Chief’s new AI companion, effectively taking on the role of Cortana, despite Master Chief’s distrust at first. she completely. While The Weapon has similar knowledge and abilities to Cortana, she is, in a way, younger and more innocent, with no history leading Cortana to her path of destruction. Much like how Master Chief reflects on decades of galactic rescue, The Weapon is a reflection of his relationship with Cortana, letting go of it, moving on to new dynamics and the future.

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