Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 1 + 2: How to get faster

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  • Progress faster with Stat Points

The satisfying crunch of wheels across the pavement, the sound of the board hitting the ground after an ollie, the weightless feeling as the skater catches some air before returning to earth – skateboarding is an intriguing sport for many reasons. At the top of that list is speed.

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Many gamers have fond memories of the original Tony Hawk’s professional skater and its sequel, and when a remaster of the franchise’s first two games was announced, there was much to celebrate. While the remaster of the first two games was widely praised, some players struggled to match and maintain pace in-game. Here’s everything the player needs to know to get faster.


Progress faster with Stat Points

Luckily, there are a few ways to build speed, making combos and challenges much easier to complete. Every character has stat points that can be applied to things like air, hangtime, flip speed, rail balance, and Speed. stat points are rated from 1 to 10, and there’s a massive difference between a 1-rated character speed against a character with 10 Speed.

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Every skater has their own preset speed Rating, so the skater’s choice makes a big difference in this department. This means that the player can always put more points into the speed a skater they think is too slow. Points can be redistributed freely, so if cranking doesn’t hurt speed all the way to the top and then decide that Rail Balance or Hangtime could use the help more. This flexible system is part of the reason Tony Hawk’s Pro Skaters 1 + 2 is one of the best skateboard games.

It’s important to note that Stat points are unlocked per character, That said, just because one character is boosted doesn’t mean all are boosted. It’s best to stick with one character, at least initially, as switching to a brand new character means the player will have to earn again stat points specially for them by returning to maps and finding the hidden dots again, regardless of how the player thinks about it.


While it may seem incredibly obvious, momentum is also a key factor in achieving and maintaining speed. The character will always speed up going downhill and slow down going uphill. This “hill” can be any incline, so it’s common to briefly crouch down a half-pipe or ramp to get a brief burst of speed before heading onto a track section. Pros know the importance of finding the flow.

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Especially in the case of challenges with often very specific requirements, The player should always keep an eye on his surroundings and consider slope-related speed changes when planning his course. Not doing this is a common mistake. Challenges that seem impossible can suddenly become achievable if the player takes the time to build up the right speed before attempting a trick or jump. Aggressive turning (especially back and forth) also decreases the player’s speed, so a straight shot is always preferable to maintain speed once the player is going as fast as they want.

Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 1+2 is available for PC, PS4 and 5, Xbox One and Series X/S and Nintendo Switch.

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