Tokyo Revengers Chapter 216 Release Date, Manga Spoilers

The latest chapter of the Tokyo Revengers manga has left fans around the world in a state of shock and confusion. One of the strongest alpha-males somehow turned out to be a girl at the end of the chapter and left us all with a lot of questions for the upcoming Tokyo Revengers Chapter 216.

Tokyo Revergers was once one of the most loved movies story Over the course of this summer and with its unpredictable ups and downs, this show has certainly attracted a lot more fans to follow.

The anime adaptation of this show also made a big splash and was loved by the public. Tokyo Revergers Episode 16 will air this week and is a must-see series for everyone.

The manga is in its final season and this season is definitely one of the most unpredictable so far.

The plot has completely changed and now that the Tokyo Revenger gang has dissolved on its own, many new gangs have broken out to take its place at the top.

Tokyo Reverger episode 216

Our protagonist has traveled 10 years back in time and this time the biggest obstacle he has to deal with is Mikey.

Takemichi finally succeeds in saving Hinata but he still can’t save all his friends and now he wants to justify his past deeds by saving Mikey.

He eventually got the support of a gang but he’s still a long way from saving Mikey and we can’t wait to see how he does it.

Tokyo Revergers Chapter 216 Raw Scans

Takemichi is now a member of the Brahman gang as we all have come to expect. Draken, who was once in the gang, will now fight with him to bring back Mikey from his new gang, the Kantou Manji Gang.

On the basis of the same goal, Takemichi has joined the Brahman gang but this is just the beginning, he still has a long way to go to reach Mikey and his gang.

Tokyo Revengers releases its chapter weekly, and the upcoming Tokyo Revengers Chapter 216 is slated to release on July 27.

Raw scans are available 3 to 4 days before the official release of the adaptations, and so we can expect the release of the raw scans of Tokyo Revengers 216 around July 25.

The English adaptation took 4-5 hours after the raw scan release and the official English adaptation took even longer.

The English adaptation of chapter 216 will be available to read after 6pm Estimated Time, midnight GMT + 18am Japan Time.

One Piece 1019 and My Hero Academia episode 321 will also be published soon for everyone to read online.

Tokyo Revengers 216 Spoiler:

The Tokyo Revenger Chapter 216 vandalism is not yet available on our website but we are reviewing it and will make it available as soon as possible.

Keep checking our website Recent Highlights over the next 18 to 24 hours as we’ll be posting savings soon.

Tokyo Revengers Manga 216 Discussion:

A lot of unexpected things happened and considering the fast flow of the story, it is very likely that Mikey will appear in the upcoming chapter.

The meeting between Senju and Takemichi certainly took an unpredictable turn and it will be interesting to see how Takemichi handles that situation.

Takemichi’s Step 2:

As many of us have come to expect, our protagonist finally joins the Brahman gang. This gang is definitely a dangerous place with a lot of adults in it, who have witnessed the war many times.

The Brahman and the Takemichi gang both share a common goal and it’s beneficial for both of them to work together.

Draken was already a part of that gang and although he was initially opposed to the idea of ​​Takemichi joining the gang, he later agreed after seeing Takemichi’s determination.

Mikey has yet to show up and the upcoming plan of action will most likely revolve around his next move.

Takemichi may decide to face Mikey and his gang but considering the strength of the Kantou Manji Gang, others may disagree with that.

There’s still a lot to be developed and although we haven’t seen the power of the Kantou Manji crew yet, it will certainly be a powerhouse as it is under Mikey.

Mikey’s reaction to Takemichi’s Decision

Draken has kept his membership in the Brahman gang a secret, and it’s likely Takemichi will do the same.

He is definitely one of Mikey’s best friends and after learning that he joined the brahman gang, Mikey will definitely take steps against it.

Draken also wants to save Mikey and bring him back, and at the same time, he doesn’t want to involve any former members of the Tokyo Manji gang in this conflict.

There’s still a lot to know about Mikey and we can’t be sure until he appears in the main part of the story.

Let’s hope Takemichi finds a way to bring his dearest friend back from the depths of darkness. As Akashi mentioned, the Kantou Manji Gang has no real goals and most of them have a bad reputation.

The spoiler of Tokyo Revengers Chapter 216 is coming soon, and we will update this article when it comes out. Stay tuned and make sure you read our article about Dragon Ball Super season 2 while you wait. | Tokyo Revengers Chapter 216 Release Date, Manga Spoilers


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