Top 10 Benefits of Gambling Online with Cryptocurrency

Since its introduction in 2008, cryptocurrency has become an active part of the financial sector. It has played a significant role in online transactions and trading, with its total capitalization, pegged at over $1trillion as of writing. In addition, prominent sectors and countries have embraced this technology, offering alternative ways for users to interact with finance. 

In the same vein, the gambling scene is not left behind. Online casinos like provide the opportunity for fans to play using modern financial technologies. But while there’s an immense delight in using cryptocurrency to play games, other boundless benefits are associated with using cryptocurrency to bet online. 

10 Advantages of Crypto-Gambling

Wondering about the benefits of gambling online? Gambling is an activity where you should pay much attention to your own security. Cryptocurrency is the safest currency for gambling. Below are our top 10 benefits of gambling online with cryptocurrency.


The exposure of users’ data while gambling online is a demerit side of gambling online. Gamblers’ data runs the risk of being breached by unethical hackers. However, cryptocurrency anonymity means users’ data are protected. Usually, cryptocurrency wallets don’t require personal data and identity. 

Users can also manage their funds directly without interference. Additionally, crypto-enabled casinos don’t require details for KYC to withdraw earnings. In fact, some gambling sites allow users to play without technically registering.

Variety of Games

Crypto gambling sites offer as many options as conventional ones. With cryptocurrency, you can play popular casino games like blackjack, slot machines, and blackjack. The quality of games is also an impressive feature. 

No Location Barrier

Some countries’ laws restrict conventional gambling sites. For example, although bitcoin casinos are illegal in some countries, significant crypto betting sites still allow bettors irrespective of location.

Exponential Bonuses

Cryptocurrency gambling platforms offer an avalanche of bonuses to new and stale gamblers. Besides registration bonuses, promotional offers are made to incentivize stale users. 


With cryptocurrency, there are a variety of cryptocurrencies you can use to start playing. For example, some casinos accept tokens from bitcoin to other altcoins like Litecoin, Dogecoin, and even recently. Here is short information about some cryptocurrencies available for gambling:

CryptocurrencyYear of FoundationPrice
Ethereum (ETH)20131,432.02 $
Litecoin (LTC)201143,49 $
Polkadot (DOT)20168,05 $
Bitcoin Cash (BCH)2017117325 $

Also, the registration on crypto casinos is pretty quick. You must connect your wallet to the site and input your email address. In the event of winnings, withdrawal with crypto casinos is secure. Since transactions are made with the immutable blockchain, critical details are not exposed to any third party. In addition, Crypto casinos are built with an intuitive design interface, making their users have an easier time using the sites. 


An indispensable feature of blockchain is the presence of fairness and equitability. Blockchain technology allows verifying the outcome of a game. To do this, players can enter a bet ID number to get independent verification of the bets placed and see if it is not manipulated.

Increased Odds

Of course, the essential aim of any casino is to make profits. In conventional crypto sites, this is seen in the House Edge feature, which refers to a percentage a casino makes from every game. Depending on games, the house edge varies, ranging from 1% to 15% with conventional casinos. But, again, this contrasts with crypto casinos’ percentages. 

Usually, the crypto house edge ranges from 0.5% to 3%. Most times, this is displayed on a casino website to gauge your chances of winning.

Low Transaction Fees

Since cryptocurrency is decentralized, there’s no presence of a third party; hence few or no transaction fees. However, you might incur a nominal transaction fee if you opt for a faster process of transaction or when you convert cryptocurrency to a fiat currency. Though, wallets often afford the option to streamline commission for a quick or low transaction.

Not Subjected To Taxation and Inflation

Bitcoin has a finite supply. That is, the volume of a bitcoin is limited, particularly to 21 million. This contrasts fiat currencies, with an infinite supply often circulated widely into the economy randomly. As a result, cryptocurrencies are more inflation-proof than fiat currencies. 

Additionally, cryptocurrencies are often not under taxation regulations. While it is taxed in other states in the US, for example, it is not in others. Therefore, you need to know the local taxation regulation before betting with cryptocurrencies.


Cryptocurrencies are decentralized. They are not privy to centralized entities like banks or independent corporations. Therefore, your crypto accounts cannot be deprived, and your wallet cannot be ‘frozen’ by a central regulatory authority. Your assets are yours and are under your control as long as you have access to your wallet. 

Using blockchain technology, your details are also protected from a third party as cryptocurrencies transaction works on a Peer-to-Peer basis. As a result, no personal information is labelled on your bitcoin wallet, and people won’t know what you have purchased. In addition, there’s limited chance for fraudulence since transactions are publicly available.

Step-By-Step Instruction to Gamble with Cryptocurrency

To make your gambling experience easier, here is a short list of steps that will help you to start:

  1. Simply open a wallet on popular crypto brokerage platforms.
  2. Buy coins.
  3. Select a site that offers games to play with cryptocurrencies.
  4. Deposit by linking your wallet.
  5. Pick a game.
  6. Finally, start playing.


Cryptocurrency has undoubtedly changed the dimension of the modern financial sector. The blockchain’s essential feature offers a revolutionizing way to insulate transactions and users’ identities. As it is adapted into modern sectors, cryptocurrency is also widely used in gambling. 

Because of the constant cases of theft and fraud in conventional gambling, casino sites use cryptocurrency financial technology to make users play without fear of being defrauded. As a result, cryptocurrency gambling offers boundless advantages. Significant to it is the absence of a central entity that controls transactions and the presence of anonymity. Using only their wallet, users’ details are protected from the prospect of being hacked. Other benefits include high bonuses, multi-currency, and varieties of games, to name a few.

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